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W Review

I love it whenever I find a show that is so good on many different levels.

Orange Marmalade

*Potential spoilers below! I was quite surprised to find that they have made this manhwa into a drama. I read this on many years ago but I was tired of having to wait for one chapter a week. As time passed, I simply forgot about it and grew out of my manga phase (I was super into this other manga that is about idols and models and twins. Anyone has any idea what it’s called?)

My Secret Hotel (2)

Finally finished the drama! I'm not sure if any of you is watching this but I think it's a hit or miss kind of drama. I still can't decide if it's a good one for me, because some parts were so bad. The mystery and the horror were quite well done, and even the unveiling of the truth was pretty good – for someone who has very high expections of reveals, I think they did okay. I loved the romance between Hae Young and Sung Hyo but the development of the relationship was quite poorly done. We have a great start (I quite like the filters and the way they shoot the scenes in Las Vegas), and we have an awesome awesome end – but the middle was draggy and stagnant. I only held on for so long because I wanted to see them get together, and because I wanted to know who the murderer was. On the other hand, the drama is very good at tying loose ends up and for that, I think …

My Secret Hotel

I chanced upon this drama and was hooked straight away — romance, comedy mixed in with a bit of mystery and horror? You got me. I spammed 12 episodes in a few days, but I must say the drama could have done so much more. It was fortunate that I didn't have to wait for the episode every week, because now I can simply forward the parts that were draggy and unncessary. Was it really important to have so many sad scenes from Hae Young? And I think Sang Hyo could have been a much stronger female lead – a girl with her own ideas and her own feelings. Right now, I'm shipping her with Hae Young (surprise surprise) because I really don't like the way Managing Director Jo is treating her. Dude, you don't keep forcing your kisses on people, and insist that you are dating when she hasn't even said yes. I'm obviously super biased though and I can only say that I hope the ending will end up like how I wish …


Hahaha even though I haven't been watching any on-going dramas because of my busy schedule, I have taken time out to watch some old movies and dramas when I'm chilling or eating! So I think the next few posts will be more of updates on what I've been doing rather than recaps/reviews. Boys Over Flowers That's right – guess who has decided to pull out her old stash of DVDs and to binge on this drama HAHAHA. I am loving it all over again, despite it having been…6 years? OMG it has been 6 years. Guys we are old. I love it when they have the four of them together<33 And of course, I love Yi Jung/ Kim Bum. Look forward to these screenshots HAHA. I'm only on Episode 5! <3thoughtsramble