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Her Private Life Episode 10 Recap

Lots of flutters this episode!!

I’m so happy you guys enjoyed the previous review so I tried to keep to the same writing style but totally reverted to my old rambling because I just can’t stop!! (I’ve actually also written one for Episode 9 but it’s not polished so…take your guess whether it’s going to rot in my drafts forever, or see the daylight soon.)

Anyway, like I said rainbow after rain – and this is the RAINBOW you guys. Lots of kisses and (good) tension. I can’t believe more than half my screenshots are of them kissing…


Shi An, being the angel he is, accidentally reminds Ryan of his fate with Deok Mi and even comments casually that Deok Mi isn’t feeling well, “It’s the first time she doesn’t smile when she sees me.” Aww bless you Shi An. This triggers Ryan into action, as he thinks that Deok Mi is sick. He rushes to the shop and that joins back to the ending of Episode 9 where we have the best make-up kiss. Heheheheh.


Deok Mi asks Ryan in tears if he hates the fake dating and he says yes, but with the most loving eyes ever. Kim Jae Wook and his eyes will be the death of me for this show (or would it be the kisses?) Deok Mi starts crying and asks if it’s that hard and stressful for him, when she was happy.

Ryan cuts in – “It’s because it’s fake. I hated it it since it was fake. I wanted to date you for real.”


He leans in softly for a kiss and pulls back, before going in for real.


They quickly dart into a corner when the shopkeeper appears at the stairs and continue kissing each other, moving from the wall to Ryan lifting Deok Mi up and placing her on a table. Smooth as heck!!!


Also, hands-up if you watched this scene more than 10 times (in my defence, I was watching GIFs okay, that thing loops for me) !


The couple has such good kissing chemistry I’m in heaven.


Some pieces of wood fall and startle the couple who laugh and exchange a hug. Ryan laughs when Deok Mi’s stomach rumbles and ughhh you can tell that he thinks Deok Mi is the cutest thing ever. When packing up to leave, Deok Mi picks up the lightstick which had fallen to the floor in their excited kissing sesh, and has to lie that this is just a normal flashlight to Ryan. But Ryan knows everything, my girl.

While Deok Mi feels bad about ditching Da In’s errand, all Ryan wants to know is when this girl started liking him. Hahaha. They have some kimbap outside her house for dinner and he teases her, “Have you not cleaned your house yet?” I just love all these little jokes that only the viewers know the meaning to.

After dinner, Deok Mi happily and dutifully ends her line with, “Director Gold.” Ryan tests it out again, “Deok Mi…sshi,” and Deok Mi continues, “Yes…Director…Gold.” Hahaha. Ryan asks if they are really dating and Deok Mi replies without missing a beat, “In Korea, if you don’t start dating after kissing the person, you will go to jail.” Cute! She recalls how she has a nickname for him, Lion jerk, and laughs that she will call him more comfortably from now on.


Ryan gives her a goodnight peck on the forehead and she returns to her room, bouncing excitedly on her bed, “I’ll screencapture the kiss, photoshop it and create a gif.”

It’s so funny to see her cackle and hit the bed in excitement because GIRL, that’s what you have been doing to US. In that moment, I felt like Deok Mi semi-broke the 4th wall? It just feels so cool that she’s speaking directly to the fangirls of the show.

Like I said before, I’m not too annoyed with Eun Gi actually. He reveals to his mum of his feelings for Deok Mi and his mum feels bad for not knowing how her son thinks. Eun Gi nicely tells his mum that he didn’t know either himself so it’s not her fault.

It’s so obvious the couple patched up at work because Deok Mi wouldn’t stop singing and Ryan talks to her in a soft voice. At the meeting, Deok Mi can’t stop smiling at Ryan either hahahaha. Oh goodness, if I was one of the co-worker I would have wanted to poke their faces. Cindy takes out a lightstick as a sample for the exhibition’s merchandise and Deok Mi chokes.

Ryan can’t contain a smile and innocently asks, “Is this like a flashlight?” Hehe, I’m always so tickled when Ryan acts dumb and asks all sorts of questions to make Deok Mi squirm.

Da In meets Ryan privately and learns that he has ended the fake relationship. She tries to ask more about the paintings but Ryan shuts the conversation down, which hurt Da In’s feelings,”How could you not ask why I can still remember something about you from 3 years ago?” Ryan opens his mouth like a fish but Da In leaves.


She walks past Deok Mi outside the room and tells her that she won’t apologise – because what she said technically was real. Deok Mi says coldly that distorting the truth is also lying but Da In replies, “Seems like you believe my words more than Ryan’s heart.” Which is true to be honest.

Both Deok Mi and Cindy become very annoyed with Da In, but for different reasons hahaha.

Ryan pops by the room and asks if he’s the only one leaving work, and the co-workers have no choice but to cough back any remaining tasks they still have for the day,

just so the couple can leave ‘without a guilty conscience’ and go on a date. A pleased Ryan is a pleased lion.

Deok Mi takes Ryan on the city sightseeing bus and the two laugh over the cutest things like how Ryan asks, “What’s that?” and tour-guide Deok Mi’s just like, “It’s a building.”

He asks why she doesn’t have a license and she counter-asks if he would like to sit in a car she’s driving, to which Ryan shakes his head in fear. HAHA.


Seon Joo is so pleased with her handbag but finally learns that Seung Min’s new programme is about criticising fangirls. Seon Joo calls him and says that no matter where he is right now, there’s a river in front of him. She sings eerily, “I shall meet you after I cross the river of death.” Hahahahaha. Seung Min turns up at the cafe and Seon Joo mutters, “I’m going to be a widow today.” Poor Joo Hyuk just gets caught in the middle.


Meanwhile, the oblivious couple sits on a bench while Deok Mi helps Ryan with a stray lash. Ryan, this smooth man, kisses her wrist while she’s at it. Oof. This man nails all the kisses??? Full-on lips, forehead or wrist – you name it, Kim Jae Wook does it.


Deok Mi initially goes, “We are in public!” but Ryan gives her yet another wrist kiss and she gives him a peck on the lips before running away shyly.

Look at Ryan’s beaming face!!!

Seon Joo already knew about the couple dating but tries to keep the truth from Eun Gi. An oblivious Eun Gi therefore, prepares for a confession that night and asks Deok Mi when she would be home. Ryan sees the message and points out gently that Eun Gi might not see her just as family, “There are times when people realise things later on life.”

He explains, this sweet giant, that he’s not doubting Deok Mi but that she might not see it clearly since Eun Gi’s always with her. Deok Mi then asks him about Da In, to which Ryan has a contemplative look.


Ryan drives Deok Mi home and jokes that she should just take his hand up since he doesn’t like letting go of people’s hands. It’s cute here, but why do I feel like this is completely possible of Kim Jae Wook in another drama again HAHA. After she leaves, Ryan picks up the necklace from the backseat and rushes after her. He hugs her tightly and gives her the necklace – it was a gift he wanted to give with his confession but oh, remember how she broke his heart back then? Hahaha, what a cheeky boy really.


He kisses her forehead, then her nose, and then her mouth and Deok Mi smiles while returning his kisses.


Kyaaaaaa. So picture perfect. I’m sure no one’s really blaming me for increasing the load time for this page by spamming kissing photos right?


Later, Deok Mi waves Ryan off as he looks up and smiles at her.

Eun Gi works through his speech at the gym, “I may have retired as a Olympic silver medalist, but I won’t retire when it comes to chasing you.” He walks off to Deok Mi’s house, dressed in a suit for the first time in a long while, and knocks on Deok Mi’s door.


I kinda wish Eun Gi could have just gotten the confession out of the way, but as he finally works himself into the courage and would have been able to say, “I like you”…Seon Joo appears in a drunk rage. Oh damn.

Back in the house, Eun Gi drinks his sorrows away and looks at Seon Joo bitterly hahaha, “You’re never of any help.” Seon Joo threatens to kill himself if Deok Mi picks up a call from her hubbie so Eun Gi turns off all their phones and tries to get Seon Joo drink till she falls asleep.

Ryan had actually seen Eun Gi earlier as he walked to Deok Mi’s house and feels very unsettled. He calls Deok Mi’s phone, which is now turned off, and CUTELY asks, “Why? Why??” He sits on his bed in the same position till 7 and gets off his bed, “It’s 7am, it’s the perfect time to see a girlfriend.” Are you sure???

Meanwhile, Deok Mi prepares to go on her fangirling adventures and Eun Gi follows after her. Ryan gets out of his car with an excited smile but his face freezes after seeing Deok Mi and Eun Gi come out of her house, with Eun Gi wearing the same clothes. Eun Gi stops in his tracks and Deok Mi belatedly realises that Ryan is there, while she’s in her fangirling gear. She quickly darts behind Eun Gi’s back and clutches tightly to his suit.

Ryan says determinedly that he wants to speak to Deok Mi and Eun Gi tries to shield her. Ryan continues, “Deok Mi is my girlfriend. So this is between me and her and is none of your business.” and Eun Gi’s eyes flicker but he strides on, “Why isn’t it my business? She’s the girl I like.”


Deok Mi looks up in surprise but remains in conflicted silence.


Ryan turns away but back again, “Come out, Sung Deok Mi.” Deok Mi blinks and shrivels in fear, but Ryan finally lets it out, “It’s okay…Shi An is my Life.”

Post-episode feelings:

WHEEEEE. Is it just me, or does this show build up the angst in all the right ways??

I won’t deny that this is how I would like some of my quarrels to play out – not too dramatic and end up being sweet enough, from how the couple had their first kiss after an episode of angst, to this ending where Ryan resolves the tension by being truthful. I feel like this is secretly the key to the success of the drama, because the script knows how to bait us just enough without dragging things out. 

I also cannot get get enough of that ending when Ryan stays steadfast in a classy manner, choosing not to antagnoise but to insist calmly that he wishes to speak with Deok Mi alone. And is anyone else as excited as I am in that last 10 seconds of the show when he finally reveals that he knows Deok Mi’s secret? I am strangely so hyped up by that – us viewers know that’s the only thing holding Deok Mi back and now that the cat’s out of the bag that there’s nothing between her and Ryan and happiness and lots of kisses, I am so excited!!

It’s such a crime that this is Kim Jae Wook’s first rom-com male lead because he nails it every thing we want in a male lead! He portrays Ryan with so much class, and smile-y eyes and hot kisses, I am so extremely pleased.

Truthfully, this turned out to be more of a full-lengthed recap *exhausted* which is why it took so long to write, but I just can’t help myself!! In Deok Mi’s words, I couldn’t resist screenshotting them at all XD

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this recap and see you guys next week!



  1. Scalene says

    I’m glad you’re back with a recap! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve rewatched this episode, ahaha. Deokmi and Ryan feel like one of the realest in-love K-drama couples I’ve seen in a while, with how they’re so affectionate with each other, especially Ryan. I feel like most dramas put a kiss quota on their couple and make every kiss a big, unnatural production. 🙄 Anyway. I also love how Ryan likes to secretly troll Deokmi about her fangirling, because we know it’s something he wholeheartedly accepts (unlike Eun Gi). And that part with the handholding inside the car, I totally thought the same thing! Especially when Deokmi said, “It’s weird how you say that with a smile on your face.” I was like, because in a parallel universe he’s thinking about where to bury your corpse, get out girl! I wonder if they put that in as an inside joke.

    And aww, Shi An at the start…trying to sell ShiAn x Ryan to Ryan and accidentally selling Deokmi x Ryan. He’s grown on me. And I loved rage-mode Seon Joo and her creepy song.

    Ryan is a saint for handling that last scene the way he did. I was half-expecting and dreading a punch or two being thrown, but he was all class. Although I thought he got a bit of murder eyes going on when he saw Eun Gi. The preview with him throwing smolder eyes at Deokmi while unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his watch…yes please! More of that! 😍


    • And I’m glad you left a comment!:D You are exactly right on that – I’m not a huge fan of how k-dramas plan out their kisses and then put so much spin on it, like as if real-life couples do that “okay on 24th we are going to kiss, and it’s going to be real dramatic with music in the background” XD.

      Yes! I felt like that could totally be an inside joke for us viewers who watched Kim Jae Wook in other dramas. I chuckled so hard when Seon Joo sang so creepily to her hubbie; it was unexpected but so funny of her at the same time.

      Shi An is such an angel:’) he has definitely grown on me as well – I’d thought he would play the role of a bratty idol with issues, but I was so wrong.


  2. kayohs says

    So much sizzle. So much pretty.
    Also happy they didn’t drag on the he-knows scenario any longer.
    I also appreciate the dynamic that was played out in the final scene.

    For all that Deokmi and Ryan have kissed and kissed and let loose all these feelings.
    Suddenly, when confronted with something Deokmi isn’t ready to let Ryan know, she hides behind her childhood friend.

    It’s a moment of validation for Eun Gi. There’s this like ah… I can still protect her, I still know her best. I am the only one in the whole world, she can truly honestly be herself with. It’s a moment of high, which gets pulled out from under him… like a punch to the gut… when Ryan outs the fact that he knows of Deokmi’s other identity.

    That moment of shock, is for both Deokmi and Eun Gi… of course, to vastly different repercussions.


    • I like how you put it about Eun Gi! Also for me, I see Eun Gi in a positive light (I know there are others who really hate his guts) and that final scene struck all the right balance for me. Ryan was classy as heck, but at the same time, I felt like Eun Gi genuinely just wanted Deok Mi to be alright and not because he wanted to prove something to Ryan.

      The reveal really dropped at a very good timing and I applaud the writer for that:DD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Did she send that email to Latte about lying or did she delete it? Either way, I’m glad he went running to her before having seen it. He really does have hearts in his eyes when she’s crying! ❤ And the way he couldn't stop looking at her as he backed up to lead her around the corner? *swoon* lol

    I feel bad for Seon Joo and her husband but really, I 100% understand her stance. It's not just what he did – it's that he violated her trust. He could have told her his conundrum and they could have worked it out together. But he was sneaky and that undermines the very foundation of their relationship.

    I'm glad he revealed he knew so quickly. Keeping it secret much longer would have made it even more sneaky. I think he was hoping she would just tell him herself but it had reached the point where it needed to come out no matter what.

    Did you watch Marry Me, Marry (aka Mary Stayed Out at Night)? Kim Jae Wook was in that too. Secondary lead but he showed then that he deserved rom-com lead. I don't know why it took them so long to finally do!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, it’s very good, with a great OST. And so funny. Though toward the end it has some struggles. I believe Jang Geon Seuk ended up writing the final episode too (I think?) because the writer was trying to stay too faithful to the webcomic (which gets dramatic and sad) and the drama was too different, so he had to save the drama.


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