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Her Private Life Episode 11 Recap

Turning point of the series!

think I’m really late for this recap, and it made me feel like no one would be interested anymore. But heck, whoever’s left – join me in the fun as I reminisce my favourite highlights from this episode! Which I warn ya, might just be the entire episode… (Yes I write these intros before I start the post proper, so I literally have no idea what the eventual length would be. Lol!)

Let’s start!

You know, I really LIVE for classy Ryan Gold – he held his ground with logic and elegance, instead of being physical, and he dropped the reveal at the best timing. Some of you might dislike Eun Gi, but I do feel like in this moment, he really tried to do his best for Deok Mi, instead of just wanting to best Ryan. Nonetheless, it’s undeniable that Ryan comes out the winner – and upon the reveal, Deok Mi grabs his hand and demands an explanation.

Eun Gi collapses on the stairs as the couple goes off and Seon Joo belatedly catches up on the situation. The couple individually fumes in the car (which is oddly hilarious) – Deok Mi demands to know where she’s going and Ryan’s like, “Why don’t you drive instead?”

Turns out, he drives home to have the quarrel which bewilders Deok Mi because she’s in her stalker-wear but Ryan retorts, “We are educated people. We can’t fight in the streets.” Haha!

As they go up in the lift, the doors open to Shi An, and Ryan immediately plasters himself over Deok Mi’s identity from being revealed. HAHAH it looks SO awkward, and suggestive at the same time. “I studied a little because my girlfriend’s a fangirl.” In ten minutes, Ryan Gold has spouted at least 3 quotable lines from How to be a Good Boyfriend Manual.

The couple has a face-off in the living room and Ryan finally learns that Seon Joo was at her house too the last night. Deok Mi lashes out at him for not telling her that he knows she’s a fangirl and somehow, the quarrel evolves into a petty squabble. The couple realises this, and the tensions breaks.


Deok Mi is worried that her fangirling would put him off, but he sweetly tells her that he isn’t appalled at all. Deok Mi smiles and confirms that they do not have anymore secrets between them, and that’s when Ryan remembers.


Ah, he hasn’t told her something.  Sorry – I live for Kim Jae Wook’s minute eye expressions, and 3 mega screenshots are the only way to give full credit to them.


The camera cuts the reveal off-screen, and the next thing we know, Deok Mi’s furious, “Latte? You’re Latte?!”

She hits him out of mock fury and he laughs that he now knows Shi An’s thighs improve her welfare and his clavicles are sexy.

HAHAHA. I just can’t.


They topple onto the sofa and Ryan just hugs her like she’s the cutest soft toy he has, because well she’s adorable.


He mentions casually that he wants to fanboy over her because she’s so pretty and, “I want to be Deok Mi is My Life too.” I can’t fathom how this man can say something so…suggestive? hot? without batting an eyelid. But there you go, that’s Kim Jae Wook for you.

Deok Mi immediately pushes him away as being a fanboy means no touching and just gazing.


Ryan starts unbuttoning his shirt which distracts Deok Mi HAHA,


and he throws his watch away which unsettles her even more.


He then leans forward with an intense gaze and Deok Mi gives up on the lesson, instead choosing to lean in aggressively for a kiss.


How about the lesson? Ryan asks, and Deok Mi replies, “Just leave the fangirling to me.” Hot hot hot.


Just when I thought we would get amazing sexy times, Cindy pops by unannounced, frantic that Shi An would be cut from the exhibition on her mother’s orders.

There are no sexy times for us, but we do get a very cute exchange between Deok Mi and Ryan, when Deok Mi pouts that she too wants Shi An to be part of the exhibition and Ryan gives her a you’re cute smile.


Also, I’m really loving Kim Bo Ra as Cindy – it must not be easy to turn someone who is borderline saesang-fan into a character which the audience can sympathise with. She’s objectively quite cute sometimes. Anyway, Cindy ran away from home as a sign of protest against her mum and Deok Mi decides to let her stay at her house because she’s just a sheltered girl who wouldn’t know better.


Deok Mi meets Eun Gi at the playground at night and tries to trailblazer her way out of it by pretending that his confession earlier that morning was just a joke. Honestly, I think it’s realistic; it could have been what I would do too. But as a viewer, I did wish that she’d tackled it straight on. Anyway, I think Eun Gi dealt with the fallout quite maturely. He confesses that right now, she’s a woman to him and not family, “I like you, Sung Deok Mi.” Deok Mi finally comes straight with him that she likes Ryan and he tells her he knows, but he won’t give up without a fight. After all, he’s a judo player.


Meanwhile, Hyo Jin/Cindy unintentionally bonds with Deok Mi’s mother as she praises her knitting and helps her mother wind the yarn. So sweet – I like how they show the difference between Hyo Jin and Cindy, and that Hyo Jin’s ultimately just a girl who needs love.

Later that night, Deok Mi updates Ryan on the love situation and Ryan reacts like the mature man he is i.e tells Deok Mi not to be hasty because Eun Gi is like her family after all.

The next day, Yoo Sup accidentally chances upon the last Lee Sol painting on a gallery’s blog and Ryan praises him for it – which pleases Yoo Sup a lot. Hehe. Nothing like happy co-workers to complete the scene. Ryan and Deok Mi rush to the gallery and buy the painting – now in a bad state – from the curator.


Ryan looks pensive but Deok Mi doesn’t push for answers, instead choosing to hold his hand silently and cheering him up with some Baskin Robbins.


She also tells him that they should never become like those discarded artworks; instead they will always look at each other and take interest in each other.


I like how the show constantly integrates art and life, such that art isn’t just a side plot or meaningless backstory which brings our leads together but something of meaning in itself.

Also, did you guys realise how Deok Mi’s hairdo is now completely let-down, just like how she does her hair when she’s a fangirl? I love this transformation because it means that thematically, Deok Mi no longer splits into fangirl Deok Mi and work Deok Mi. She’s just Deok Mi, and that’s how Ryan has always seen her.


Shi An and Da In work on his album together and Da In learns that the couple was ‘making out’ in the lift from the manager. Shi An is an ANGEL I swear, and he even tells the manager not to give Da In the wrong impression. My bet’s that this sweet boy has instinctively guessed Da In’s feelings, whether he knows it or not. I’d thought at the start that Shi An would be a problematic/slightly two-faced idol with issues, given how he dealt with the issue of the jackets. But I couldn’t be more wrong! He’s intuitive and sweet, and just kind-hearted in general. I can’t believe that for all it’s worth, I’ve become a Cha Shi An fan too. Haha!


Shi An pops by Ryan’s house at night after hearing that the painting has been found and Ryan updates him that it’s been taken to be restored. Well since he’s here… Ryan asks hesitantly, “Would you like to have some fried chicken?”


Shi An beams and asks him to say it again less formally, before requesting for boneless chicken. I already love these hyung-dong saeng interactions:D

The next day, Deok Mi gets her house ready so that she can formally introduce her fangirl-side to Ryan. It’s hilarious to watch how cute Deok Mi is, figuring whether she should hide her artworks and apologising to the Shi Ans on her cushions. Deok Mi’s mother comes around with side dishes and wanders in since the door’s open – and all hell breaks loose oops!

Ryan arrives in the pinnacle of the beating and rushes in to shield Deok Mi. SWEET!


He even outrightly tells Deok Mi’s mother that they are dating, upon which the mother immediately tries to pretend like she owns all the Shi An related items in the house. Hahahaha you guys, I literally laughed out loud when this happened.

Deok Mi touches Ryan’s knees proudly and Ryan shyly, sheepishly, and out of some cringe for the words coming out of his mouth, says that whenever he sees her fangirling, he finds her so passionate that he started to like her. Hehehe. After Deok Mi semi forces her mother out, she returns to her room to find Ryan scrutinising her artwork. “All you did was to draw my caricature on a piece of paper. But what is this?”

And how about the flowers he gave her? Why is it not in the middle of the cabinet but at the side?? Cute cute cute. Deok Mi can’t resist and gives him a peck to shut him up too.

Ryan laughs and now, Deok Mi introduces the exhibits as if they are at a museum, even saying things like, “Shi An’s beauty is too unrealistic so it’s impossible to portray it through a painting.” HAHA, I live for her words of wisdom, as I live for Ryan’s indulgent smiles.

Ryan tells her that there’s one thing which bothers him…it feels like they aren’t alone. She turns around to see the Shi An stand and whines that it’s too cold outside. “What’s wrong with his neck?” and Deok Mi whispers, “That brute Eun Gi chopped it off.” Lollll honestly though, how did Deok Mi live with the stand for so long? I’m not entirely sure if even I would want a Kim Jae Wook stand in my living room.

Despite such a happy night and perhaps due to the newfound painting, Ryan has nightmares of his childhood and wakes up crying. Deok Mi receives a call from him and turns on the light, after which he says, “You should go to sleep. Don’t turn on the lights.” Deok Mi realises ah, he must be here and rushes out to find him.


I feel like Deok Mi’s eyes tearing up with excitement is a Park Min Young touch, and not necessitated by the script. Does anyone else feel that way? The couple seems to be able to feed on each other’s vibes so well that they become super natural.


Ryan gazes at her with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes and notes that he should leave now that he has seen her.


He turns to leave, and Deok Mi rushes up to hug him. I honestly thought that she was going to kiss? him? which is what usually happens after an emotional back hug HAHA and that would have put me off – but what happens for real is much better.


She hugs him tightly from the front and tell him it’s okay, they aren’t supposed to keep secrets from each other and… “It’s okay to cry.”


After hearing her words, Ryan’s hands come up to her back, holding her tightly like she’s the only thing that matters as he sobs into her shoulder.

Post-episode feelings:

  • Is it just me, or there’s something super nice and amazing about scenes of the male lead just totally letting his guard down in front of the girl he likes?
  • This couple hits all the nails in the right places – they kiss (in the best ways) but they also comfort each other in a peaceful, silent manner. Nothing over-the-top or blatantly fanservice about it, and that’s what I love.
  • I like that they weave in a conflict between Seon Joo and Seung Min which isn’t very logical, but which drives an emotional wedge into Seon Joo’s heart like she said. I’m just not very sure what’s the significance of it or if there is even a pointin the grand scheme of things.
  • I remember now – Young Shin and Jung Hoo had kissed/made out/slept together  after he let down his guard for the first time as well (one of my favourite episodes of Healer). This must be why I instinctively thought there was going to be sexy times. Lol. My dirty mind.

Anyhow, hope you guys enjoyed this recap! (It did turn out to be almost on the entire episode, didn’t it…😂)



  1. Iced tea says

    Thanks for the recap!! I feel there’s not enough people interested in the drama for more coverage, so I appreciate any posts out there about this show. The Ryan Gold character has raised the bar very high for other kdrama lead characters, hoping more would be like this after this, instead of the usual hyper masculine types. The casting has been perfect for the show, hoping the ratings will continue to improve! Thanks again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and sorry for this late reply!! Don’t think the ratings picked up very much but I do think the show did enjoy a certain degree of success!(:


  2. Scalene says

    Nearly all of your thoughts here are my thoughts as well! Are you me? Hehe. I do agree with “Deok Mi’s eyes tearing up with excitement is a Park Min Young touch.” She and KJW seem to really vibe so well with each other, even in the behind the scenes videos, and they’re able to play off of each other in the scenes as well. I soooo agree with you about KJW’s expressive eyes. And I can’t even with how he can be goofy and cute in one moment, and then turn on the deadly sexy charm like WHOA. (OK, I’m just being a thirsty fangirl now.) I’m not a fan of the tragic background story line, but since we must get through it, I hope they give us a lot of awesome Deokmi-Ryan moments to balance it out. Just two more weeks left, ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kayohs says

    How sweet was mom??? She tried to pretend all the Shi An stuff was hers! LMAO. So much love there. Gah. It’s always gets to me that show also gets the other relationships right. Like the one with mom and dad. In just a few scenes here and there.

    I relate to Deok Mi avoiding Eun Go instead of addressing it head on. Despite such long-term familiarity having grown up together, there is a knee jerk reaction most of us might fall back on when thinking we might hurt the other persons feelings. We also don’t want to change how things are, for fear of losing a precious person.

    Deok Mi and her hair. While I like it thematically, I wish her styling would differ a bit more from the Secretary Kim look. Hehe.

    I also tot some sexy times coming when Ryan came over all vulnerable. It was like that in Healer. And.. King2Hearts…. When Seung Gi was grieving over his hyung and Ha Ji Won spent the night with him. But the tight hug and the words said worked too.

    Kim Jae Wook and his eyes. Thank you for the screenshots. Bahaha! All the minute changes in expression. And omg all the cheesy lines he throws out.

    Again, this couple is so dem natural together. It’s pretty amazing to see onscreen.

    Never too late to post about this show. I will keep refreshing to see if you do! Hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for this super late reply!!

      Mum was really cute indeed. And wrt to the hair, you are right though – it was quite similar to WWWSK although they really tried to differentiate it by always putting her here in a bun (as opposed to a high ponytail). Yes yes yes to the sexy times thought HAHA I’m glad I wasn’t alone??!

      I still think it’s crazy how we missed out on Kim Jae Wook’s huge potential in being a rom-com male lead and I can’t wait for any of his new projects!

      It was really sweet of you to follow through with the recaps, you totally made my day then!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Danielle says

    I can’t wait for this fucking drama to be over so you and other people can finally SHUT👏THE👏FUCK👏UP👏!!!!! Also I NEED Park Seo Joon to come back to dramaland immediately because I miss him🙏🙏🙏.


    • Brooklynn says

      So I just saw this comment on ThoughtsRamble twitter page and I wanted to reply!!!! While I am glad that KJW is getting attention for his acting, HPL is something that isn’t singing to me the way it seems to do for everyone else (ducking out of the way!!! 😂😂😂😂) but I think that is just due to the fact I prefer KJW in darker roles.

      I don’t ship KJW w/ PMY & I do not ship PMY w/ PSJ either because I do not cross the line between reel & real. Hell, I don’t even ship Ryan and Deok Mi together( never been a couple shipper of any kind, sorry!!!!). Also I find it really intrusive when people cannot separate the two (real and reel) and want fiction to become reality.

      These people may have significant others for all I/we know and its something I am really uncomfortable with. Also to the replies that I saw to Thoughts twitter post I really wanted to shake my head because it is not a competition between KJW and PSJ and making it into one regardless who you prefer (actor, actress, character,or ship) is immature, stupid, and tacky.

      Well that is all I wanted to say and thanks for coming to my TED talk!!!!


      • Hi there, I’m not sure which replies you were referring to but I just want to make clear that I similarly agree it is not a competition and have refrained from making any comments abt KJW or PSJ.

        No worries about not being a fan of the show, this has never been a problem!


  5. I agree that in that moment, it wasn’t about Eun Gi liking Deok Mi or considering Ryan a rival – he just genuinely wanted to protect her. In some ways, I think I’m glad Ryan revealed it before she was ready to tell him. There has been such a heavy emphasis on “no guy would ever understand or want to date a fangirl.” His revealing that he knew before they even started dating pulled the rug out from all of them!

    So hilarious how, just like Eun Gi, Ryan immediately protects Deok Mi’s identity but the way he did it!!! 😀 I died!! rofl

    I was waiting for the Latte reveal. Hahahaha I want her to be impressed he passed that quiz!

    And the way he started teasing her by unbuttoning. So much funny (& hotness) in this episode!

    I never expected to start liking Hyo Jin but wow, she’s done a great job blossoming and becoming part of their team.

    I keep waiting for Yoo Sup and that other coworker to spark. He’s obviously attracted but she hasn’t noticed yet.

    I hadn’t noticed about her hair but I love that observation. I love when they add little nuances like that!

    Back in the first episode when her Shi An stand lost it’s head, it cracked me up as that’s literally how the first episode of my favorite Taiwanese drama, ToGetHer, starts too.

    I love that she senses something is off about his visit. Honestly his eyes seemed pretty red already. But I loved it because up until now, we’ve gotten a lot of why he is good for her but this was her moment to give back to him. You know?

    I don’t remember which episode but Deok Mi’s mom had a flashback when she saw kids playing with bubbles. And she seemed guilt-ridden. It seems obvious Deok Mi and Ryan had a childhood connection. But I’m very worried that somehow her mom has something to do with him being abandoned? Or maybe she had the chance to take him in but didn’t unlike how she took Eun Gi in? What do you think the age-gap is between Ryan and Shi An? I wonder if he was abandoned when Shi An was conceived?

    Ohh!! And did you catch when Cindy’s mom cornered her by the car and said something about Shi An being her father’s product from an affair? Or did I misread that? Maybe my subtitles were wrong?

    Liked by 1 person

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