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He is Psychometric Backstory Theory

Too long for Twitter so this shall be a post!

It has been a while since my brain has been kicked into overdrive by a drama. I think the only time my brain came close to this recently was when I was trying to figure out the timeline for Memories of the Alhambra (LOL). But I wanted to theorise something for He is Psychometric‘s finale so here it goes!

Now, please be kind because this is just a theory and can go horribly 100% wrong. But like I said before, there’s all sorts of fun in trying and no shame in failing! If the show manages to stump me in a logical and skillful manner, all the more better!

So here’s what I think the backstory as to what really happened that night, in a chronological manner.

  • Jae In’s dad set up the christmas tree at 6pm and this was when Seung Mo and Jae In had a conversation.
  • The women confronted Jae In’s dad at 6.15pm (according to EP 4. EP1 says 7.15pm but this is either an editing error or just tagged to the car which arrived at the parking lot).
  • The women then returned to their floor, and tried to talk to Seung Mo and his mother. This was at 6.20pm.
  • At 6.25pm, Guen Taek saw them and said, “Found you.” He was at the neighbouring block so he had to walk over. That’s when he saw Jae In sleeping alone in the guardhouse and he took Jae In’s dad’s jacket.
  • Seung Mo’s mother almost ran into Guen Taek when he was on the way up.
  • Guen Taek then proceeded to 701 but realised that it was empty already – Seung Mo and his mother had already escaped by this point. Also, the clue has been there all along – that there was a body in the luggage Guen Taek was lugging.
  • At some point in time between 6.40 pm (estimated time for Guen Taek to walk over and 7.10 pm (ish), the women were stabbed.
  • At 7.19pm, Guen Taek planted the body in 702 as he had told An, and he even poured a 4th cup to make it look like there were four people originally in the apartment.
  • Someone – possibly Guen Taek, hinted to be Seung Mo at this point (?) – placed the lighter in the microwave, left the door open and headed down the stairs.
  • The lighter then exploded 2 minutes later at 7.21pm.

If we were to split the acts cleanly, there was one perpetrator for the act of stabbing, the planting of body and setting the fire. At the very best, Guen Taek is responsible for all 3. At the worst, there’s one for each act. At the very least, I don’t think Seung Mo is any of them for the reasons below:

  • The woman who opened the door called out “Ahjussi” and even peered at his face, which makes me think it can’t be Seung Mo at all.
  • I’m quite sure Guen Taek brought the body – the luggage was huge, and when it dropped, a bloodied finger was seen (EP 1). Which makes me feel like it made no sense for the stabber to be Seung Mo anyway since he wasn’t the one who planted the fake body for his mother.
  • As for the fire, the women died in 702 and Seung Mo was trapped on level 7 with An. For one, we saw the arsonist head down the stairs right after placing the lighter, and for the other, it doesn’t make sense for Seung Mo to loiter around level 7 if he already knew that an explosion was impending. In the same vein, this is why I don’t think Jae In’s father is the arsonist.
  • Finally just an overall thought…doesn’t quite make sense for Seung Mo to push An’s psychometric skills if he’s the true villain. Why would he want the truth to be out? He wouldn’t also have requested Ji Soo’s dad to re-investigate if he was the arsonist right? Because someone else had already taken the rap for him.

Predictions/thoughts for finale:

  • They could pull a stunner and say Jae In’s dad stabbed those women – but he went up to the 15th floor and slowly worked his way down pasting the posters, so that matches up with the timing. Therefore, I think Guen Taek is lying and he’s the true culprit (best case scenario anyway).
  • YSS Constructions paid So Hyun’s father to make a false testimony.
  • Seung Mo is relying on An’s psychometric ability to hold him back from killing his dad, because he’s hurtling uncontrollably down the path of revenge. He’s not actually bad; he’s just pushing for hard facts and proof to nail down his father – he basically fed An with memories in EP 14.
  • Contrary to what most people think, I’m quite on the fence as to whether Seung Mo will die. I’m wary because he said at Ji Soo’s grave that he wants “to go back” – but back to where? Back to happiness, or back to Ji Soo’s side i.e death? At the same time however, I didn’t get the sense of strong foreshadowing as I did with Ji Soo’s death. Would love to hear what you guys think! If the trajectory of his character is indeed based on Little Prince, then this doesn’t bode well in my opinion. In fact, there’re lots of parallels to Little Prince so I might do a separate post on that after the finale!

Outstanding questions which I really want to see answered:

  • Is there more to Jae In’s dad than they are letting up? Why did he kill himself in the prison so suspiciously? (Also speaking of which he has been absent for a good half of the series oops.)
  • Why did Seung Mo place the ring on his mother’s ring finger?? And on the left hand at that – that’s traditionally the finger for the marriage ring right? Please don’t let the show be strange……..I’m hoping it’s just because it IS thought of as the hand closest to your heart and for Seung Mo’s mother, the one she loves most is Seung Mo her child, not any love interest anyway.

Okay end of my ramble!


(Also just a disclaimer: if you want to cite something from here please do so with credits! I spent a lot of time on this and would appreciate it very much(: )


  1. Peachietime says

    Feels like Seongmo dad saw the argument Jaein dad had with the 3 women so he took the jacket and made killing Seongmo’s mom more reasonable. He planned to replace Seongmo mom’s identity by bringing the dead body before coming but with that only it’s easier to chase after him cos the police needs a culprit with legit killing reason. But since he saw that there’s a better person to take the blame he made it look like Jaein’s dad did it.

    The chance of Seongmo killing is slim. First of all he is still young, a dead body is really heavy. Secondly, how did he take the dead body from his dad? So the killing of the 3 women is either the dad or a 3rd person, potentially related to YSS.

    Now the question is whether he started the fire. I still think timeline wise it doesn’t make sense. If we agree it’s Seongmo’s dad killing the 3 women, then he gotta be the person who start the fire. Cos without the fire, the police can easily tell the 4th body is not Seongmo’s mom. Then his whole plan doesn’t work. He gotta be the one who started the fire if he’s the one killing the 3 women.

    One other possibility – Neither Seongmo and the dad knew who did it. They both think it’s the other person because there was an invisible 3rd person. (Though not sure what it does with the plot) In case there’s a 3rd person who stabbed the 3 women. Seongmo’s dad went to the apartment and saw they are dead already and took the chance and planned the 4th body and started the fire. But it doesn’t explain a lot – why would Seongmo dad think that’s the doing of Seongmo? He has no reason to kill the 3 women. But at the same time, what’s Seongmo’s plan when he tell his mom to do as he says?

    Also one thing that’s always in my mind: where does Seongmo get all the money to help his mom and himself to go to Canada when he was still a teen? Is YSS involved in any of this?


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