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Her Private Life Episode 14 Recap

A reunion and a kiss!

In a sense, the past two episodes return to plot-progressions and I’m glad for that, because the previous nth episodes before that took way too much out of me. This also means my reviews are less screenshots heavy and perhaps shorter, but this doesn’t mean I like it any less!

Following from the reveal end-Episode 13, Shi An comforts his mother in silence,  Ryan sobs on the floor…while I can’t stop but notice that One likes to slouch a lot. It fed into his image initially, but now it looks slightly odd. Is it just me?

Deok Mi rushes to the museum after Ryan gives her a I’m okay and you should go sleep call. She mock-punches him out of anxiety but Ryan counter-hugs her with love in his eyes. I said this multiple times, but I love me some Kim Jae Wook eyes really.


Ryan explains softly that he feels like he has been abandoned all over again after hearing his mother apologised, but Deok Mi chooses to interpret it another way, “She loved you so much and she’s sorry she couldn’t be with you.”


Meanwhile, my favourite thing of this episode is -shockingly- watching Hyo Jin be really good at taking the bus on her own and,


startling the just-awoken couple, who fell asleep on the sofa from last night and is now murmuring sweet goodmornings to each other.

The way they jump apart is HILARIOUS, as if they had done something wrong. But boy, you guys have done much worse than this…or are going to do. HAHA.


Seung Min and Seon Joo finally patch up, after he realises that he’s only happy when Seon Joo smiles, and he will do anything for her – including giving Joo Hyuk an opportunity to be a famous idol.


Later, Shi An meets Ryan. He gives him his mum’s number and requests for him to give her a call. He still calls him hyung, but the feels are so much different. And the fact that Shi An seemed to have suspected from a while ago that Ryan is his brother just adds to the whole dimension of that one single word, hyung. 


After some guidance from Deok Mi who shows Ryan her interpretation of Lee Sol’s paintings – which shows his mother’s love for him – , Ryan decides to muster his courage to call his mother. As expected from Episode 13, Ryan’s mother told him that she left him temporarily at a playground and got into a serious accident on the way back.


By the time she woke up, she could not locate him anywhere.


“After I had lost you, I live my whole life in regret. My whole life.”


I like this conversation – I’m usually quite neutral towards Lee Il Hwa, but I thought she had carried this scene with lots of class like an artist and lots of regret and love like a mother. Ryan runs away from this and finds himself back at the office, next to Deok Mi once again for comfort – is this true? Did his mother really lose him and not abandon him?


At night, Eun Gi finally sorts his feelings out. I’m glad I’d never disliked Eun Gi as well. When he at last realises that he just wants Deok Mi to be happy, he runs to her house to tell her just that – that her lifelong friend, Nam Eun Gi, is back.

He’s a sweet boy, you all. I’ve no doubt that he will find someone soon *cough Da In*.

Deok Mi arranges with Shi An to bring Ryan and Lee Sol together – that’s because they are only missing the last painting and Lee Sol, his mother, has it.


Turns out, the last painting shows a boy happily blowing bubbles, and in that moment, Ryan gets back his childhood memories with his mother.


“We are both smiling.” Ryan’s mother nods in tears. “We look very happy.”


As the camera pans once more to the painting, we see how Ryan’s memories of his mother – used to be cold and uncaring – are now revealed to be memories of her smiling lovingly at him.

I really love the way Deok Mi’s interpretations are consistently juxtaposed against Ryan’s more-pessimistic takes. This has been nicely done and built-up since day one, every time the couple talks about art. It isn’t just a means to the end of showing us that Ryan wasn’t abandoned; the appreciation of art is itself a journey. And I like how they also show that everyone looks at art differently, based one’s dispositions and experiences. Deok Mi has always believed that Lee Sol’s art shows love for Ryan and she’s right.


Shi An and Deok Mi sit side by side in the church to have a debrief sesh talk about the reunion. Shi An is truly an angel I swear, for bringing his mother and his brother together again. He asks shyly if Deok Mi is a fan of his and she replies in a fluster that of course she likes him. OH NOO, please don’t let this be the end of it? I would love for Shi An to find out the truth. But thematically, I can see it being rather poetic if Deok Mi continues to be Shi An’s biggest fangirl secretly. It’s her private life after all.

He talks about White Ocean’s upcoming album and Deok Mi interrupts him to point out excitedly his brother and his mother taking a walk. Imagine, just imagine, being the sister-in-law to your favourite idol. How cool…but also what an abrupt change of events 😂


The crew prepares for the upcoming exhibition, and Cindy complains that no one told her it would be this physically tiring. She’s really growing on me, this one. She notes that she no longer has her mom’s card to treat dinner, so Kyung Ah casually throws out, “Maybe Sung curator’s boyfriend can pick up the bill.” Deok Mi rises to the occasion, “I will cash in my coupons,” and tells the rest to change. Haha, what a queen!

Ryan suggests the previous makgeolli place they went and Deok Mi’s like hell no, you are darn heavy. Ryan blinks, before protesting, “I won’t get drunk again!” Cute. I miss cute couple.

Da In’s meeting gets abruptly cut off due to the entrance of Deok Mi so she finds Eun Gi for drinks. Eun Gi actually warms up to the idea and I like it that the vibe between the both of them is still that of 100% friends, instead of any flirtation. However, Eun Gi incidentally finds out that Ryan’s Korean name is Heo Yeon Jae, and he immediately rushes home (ditching Da In in the process). He tries to bring up the name with Deok Mi’s mother but quickly stops because it’s a difficult conversation.


Later, Deok Mi’s mother quietly looks through old photos of Deok Mi and a boy, and flips the photo to show Heo Yoon Jae  written on it.


The team goes for dinner and celebrates Deok Mi’s birthday as well, but Deok Mi stops Ryan from taking any drinks, “There’s something we have to do tonight.” Hyo Jin’s face melts in disgust hahahahahaha and I daresay if I was there, mine would have been too. She asks when Kyung Ah and Yoo Sub will start dating – Kyung Ah flat out rejects the idea, but a tipsy Yoo Sub places his hands on her hands. Cute!


Since it’s Deok Mi’s birthday the next day, she wants Ryan to draw her as a birthday gift. She cleverly sets up the easel in such a way that when she ties up her hair, her silhouette shows up nicely on the blank piece of paper with the lamp shining from the side.


It’s a quiet yet super charged and emotional scene, as Ryan hesitates with the pencil in his hand and…slowly, starts tracing the outline of her face.


Deok Mi waits patiently and tears when he’s done, “It looks pretty. Artist Ryan Gold.”


He turns to hug her and then brings her to her feet. Ugh, anyone else loving the visuals of Kim Jae Wook kneeling in front of Park Min Young?


I just feel like in that moment, she’s so powerful and he has let down all of his guard finally in front of her.


He stares into her eyes and murmurs, “I love you.”


Deok Mi replies, “I love you.”


And he takes out the paintbrush from her hair slowly (sexily) (this is the new undressing everyone)


before the couple leans in to kiss each other even harder.


With nice music in the background, the scene transitions into peaceful image of the couple deep asleep.


They don’t actually show us that the couple slept together but they probably did and there’s something very classy and quietly emotional about this whole sequence. While Deok Mi sleeps in Ryan’s arms, a childhood memory plays.

My name is Sung Deok Mi and I’m 7 years old. What’s your name? 


My name…is Heo Yoon Jae. 

Post-episode feelings

  • What super-paint brush is that, that held up all of Park Min Young’s mane?
  • Aha! Couple sleeping together after male lead lets down his entire guard happened after all.
  • Park Min Young’s English always wows me.
  • I’m slightly ashamed to say that a ten minutes scene took up more screenshots than its proportionate screentime. Heh heh heh.

I am not a fan of childhood tropes at all – I think I’ve written this in one of the published recaps (or one which is now rotting in my drafts), but I’m not impressed that the two knew each other since young. My take’s a bit different – I don’t think this was done to show that the two were fated to be together, rather I feel like this is more motivated to add drama to the plot. Technically, it could be anyone who dropped Yoon Jae at the orphanage that day, so it felt like the writer literally went “aha! why don’t we make it Deok Mi’s mother to add some parental guilt to this?” And this childhood story is born. But if you dig hard enough, there’s nothing much it can value-add to the show, which is already pretty dramatic on its own.

Nonetheless, let’s be glad that we are at Episode 15 next week. Else we would have been subject to at least an episode where the couple breaks up because Deok Mi’s mother was the one who caused Yoon Jae to be separated from his mother. And I’m not sure if I could deal with that.

On to the finale episodes this coming week!



  1. Scalene says

    I never cared much for the whole childhood/Ryan’s mother/Deokmi’s mother thing, so this wasn’t my favorite episode. I feel like having Deokmi’s mother be involved is just a plot device to have some conflict and tension in the final week, so they can end episode 15 on a cliffhanger or something.

    Next to our lead couple and their cuteness, my second favorite part was Hyojin! As it turns out, she’s awesome; she just needs to get rid of her stalker ways. Her “TMI!” response at the dinner was on point! Kyung Ah and Yoo Sub were cute too.

    The kiss itself at the end felt a little too pretty and run-of-the-mill in the way it was posed and shot. Maybe they’ll use the other shots that they showed in the behind the scenes video in episode 15. We’ll see. I’m sad that we only have two episodes left, but at the same I can’t wait to see them. I hope we get a lot of adorable couple scenes; they need to feed us full before they’re gone forever. 😥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for this horribly late reply; I took eons to finish the drama! Thankfully the show ended on a good note and I’m glad to say I don’t regret watching it at all. I do agree with you that the kiss was too pretty and I think that was what made me lost interest in the last 2 episodes for the longest time


  2. Totally agree on the childhood trope. Seriously, how many people actually have such encounters?

    Also, I find it a bit hard to believe that one could lose a child like that. Wouldn’t there be fingerprints, lost children reports, news, the police, possibly Lee Sol’s father, that could help track down the child? It’s not 1894, you know!


    • Yeah this part was not very well-tackled – but I guess there’s enough for us to overlook why the mum just dropped the kid off at the orphanage without making a report (cos she was too distraught) and I think the fact that he was quickly adopted and taken to the States meant that there was not much of a trace left.


  3. I kind of dropped off this drama already 😦 It started out cute and funny! Somehow along the way the characters just lost their character haha


  4. I loved the paintbrush thing. I agree that the childhood connection could have been anyone except that, if it had been anyone else, the truth probably never would have come out. (Plus I do kind of like the twist they reveal in episode 15.)

    Liked by 1 person

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