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Pinocchio Episode 19 Review

I just watched this episode with subs and IT'S AMAZING. I don't have the time to do a recap unfortunately, but I think it's an episode that you guys shouldn't be reading recaps in substitution of the episode itself.

A few things happened:

  1. Having a good relationship with Chairman for the past decade can be used as a tool. As investigation on the defamation suit opens, Manager Sung and Cap Kim accurately guess what the moves of the Chairman would be. YGN news, because of its swift reporting, manage to stop Chairman from pretending to be overseas when she's in Korea, from shifting the focus to a celebrity (Yu Rae has a funny OPPA I WILL CLEAR YOUR NAME moment), and from bribing Chan Soo.
  2. Chan Soo promises not to give into the settlement, but he does waver and would have if not for Nosy Jang's timely arrival.
  3. Yu Rae jokingly asks Cap Hwang to come along for Chan Soo's housewarming party and Capt agrees, much to everyone's bewilderment.
  4. Cap Hwang is getting more obsessed with Yu Rae. HAHA. Kidding, but his infatuation is quite cute.
  5. The most groundbreaking of all – Bum Joo turns himself in as the culprit behind the terror attack. He asks In Ha to pass a message to his mother – that he will share the responsibility with her, and he is sorry for having left her alone all these while. He will always be with her now.
  6. Bum Joo calls Dal Po and the two share a really sweet phone conversation that had me tearing. Boo.
I'm not sure if it's logical but I really love the way how Manager Sung can accurately pinpoint what moves the Chairman would use next. I felt that it was very cool because it is a very rationalised train of thought any notable figure would follow when he or she tries to escape being brought in for questioning.

On hindisight, I really like the idea of an Evil Mum through Chairman Park. She represents both sides of a typical female character – she can be a manipulative, cruel and practical Director (as are all other evil Mums) and she is a nurturing, kind and loving mother to Bum Joo. These two can co-exist and this is why I really like the way this drama portrayed the evil character. While I don't doubt that truly evil people exist in this world, it's nice to see a three-dimensional personality throughout the drama, instead of having a purely evil mother turn doting at the very last minute. Despite feeling so emotional and hating the idea of Chairman manipulating the news and thus destroying Dal Po's family, I must say her performance is something I enjoy and look forward to.

Similarly, Manager Sung has characteristics of both sides and this allows us to understand and sympathise with her as she comes to the difficult decision of setting the whole revealing of the truth into moving.

For the main couple, I also like it that In Ha experiences what Dal Po has gone through. It's through these experiences that one grows, and I'm proud of Dal Po/Ha Myung as a character because he has really achieved personal growth. Ultimately, who wins? It's him, because he keeps to the idea of what a real reporter entails and he no longer habours damaging desires such as revenge.

The last episode is out today and I can't wait to watch it already! But I know I will definitely miss this show A LOT.


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