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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Behind The Scenes, Farewell Party, and Kim Soo Hyun’s Prospecs

Haha, the first thing you should know by now is that when I say goodbye to a drama, I don't do it without stalking every single photo first. More goodies that I've dug up!

Hahahah, and if that wasn't clear enough for you, here's a bigger one.

Omygawd, they are hilarioussss. More!

Hahaha, is this how they amuse themselves all the time? Because I'm immensely tickled.

Photos from the farewell party:

Gasp. Is that Lee Won Geun I see?

Hahaha, what are those blankets .________.

And of course, the second thing you should know is that I'm a Kim Soo Hyun fan now! -throws confetti and jumps around- For how long, you ask. Well I have no idea, but if he keeps up being this cute and full of potential, I don't see why my love won't continue(:


There's always the IT guy for the moment. It used to be Lee Min Ho after City Hunter and then I can't remember who succeeds his fame after that, but for sure whether you like it or not, Kim Soo Hyun seems to be the IT guy now. He's young, he can act (let's not argue about the extent of his acting), he has a good voice and he mesmerises all the girls out there (me me!). His fame might not last, in this world where everyone's attention span is as short as well, my pinky (okay which isn't very short, but you get the point), but it will last quite a while, what with the CFs that he's coming up with and the OSTs. If he can find a good script as his next acting project, viola, I'm quite sure everyone will craze over this King again. 

I can't promise that this is the last post on The Moons and The Suns keke. By the way, all the photos belonged as tagged, and not to me. However, if you will like to copy the entire post of photos, please remember to credit me for I've put in the hard work in sourcing out those photos (have had a nasty experience where I accidentally stumbled upon someone who copied my post and made it sound like it was written by herself). Thanks!(: 



  1. Anonymous says

    thank you for sharing the behind the scenes pictures of ‘THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN”….love it so much…


  2. Jacky says

    Thank you to everyone who stared in this wow of a movie and thank you for the pics


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