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Pinocchio Episode 17 Recap

Ahh I'm not going to recap Episode 16 because of a lack of time, but it was such a great episode – I love the big climax and the little conflicts, and the little bits of cuteness. Now, on to Episode 17.

This episode was more of a dealing with the Episode-16-fallouts, so to me, it wasn't as exciting as an episode, even though we are still given our tiny bits of In Ha-Dal Po cuteness.

After the traumatising find, In Ha rushes back to MSC while Bum Joo speeds off in his car to find his mum. In Ha dashes into the conference room and slams an envelope onto the table, asking her mum if she's that evil.


The cell phone which Manager Sung has been trying to find? In Ha has recovered all the messages from there. In Ha is disgusted that her mum is the kind who will be a sell out to Chairman Park, "Are you even a real reporter???" I LOVE the disgust and bewilderment in In Ha's voice.


Bum Joo pleads with his mum to say that the messages aren't real, but all Chairman Park replies is to ask who else knows about the messages.


Bum Joo can't take it anymore and shouts at his mother, but Chairman Park reminds him that she will only give him the answers when he stops being a reporter.


He calls Capt Kim immediately and resigns from being a reporter. He slams the phone onto the table, and his mother starts telling him the answers. The camera zooms in suspiciously on the phone, making me think that he's recording the conversation.


Chairman Park feels that she has done nothing wrong – they are just diverting the attention away from the explosion until they can deal with the issue.


Running a business is like running a farm. You can't just sow the seeds, you have to spray it with potent pesticide and smelly manure. This is 20 years of her hard labour, and now she just has to wait to harvest the fruits. Bum Joo asks what effect the messages will have on his mother, and she laughs since these conversations took place 14 years ago. It's old news and there's nothing they can do about it since the statute of limitations is long past. Bum Joo then asks what she has gained for herself, but her reply stuns him, "All that you have possessed, and whatever you will possess in the future."

In Ha is determined to use this evidence and reveal all the connections.


Her words trigger Manager Sung's memory – and we are shown a flashback whereby Reporter Sung, as she was then, found out about the connection between her director and Chairman Park.


She was determined to report the news, and since MSC would not report it, she would hand over the news to YGN. Her boss taunted her with the fact that once she leaked the news, she would be labelled as a whistleblower, and her reporting career would be over.

In Ha, just like her, is planning to hand the information over to YGN, but her mum taunts her. "Who do you think will hire a whisteblower? No organisation is that naive…or just."


In the flashback, the director promised to reward Reporter Sung handsomely if she was to bury these accusations. She would be the first woman to head her own division. Manager Sung reveals this to In Ha and tells her that her decision then led her to her high position now.


She wants In Ha to think carefully whether she is to become a formidable figure with a voice, or to become someone helpless. She's not saying this as her boss, but as her mum.


She doesn't want In Ha to become a useless figure, because she has seen someone being destroyed in that way firsthand. "Who?" "Your father." Turns out In Ha's father was a successful Director at a bank, but he found out about the illegal practices that the CEO was practising and told the newspapers. In Ha retorts that she never once thought her father's life is pathetic, and she's proud of her dad for telling the truth.

In Ha's father gets very upset thinking of the long strand of hair he found in Dal Po's house the other day and calls Dal Po to the office. Dal Po rushes over and sits down with an obedient smile, which prompts Dal Peng to comment sarcastically that he's looking good.


Poor confused Dal Po. After hearing Dal Peng's rant about how Dal Po is bad for getting over In Ha so fast, and getting himself a new girl, Dal Po decides to own up that the girl at his house the other day was In Ha. Dal Peng laughs at himself for thinking silly things,


then looks at Dal Po in shock, "That was In Ha?"


The camera immediately cuts to him brushing his teeth in a furious manner (though why he's brushing his teeth AFTER he goes out is a mystery, unless this means that he has met Dal Po with stinky morning breath…)


HAHA. In Ha rushes home at this moment, wanting to ask her father something, but when Dal Peng rushes out of the bathroom raging at her, In Ha looks at his frothy mouth and sweatpants…and the words of how she's proud of her father and never once though he has a pathetic life come to mind.


Hahahahah, I love it how this used to happen to Dal Peng when he looks at In Ha, and now it's the other way round. It's kind of like a nice reflection of reality. Sometimes we take a look at the person we love and we wonder just what in the person we love, but other times or deep down inside, we know that we do love the person.

In Ha runs off again without asking her father anything, and she decides to show the information to Capt Kim and Il Joo. Both get very indignant at the news and want to expose the dirty connections, but deflate in their ambitious wishes when In Ha elaborates that these messages were between Manager Sung and the Chairman. Suddenly, the both of them are reluctant to report this piece of news. Capt Kim even asks In Ha if she knows of the saying that the dog which doesn't know how to respect its owner and barks endlessly at him, will get slaughtered. Il Joo questions if In Ha is alright with reporting this piece of news, and she says she is, even though she knows it will take her entire career. But her hiccups show otherwise.


Bum Joo has a shower (in his clothes, none of those abs business hahahaha)


and breaks down thinking of his mother's words that all the favours she has done to the assemblymen have brought him what he has come to possess now.


Manager Sung is obviously affected by her memory, as she sits quietly at a side and recalls how she met Capt Hwang 14 years ago and didn't hand over the information.


In Ha keeps hiccuping but when she walks over to the YGN building, and Dal Po appears, she smiles to herself.


She hugs Dal Po and tells her that she's smiling because she has a lot of ridiculous doubts but she feels better now that she sees Dal Po.


They end up in this soothing, contented hug. Director Lee happens to walk past and whistles, "Lying with the enemy? That's brazen."


Hehehe. In Ha smiles shyly into the hug and Dal Po looks so cute, in his oh-crap-I'm-shy face.

In Ha suggests that she talks to him over coffee and she hands over the information. As he takes in the content, and what they mean, all the words that Manager Sung had said 13 years ago come crashing.


He realises that his father was destroyed just from these few messages and gulps down a cup of water to quell his anger. But his anger is overwhelming, and he accidentally breaks the glass cup that he's holding.


In Ha shouts his name in shock and quickly tends to his bleeding hand. After he calms down, he asks about Bum Joo and In Ha and In Ha tells him that even though she's not okay, she wants Dal Po to report the news. She has verified with Manager Sung that the messages are real but MSC will never report this.


Dal Po promises that no matter what it takes, he will report it and thanks In Ha for giving the information to him. Dal Po shows this information to Jae Myung, who breaks down in tears as he reads the instructions that Chairman Park had given to Manager Sung.


I absolutely love the scenes between the brothers. There's always this sense of quiet contentment and acceptance, as the brothers come to learn more and more about the truth behind their family's destruction.

In Ha packs her things from the station and runs into Bum Joo, who treats her coldly and tells her a piece of advice – whatever Dal Po and In Ha want to do with his mother, it won't affect her so they should just stop barking up the wrong tree.


Dal Po brings this envelope to Capt Hwang who bangs his hand on the wall and lets out an agonising (and weird) groan.


He walks over to Yu Rae and gulps down the drink she's holding, in order to quell his anger, but he doesn't forget to thank her for the drink.


Are they trying to hint at this new budding romance? It's certainly cute to see Capt Hwang liking a girl, buttt I'm not quite sure if I can understand why he's even attracted to Yu Rae. (Obviously I'm not a fan of her).

Capt wants Dal Po to drop all his current news and focus on this story. He pulls in Jang Hyun Gyu, Yu Rae and Ho Chul and delegates tasks to them efficiently – Dal Po is to verify that Chairman Park did send out these messages, Hyun Gyu to find out what part the Chairman played during the factory explosion case, and the other two are to find out how the few text messages changed and redirected the truth behind the case.

In Ha returns to MSC newsroom and Il Joo brings her good news – she has been promoted to a full time employee! No doubt this is the doing of Manager Sung, but she, together with Il Joo and Capt Kim, is shocked when In Ha turns in her resignation letter.


Manager Sung runs after her daughter and pulls her to an empty conference room. In Ha says she's doing all this so that she can apologise on behalf of Manager Sung. Manager Sung asks why she would apologise on her behalf, and In Ha replies, "Because I'm your daughter."


Even though Manager Sung has abandoned her all these years, she can't bring herself to let go, just like a fool.


She walks off with her luggage, leaving Manager Sung speechless.

Jae Hwan hands a pair of glasses to Dal Po and Dal Po puts them on, knowing that there's a hidden camera in the glasses.


As In Ha leaves the buildling, she receives a text from Dal Po who informs her that they are going to interview Chairman Park now and that the fight has begun. She replies that he's dead if he fails to get everything out of Chairman.

In Ha returns home and initially, she smiles brightly as she tells her dad that she quits being a reporter. But she starts to break down, "I wanted to tell the truth, like you did, so I fired them."


She asks her dad if he has ever regretted his decision, and as he calls her name, she is desperate for him to say that he didn't regret it and that she has done a good job.


She cries into his shoulder and he praises her for doing a good job.


Dal Po waits outside the building for Chairman Park to appear, and when she does (along with Bum Joo), they rush up to her for an interview. She pretends to be civil initially, since she knows Dal Po/Ha Myung is Bum Joo's friend. Dal Po questions her persistently and reads out the messages which she had sent out. She replies sweetly that that was so long and she can't really remember, but Dal Pol points out, "I've never say these messages were sent a long time ago."


Chairman Park's smile freezes on her face.


Jae Hwan smiles and whispers, "Gotcha."


Knowing that she losts this match, Chairman Park drops all civility and tells the security to take Dal Po away.

He quickly informs In Ha of the news, and In Ha reminds him not to get cocky since he still has a long way to go. He smiles and says to himself that she's still the same Blunt Talking Witch. Director Lee suddenly pops up and asks if he's talking about the girl from *motions hugging action* and laughs when Dal Po quickly denies it.


In Ha's stomach growls and she comments wryly that even though she's rotting on the inside, her appetite doesn't go away.


In Ha tells her dad of her plans to learn driving and to learn English. She whines at her grandfather, who immediately offers to pay for her lessons. Grandfather has already heard from Dal Peng and praises In Ha for all that she has done. Telling the truth is not a crime, telling lies is.


I love this sweet family^^.

While Dal Po is hard at work interviewing, In Ha is giving her private trainer, aka Ji Hee, many heart attacks.


Capt Hwang learns from Capt Kim of In Ha's resignation. Back in the YGN newsroom, Yu Rae presents her findings and is creeped out at how MSC news storyline changed the same day the messages were sent out. Capt Hwang appears to tell her to stop investigating for a while and she's furious that her work has gone to waste.


Hyun Gyu stands up suddenly and Yu Rae apologises, thinking that she is going to get scolded for being insolent to her superiors, but Hyun Gyu says he understands her pefectly and asks if she wants to join him in his defiance.


Defiance being putting her fringe up hahahahahah, and Yu Rae quickly shakes her head.

Capt Hwang informs Dal Po that In Ha has resigned and he recalls the doubts she said she was having.


Capt wants Dal Po to check in on In Ha. Even though he wants to have revenge for the things done 14 years ago, but he must not forget his purpose as a reporter because he has lost his focus in his thirst for revenge.


Yu Rae lies on her desk dejectedly and closes her eyes for a moment. Capt walks quietly to her desk and places a drink beside her.


When he walks away, she opens her eyes and sees the drink. She immediately asks Ho Chul if Capt is making a move on her. He noticed the drink she was drinking the other day and even returns the same drink, "He's so detail-oriented." She even takes the speculation a step further and wonders if Capt purposely took her drink because her lips had touched it and he wanted to have an indirect kiss. Ho Chul mimics her action,


and proceeds to take out the same drink which Capt has passed to him before this. Yu Rae realises that Capt isn't making a move on her and admits that she's being narcissitic. Ho Chul thinks that she should get a check up at the hospital hahahaha. Yu Rae lies back onto the table but Capt's nonchalent, yet slightly embarassed and shy face, makes us think otherwise.


Dal Po rushes to Chan Soo's station and walks in on a hilarious scene of Ji Hee complaining about In Ha's terrible driving. He tells In Ha to come out for a talk and when she refuses, he shouts, "You!" In Ha quickly grabs her bag and shoots up. Somehow this amuses me.


She follows Dal Po to a park and she admits that she didn't tell Dal Po of her resignation because she didn't want him to be worried about her. Dal Po tells her that he's not going to report, much to In Ha's shock. He tells her that he was so caught up in his desire to get revenge that he didn't realise he was getting insider's information and what it would do to In Ha. "Had I known that you have given up being a reporter to give me this information, I would not have accepted it."

In Ha hits his chest and he holds her hand, asking her if she would accept the information if the situation is reversed now. She tries to lie but her hiccups show the truth once again.


In Ha in turn asks what he would do if he's in her place. Would he bury the information? He wipes her tears away and tells her there must be another way to reveal the connections without having to use the text messages.


She cries as she wonders if there will be another way, "We were so close." Dal Po pats her head and assures her that he's not giving up.


They have ramen as the same place the other time. As In Ha passes him her egg yolk, and he gives her his egg white, she tells him about her mother's situation years ago and how that was when she started climbing the ladder. She also tells him about her father having no more friends in his workplace after everyone found out he was the one who told the truth about the illegal practices in the bank.


The two of them are curious about something though – do the two of them ever regret their decision?


Bum Joo accompanies his mother to an exhibition, and Chairman Park arranges to meet Manager Sung there. As they walk around, the camera zooms in on Bum Joo's phone again.


I do wish they weren't being so obvious about it though. Unless it's a red herring?

Chairman Park talks freely about Dal Po bringing in a camera to interview her, and how it's not easy to placate him since he doesn't work for MSC. She turns around to face Manager Sung and asks if she can set up a meeting for her with her daughter, Choi In Ha.


Since she's so close to Dal Po, it will be easier to attack Dal Po that way. She wants to set up a good working relationship with Manager Sung's daughter, just as she did with Manager Sung all these years. Manager Sung nods reluctantly and worriedly.


As In Ha folds clothes with her dad, she asks Dal Peng once again if he ever regrets his decision. He says no but when she questions if he will do the same thing again, he replies no as well. That's because he regrets not having stick it out in the workplace for a longer time.


In Ha ponders over her father's words and how he regrets giving up so easily.


She packs her bag once again and dresses up, before leaving the house.


As the upbeat music lifts the mood, Dal Po makes a decision and walks over to the YGN building. He runs into In Ha and In Ha tells him that she has decided to return to work. She's planning to stick it out and find a new way. He kisses his palm and plants it on her forehead, "Fighting!"


She does the same and walks off to the YGN building but is bewildered when Dal Po walks the same way as him. He puts his arm around her and tells her that he has something to do in YGN.


What a compatible couple~

Manager Sung worries about Chairman Park and when she returns, Dal Po asks to have a few minutes of her time. Dal Po hands back the information and informs Manager Sung that he won't use this information, so that In Ha wouldn't be treated as a whistleblower.


Manager Sung asks if he's giving up on the story.


He replies that he's depending on her to cover the story and calls her Reporter Sung. The one who must take responsibility for the tragedy should be Reporter Sung and not In Ha. Manager Sung questions Dal Po if he really thinks that she will cover the story.


Dal Po knows that it's a crazy decision but knows that there was once a crucial moment when Manager Sung was in the same position, that she was once a reporter and that she may be regretting her decision from 14 years ago, "I've decided that I want to naively trust in that."


"Please report the story, Manager Sung." Manager Sung replies that In Ha and Dal Po are reckless to the point that it annoys her and she walks away. But as she walks away, the words that Dal Po and In Ha have said to her haunt her, and she mutters, "Both of you circle around to the point that it annoys me, making me worry to the point that it annoys me…"

She stops in her tracks and Dal Po watches her.


"Humiliating me to the point that it annoys me…"


She closes her eyes as tears fall.

-the end-

Well, that was sort of a twist. I was thinking/hoping that Dal Po would get a triumphant victory in the end, but to return the story back into the hands of Manager Sung is a nice closure as well. She's the one who has to apologise, and the fact that In Ha was taking responsibility for something her mother did wouldn't have made things right.

I think Bum Joo is acting as if he's on his mother's side, but will turn up with concrete recordings later on. This is a nice and sad addition to the story and my heart really goes out to this kind and sensitive boy, regardless of his alliance in the future.

Capt Hwang is adorable as usuallllll. I love how his eyes twinkle hehe. Didn't root for him in Emergency Couple, but his role here is great. I wish he had fallen for someone less immature, but I guess you do need a crazy girl like Yu Rae to bring out the warmth in Capt.

Dal Po's breaking of cup is fantastic; it gave me such a shock! Our main couple is being awesome and I loveee it.Didn't their tiny hug in the YGN building just make your heart melt? Because it did to mine:D


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