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Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ Episode 10 Recap

And so, we have reached the last episode, where we untie the knots and smooth out the threads for both Yuki and Kento.

Masato passed along Iwata's message for Yuki to seek out Kinohara, and Yuki was angry that Masato still continued to joke about her grandfather. Nevertheless, she called him out to talk about her grandfather, and Kinohara reminisced that Iwata was a policeman who couldn't tolerate a single bad deed. He even used to carry around this notebook where he would note down every single detail. Yuki asked if Kinohara thought that her grandfather was the murderer, and he answered that sometimes, not knowing the truth was better.

That's it, Kinohara, I pronounce you guilty.

Kento had a headache and after that, he looked at Masato with blank eyes. Suspecting that Kento just lost his memory, Masato repeated his name, but Kento remained silent. Yuki overheard the police discussing about the lead of a police being involved in underground gambling, and one of them casually asked Kinohara about it, who replied that he had lent Iwata money before. Yuki was chased away after being discovered, and she got a phone call from Masato, requesting for her to visit his brother, "He's not in a good condition." As everyone sat around him, Kento murmured, "Mount Fuji."

Yuki commented gently later on, that it must be hard on Masato. Iwata suddenly appeared and asked about the case, so Masato asked Yuki about the progress of the investigation. She revealed that everyone had different sides, and maybe her grandfather also had the side of being involved in gambling and killing. She left, and Iwata winced, for he couldn't remember anything at all and that's painful. This struck a chord in Masato's mind, and he showed Kento the photos of Mount Fuji that he had taken before. 

Later, he gave Iwata coffee, even though he knew he couldn't drink it. He asked Iwata what was the last thing he had seen before he died, and Iwata answered, "Darkness." Hearing from the doctor that should Kento show signs of difficult breathing, and his chin tipped upwards, it meant that he had reached the end of his journey, Masato knew that Kento's last days were near, and suggested going to Mount Fuji.

The three siblings didn't like the idea, for they knew that going there was a dangerous decision. It means pulling Kento off whatever medical support he had…but Kento clenched Masato's hands tightly, and through his expression, and his grasp, Masato knew this was what Kento would have wanted.

Kento's mother agreed tearily that Kento would be happy, and the siblings conceded. They arrived at a road in front of Mount Fuji and they talked jovially about going there again in the summer to pitch tents. Kento watched his siblings tease each other, and smiled…before his eyes closed and he leaned his head backwards.

Oh no. Masato turned around and found Kento in the position that the nurse had described. He called out for his brother, and the siblings cried, but Kento remained lifeless.

Kento's mother had left to get noodles for them, and when she came back, she saw the four Ihara kids crying next to the wheelchair. Dropping everything that she was holding, she cried out, "Kento!" and ran towards him. The scene fades out and returns with Kento's funeral service. Masato read out the words that Kento had written in the notebook. Momoko, the one who loved to eat meat, Hayato the coward, Haruka, the girl who loved to cry, and Masato, "Everyone's brother." Masato put down the notebook and thanked his brother, for teaching him baseball, for teaching him how to drink, for letting him realise how great their job was, "You are the best brother."

When the service ended, Masato prayed sincerely, "Have a safe journey." Eisuke praised Masato later on, for hosting a good funeral service, and one that was totally different from their father's service. It's all mellow and sad…until we see Masato holding up Kento's ashes and hoping that Kento's spirit would appear. Hahahah. What a shock he got when he opened his eyes and saw Iwata instead.

Seriously Masato, do you think you are the Ghost Whisperer now?:P

Masato asked Iwata about what he had mentioned previously, that people who were died continued to live in memories. Iwata answered, "If you believe, then they will. If you don't, then they will not. Same goes for love…" and Masato looked thoughtful.

Yuki accidentally ran into Kinohara's daughter, and they went out for a meal together. Kinohara's daughter talked about how great Iwata was, for after he had heard that her husband was trying to find his illegitimate mother, he had given his all to track the person down. It's just a pity though, for the set of bones that the police had found earlier belonged to the mother. Dang! Alarm bells rang in Yuki's head and she confided in Masato about Kinohara's act of hiding his relation to the victim. Iwata heard the conversation, and after Yuki left, he muttered to Masato that his pocket felt heavy. He warned Masato not to leave Yuki alone, and Masato gave chase. We see a man following Yuki to the train station, and the camera spins around to show us Kinohara's face.

The train was coming and the camera moved closer to Yuki, as if the person was going to push her off the platform. She was grabbed to safety by Masato and by then Kinohara had disappeared. Despite not really believing what Masato had said, Yuki decided to follow his lead, and they checked out the coat that she had given Iwata for his birthday. True enough, after a bit of digging, Masato found a notebook tucked safely in there. 

Yuki stopped Kinohara's car and 'invited' him for a chat to the cafe which Iwata and him used to patronise frequently. 

Masato sat next to them, as Yuki started threading the waters. She brought out Iwata's notebook and contemplated out loud the clues that Iwata had written. Illegitimate son, gambling, police. "The victim must have blackmailed the murderer, knowing that he's involved heavily in underground gambling. The murderer is a policeman…Who do you think he is?"

Haha, I love it that Yuki is placing Kinohara on a piece of thin ice, and threatening any moment to break the ice so that he falls into the cold sea below. 

She continued to push him further, speculating that the murderer had wanted to make it seem like the victim was running away from home, and so he wrote a letter, but he switched it later on with a typed letter. 'Unfortunately', that letter was found by Iwata. "I have a handwritten report here. I'm sure if we do some checks, we will be able to find out who wrote it." She finally showed her triumph card — his name was written down in Iwata's notebook on the day when he died. Iwata, who had appeared, told Masato to order two cups of coffee, stunning Kinohara.

He was even more taken aback when Masato handed him a cup, and repeated Iwata's words, "We used to drink that everytime we had solved a case, in memory of those who had died."

A flashback shows Yuki's quarrel with Iwata, before she walked away. Kinohara appeared when the train was coming, and shoved Iwata's wheelchair into the tracks. Back to the present, Yuki said angrily that her grandfather must have wanted to advise him to give himself up to the police, but he had killed Iwata.

Kinohara finally broke down and repented about being so involved in underground gambling that he had gone into the deep end. He took a huge gulp of the coffee and cried, "How can I ever forget this taste?" Holding out his hands, he told Yuki to arrest him.

And so she did, on accounts of faking the evidence, and killing.

WHAT. I can't believe this guy killed Iwata and Nagamine just to shut them up! 

Then we have a pseudo-Ghost Whisperer scene, with Masato conveying Iwata's words.

Yuki apologised for quarrelling with him on the day that he had died, and he told her that he's grateful for everyone was protected and loved by someone else, even if he or she couldn't tell. Masato was taken aback when Iwata said, "This guy is not bad!"

And refused to convey it to Yuki, hahaha. 

Iwata told Yuki that because she's here in this world, because of her smiles, that's why his life was so wonderful.

"It's the best life ever." Yuki cried even harder, as he said, "I love you!" Masato told Yuki that he's going, and the two of them prayed, with Iwata smiling at Yuki.

And for the second time in this show, "Have a safe journey…"

Masato looked up to find Iwata gone and told Yuki that he's going to the heavens now.

In his letter to his dad, and now his brother,

People live to face death, death which they have no idea when it will come

Hayato smiling after his crush came back to school.

Then what do people live for? We can't hear the voices of the dead, and we can't feel their kindness…but we can confide in them in our hearts…because we remember the feeling of being loved by them and because we love them. People are born to understand love, and write their lives to pass down the love, and this love that is left in the world…will continue to passed on.

This message was interspersed with scenes from all the past 10 episodes, ending with Masato giving Yuki a bribe, which turned out to be a movie ticket. She laughed when she heard that Masato was dumped,

and said cutely, "Doki." "Doki your head!" Hahaha aww. 

Masato did the curious thing of calling out for Iwata and got a shock finding him in the chair. Iwata told him that he had lied about being a buddha and going on to the next life, and told Masato that the fruits were really sweet. He disappeared, and Masato said inwardly, "Thanks for looking over us, and may we meet again if the fates allow." Masato bit the whole fruit off and winced as the sourness overtook him. He recovered from it, and smiled.

Just joking.

-the end-

The end! How do you guys feel about it? I like the tie ups, especially the way how they deal with Kento's death. It makes you feel that death is something to be sad about, but not to fear about. The leap from the Mount Fuji's scene to his funeral service shortens the time span dedicated to crying over the fact that he's dead, and instead focuses more on how each of them moves on, but still carries Kento in his or her heart. 

By default, this isn't a genre that I can loveee, but that is by no means, to say that I don't think this show is good. Conversely, I felt that this is a really good take on what death is, and it teaches a lot of life lessons. True, we may not be able to learn lessons from dramas, you scoff, but don't be surprised at how much dramas affect us, whether you are a drama addict, or someone watching one drama a year. Is death really an end? And while we are alive and kicking, how should we love? How should we live our lives? And how should we treat the family and friends we have?

It seems like this show has gotten itself quite a good reputation, and no one is hating on Yamapi's acting/himself…which is greaaaat. Hehe. Wow, another journey ends here and I will miss writing on this show. But I hope you guys have enjoyed my recaps and may we meet again.



  1. Anonymous says

    sob sob

    i was crying just when i read the first sentences.

    i think the drama is splendid, warm, and quite sad. but just as u said nicely, death is something to be sad about, but not to fear about. i’m fairly certain it’s the same with this drama, that it isn’t something people would eager to see, but you’d end up very moved in every episode n getting so many good reflections in the end.

    it’s already quite a long time, but I still marveled at how slow the pace this drama had, but how gently presented.

    thank u for the review


    • Re: sob sob

      Indeed, every episode is worth reflecting over, and I like how you’ve said “gently presented”!:D

      I’m glad you liked the review(((:


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