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The Moon That Embraces The Sun Wrap Up, Behind The Scenes, and Episode 20 Stills

AS USUAL. I can't finish with a drama, without properly hunting for photos.

Behind the Scenes

Ahahaha, that kind of destroys the romantic atmosphere.

Episode 20's stills:


And the last scene, which apparently peaked at 48%! Wow???

Ta-da. After waiting for like, a lifetime for this happy ending.

More photos!

So cute!

Aww! Don't cry~

The drama blues aren't hitting me yet, surprisingly 0.0

Despite the flaws in the show, I thought it was brilliant at hooking the audience's interest, I mean look, 42.2% just shows it. But other than that, I'm glad that this show brings my attention to Kim Soo Hyun(: I am looking forward to his next acting project!



  1. I enjoyed this drama as much as everyone else did. I considered a happy ending and as much as I was sad over the death of Yang Myung, I’m glad it was a good closure for his character. Thanks for the recaps for the drama! I am totally looking forward to KSH’s next project too. Will you be watching the upcoming Rooftop Prince? πŸ˜‰


    • I’m glad that it was a good closure too, and that he’s happier wherever he is(((: It has been such a good watch don’t you think!:D Thank you for reading my recaps too, and hope to see you around!

      I’m not sure if I will be giving myself a mini-break after watching 4 dramas and marathoning one (Dream High!) but I might check it out (Rooftop Prince) alongside with Love Rain.


      • Hahas. Yes it was really exciting following this drama every single week and i’m glad i catched it. I’m thinking about watching rooftop prince since my exams are over when the first episode airs. And i need to catch up on strawberry night too. I’m a loser for thriller/suspense/mystery jap dramas.


      • Yeah, whenever Wednesday and Thursday rolled around, I’m like MY DRAMA IS OUTTT to whoever was listeningXD. Kya, I’m in a Kim Soo Hyun phase right now haha.

        I finallyyy check out more on rooftop prince, and I don’t know!:O It doesn’t seem like the kind that I will like, but then yet again, I went into Moon That Embraces The Sun with eyebrows raised, and look where it has gotten me to.

        Aha, I know what you mean(: I just finished the latest episode of that, and it was kind of mind boggling.


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