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Hello everybody,

It has been a long time since I've written here…about 2 weeks? I wanted to write a review for Pinocchio Episode 20, but I watched it really late at night and promptly fell asleep after that. I'm sure everyone knew it was a good show and loved the ending so there's nothing much to say heh. I just have to say though, that I liked it that the Evil mother didn't really repent at the end of it – that's reality for you.

I've also not been up to date with any dramas other than Pretty Little Liars. I guess it's really easy for me to just keep going with this show because it's one episode a week, and there's not too much fuss about it. It's like a constant sustenance, or a cheer-up, in my daily life, but it won't give me drama blues after 2 months (since we still have 2 seasons to go!). On the other hand, I'm always so attached to the kdramas and twdramas I watch, and it's sometimes not easy having to find a new drama to watch once the old one ends.

On that note, I just realise that I didn't finish watching Pride and Prejudice!! I should, since I really like Choi Jin Hyuk hmmz. Is it true that this is his last drama before he enlists? Why is it that all the famous actors always get enlistment after they get famous?

Do recommend any dramas right now that are good!!



  1. Try Healer. For me it is the first Drama since QIHM I fell for. If you prefer Makjang it isn’t for you. When you like more real feeling characters and a very natural and normal OTP it is perfect.

    Forr me it has the perfect combination of action, fluff, sexy oppa (KMH), OTP, strong side characters and it isn’t dragging.


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