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Her Private Life Episode 8 Review

Off the charts!! Sizzling chemistry!!

I’m still thinking about what’s the best way to cover my reactions to this drama, but as it is right now, it stands as a cross between a review and a recap and sounds disjointed in the middle as I jump across scenes I don’t want to talk aboutXD.


The episode starts off with a scene straight-up from a romance novel/ fanfiction that got me in giggles because I knew it must have been imagined.


Like come on, can you imagine Ryan suddenly going, “Do you want me?” at this point?  (I got so excited on Twitter I couldn’t even type properly). Nonetheless, it got me all sizzled up. Kim Jae Wook is hot as heck and Park Min Young always has the best kisses with her male co-stars.


Like whose brilliant idea was it for him to touch her hair and kiss her cheek first before kissing her? Hahahaha. This is an art. Which we all need to appreciate.


The funniest thing is how reality strikes and you realise just how cute and innocent Ryan Gold is (at this point, I’m sure he will turn into a beast later on…). Look at his outstretched hand hahahaha. Deok Mi almost confesses her feelings but realises that her blindfold (confessing her love to Shi An) is in plain sight, so her instinctive thought…is to plunge to the floor in a pseudo-fall with an aigoo.


Park Min Young crashing to the floor to block the blindfold from sight is so darn comedic (I laugh every time I see it). It’s like she discovered the comedian in her and is thoroughly enjoying utilising every single cell of it. This is her funniest role yet.


Ryan puts on a straight face till he gets to his car, but quickly lets out the breath he had been holding for so long. The fact that our innocent Ryan’s heart was thumping from the close proximity too is CUTE.

Half of the episode then progresses with Deok Mi constantly mistaking Ryan’s actions as wanting to confess to her – when he wants to tell her a secret or when he tells her to meet in the parking lot 30 minutes later, “Dress nicely.” I’m not complaining because we had this cute 10 seconds sequence of Deok Mi shyly walking to his car and him waiting for her with the aura of a boyfriend.

It turns out however, that he wanted to bring her along to a meeting with Cha Shi An and wanted to surprise her – so that’s why he asked her to dress nicely! For the first time in this show, Deok Mi is not pleased at at all that she’s meeting with Shi An and not going for an escapade with Ryan Gold. Hahahaha.

The sad thing is that when he later ACTUALLY made a dinner reservation, he didn’t invite her properly after hearing she has dinner plans at home. Ryannn.


Ryan later looks at the fansite and thinks back to the moment in the afternoon when Deok Mi descended on him like the sun goddess she is. He writes on her fansite, “There are two suns in this world,” and laughs at the photo of him blocking Shi An. The photo evidencing their first meet.


What I LOVE so much about Ryan is that there was never a problem of Deok Mi fangirling over Shi An to him. He never thought about whether it was him or Shi Ahn, but rather, he just wanted her to be happy. Him secretly supporting her fangirling endeavours and personally even liking Shi An to some extent is really the sweetest thing thus far of this drama. He’s happy that she’s happy. Just look at Kim Jae Wook’s eyes. *insert sounds of me fangirling in the background*.

The next day, Deok Mi tags along with Ryan to try and convince Da In to be the new visual director for Shi An’s upcoming album. She tackles the task with a professional attitude but quickly keeps mum when she realises that Ryan’s and Da In’s friendship is something she can’t quite cut in yet.


Deok Mi feeling left out from the two friends’ banter is the story of my life I tell you guys.

Deok Mi looking at her crush with lovey-dovey hearts is also the story of my life when I look at my computer screen. HAHA.  It’s how I look at the both of them cos they are just so darn cute.


She tries to help out but gets taken aback by the machine, so Ryan guides her instead. While laughing away, Ryan can’t help but sneak glances at her. His blossoming feelings for her just brings a smile to my face!


With music in the background, the scene then switches to Eun Gi bathing in frustration as he realises that Deok Mi is starting to like Ryan.


What amuses me about this drama is that it is so insanely aware of the intricacies of fangirling and even somewhat self-mockingly inserts scenes for that. For example, I have a feeling that the in-your-face bathing scene of Eun Gi was exactly for that purpose. I would think most people would have been thirsting for Kim Jae Wook or One (based on their roles) but the show’s like, nah, have this instead.


If that isn’t the most deliberate panning down of Ahn Bo Hyun’s ripped muscles, I don’t know what it is.

Eun Gi gets out of the shower and learns that our couple is hard at work making tables for Da In. He rushes there in a huff and a puff, and is greeted with this beautiful scene of Ryan instinctively reaching out to tuck Deok Mi’s hair behind her ear.


He breaks the moment with a shout, and rushes down to stand in for Deok Mi instead. Which leads to this:

This look kills me because he’s like man I’m going to DRILL INTO YOUR FINGERS, how DARE you stop me.

In another drama, I wouldn’t have doubted Kim Jae Wook’s ability to drill someone.

After a whole afternoon of Eun Gi working in a puff and Ryan being all glares, the four get to dinner. Eun Gi tries to play up his closeness with Deok Mi by mentioning how she eats a lot and also tries to wipe her mouth for her.


I love how Ryan just so visibly tenses up when Eun Gi tries to wipe Deok Mi’s mouth even though he isn’t looking at them straight-on. This just makes it feel a lot more realistic and subtle? I can totally imagine this visual placement of characters in reality.


I’m also strangely satisfied at seeing how Deok Mi flinches away from Eun Gi’s hand, which was portrayed in a way that shows how close Deok Mi is to Eun Gi, but at the same time, how she treats him just like a little annoying brother.

Ryan treats Deok Mi coldly for the rest of the night and even drops Da In off in a huff (our men are in such huffs in this episode, aren’t they?) But something must have happened, because the next morning, he’s looking at Deok Mi with kind eyes again. When Eun Gi’s mum drops by for an official interview and asks him privately whether he has been thinking of settling down in Korea with a Korean woman, he smiles gently.


The fact that we all know who Ryan is gives me so much feels.

It turns out that the night before, Da In asked him why he’s jealous when it’s just a fake relationship (she found out from Eun Gi).


And that’s when Ryan realises, “Ah…this is jealousy.” And his face starts to light up, “…I should stop this fake relationship…”

When Deok Mi later finds Da In to persuade her about Shi An’s album once again, Da In quotes Ryan literally to Deok Mi, “Do you know that Ryan wants to stop this fake relationship?”


That my friends, is the true power of context…and it’s sad to watch Deok Mi just break down on the inside, thinking that Ryan’s tired of this and that he didn’t have any other feelings for her.

That is totally not true however, because Ryan prepared flowers and sends a text to Deok Mi, saying that he has something to tell her.


Who else’s heart flutters when they see Ryan waiting for Deok Mi? It couldn’t have been me only right?? And the way he smiles at her as she walks towards him…Ahhh someone give me adjectives aside from “cute” and “sweet” please.

But of course, Deok Mi, fresh in her misunderstanding that Ryan is tired, decides to keep her feelings to herself.  Before he can confess to her, Deok Mi murmurs hesitantly, “We should end this…fake relationship.” Ryan catches her hand instinctively but she leaves without another word.

The camera pans out to show the bouquet of flowers he got for her. My feelings are genuine. 


Post-episode feelings:

  • Presents never go well in dramaland.
  • Way too many product placements. You played dirty, scriptwriters.
  • I’m strangely not annoyed with Eun Gi at all – his purpose in the story is to serve as a trigger for Ryan’s feelings I’m sure, just like how Ryan only realises he’s jealous after Eun Gi’s provocations.
  • Da In though, on the other hand, is a true obstacle in this episode; she played “dirty”. Nonetheless, I am excited to see how the couple will get together in the next episode – I’m sure it will be full of FLUTTERS because we have to subject the couple to some rain before a rainbow would come right?
  • Also, I sound thirsty as heck throughout this review HAHA.

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. Scalene says

    Great recap! I love how you skipped over the parts I skipped over in my mind as well. 😄 I think the story is pretty predictable and the second leads are just serving their predictable purpose, so they don’t bother me too much. I’m ever only about Ryan and Deok Mi and their adorableness together and separately, and KJW’s incredible hotness–you’re not the only thirsty one! 😂 (Eun Gi’s abs bored me actually, couldn’t compare to Ryan’s anything/everything.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for reading and not minding this style of reading! Yeah I know the second leads are there just so the couple’s patching up will be even sweeter to watch, and that’s how I felt for Episode 9.

      He is so hot *sigh* even though he’s completely covered 99% of the time, save for the v-necks.

      Hope to see you around so that we can fangirl together! 😂


  2. Robin N says

    Carpentry is the new pottery 😉

    You mentioned something that made me think: Ryan knows about and finds Deok-mi’s fan-girling just a part of her creative outlet, her upbeat personality, and really sweet to watch. Maybe because he now knows Si-an and could not be jealous of that boy… It’s a telling counterpoint to Eun-gi’s actions and comments; he thinks Deok-mi can only find someone who will “settle” for her being a fan-girl. There’s a reason he only got a silver medal 🥈 All this time and he sees her passion as a negative, to be put up with. A shower scene can’t save you now, boy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!! That was EXACTLY what I was driving at (and inspired by) when I talked about Ryan but you put it in much better words. Ryan doesn’t see a separation between normal and fangirl Deok Mi – both sides make up the girl he likes.

      Episode 9 is rather cute though, the way he was curt towards Shi An 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Watched episode one last night. I know you said it was really good, and I had high expectations, but it was even better than I was hoping! 😀


    • Phew! The preview of your message ended at “I had high expectations” so I thought for a moment there you were going to continue with “but it was disappointing.” XD HAHA can’t wait for you to catch up and here what you think!

      Liked by 1 person

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