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Orange Marmalade

*Potential spoilers below!

I was quite surprised to find that they have made this manhwa into a drama. I read this on webtoon.com many years ago but I was tired of having to wait for one chapter a week. As time passed, I simply forgot about it and grew out of my manga phase (I was super into this other manga that is about idols and models and twins. Anyone has any idea what it’s called?)

Anyway, I’d decided to catch up on the rest of the manga before I start watching the drama. There’s always something about the original works that make them wonderful, and I wanted to experience that before I dive into any remakes.

I’m glad I started and finished reading it! I love the drawings, but I didn’t like the tug of war between Jae Min and Mari (think Mari going cold, then Jae Min’s like oh if you don’t want me to be here, then I won’t be here, then Mari gets upset and even colder, and Jae Min starts chasing after her again. I just don’t…understand.) I like the premise of the manga, and the story-telling is portrayed in a very gentle and soothing manner. I was quite upset that I couldn’t find the last Chapter online, but I read some comments and I could guess. If anyone has the link, I will greatly appreciate if you could comment below!

I think it’s time for me to start on the drama and hopefully, it wouldn’t be a disappointment! I heard that it is developing very differently from the manga. *Please* do not make Whitie into a goodie second lead that will break my heart in the end. No more second lead syndrome please. (Hehe, does anyone else understand the Whitie/Blondie/Carrothead references?)

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