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Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 19 Review

Can’t believe that after this, we are just left with one episode of mermaid-goodness.

I apologise for my long disappearance from thoughtsramble!! I have been travelling the past month or so and then thereafter, my computer decided to stop functioning. But I never once forgot about the dramaland and was in fact, keeping up religiously with a few shows!

This week, we see an amazing turn of events in both Episode 18 and 19. After Nam Doo turned out to be the best Hyung ever, Chi Hyeon went bersek and fired at Jeon Jae. Shim Cheong ran in front of him and took the shot instead, but as miraculous mermaid-recovery abilities go, she didn’t die from the shot. Chi Hyeon ingested a shot of wolfsbane poison and died in the station, leaving his mum with his last words, “Mother…the fact that you are my mother is a curse to me.” Kang So Hee howled in pain as her son died in her arms.

Cheong finally woke up from the surgery and Jeon Jae expressed that if she died, he would have followed her too. Amidst the whole drama, Noona -aka Shi Ah- and Tae Ho kissed. Hahahaha what a cute romance. Also, Shi Ah’s dream showed that she was in fact, Dam Ryeong’s wife in the past, which is a really cool trivia because I didn’t see that coming at all!! It also kinda explains her dislike towards Cheong and perhaps set some context towards her stubborness and selfisheness.

Jeon Jae’s Ahjussi also woke up from his coma and called out “Dam Ryeong” when he saw Joon Jae. Joon Jae thanked him for waking up, both then and now. Awwwww I really like this friendship and the fact that he’s born earlier to protect Jeon Jae reinforces how friendship transcends age and circumstances.

Although it seems to be a happy ending, there is a sombre overtone, even as Ma Dae Young finally got captured. His hypnosis revealed that it was Park Moo (Nam Doo’s alias) who killed him and his concubine was fed with wolfsbane poison, thus fulfilling the fortune teller’s prophecy that the smell of flowers would permeate through her.

Cheong faced heart pain and Jeon Jae realised that she was upset, because she turned on the speakers to drown out her thoughts again. He couldn’t take it anymore and finally set a dinner, asking Cheong if she would feel better if she returned to the sea. At the end of the episode, he gave Cheong the choice to erase his memories, although he himself said that he would rather hold on to them so that he could find his way back to her again. Cheong carressed his face and the two kissed.

At this point, I have a few conjectures as to what may happen in the last episode. Remember the young girl who could hear Cheong’s thoughts? What if she was the child of a merman + human female or a mermaid + human male? I think we will get to finally understand this mystery next week.

I don’t know if Cheong would erase Jeon Jae’s memories but I hope she doesn’t. I think Episode 20 will start off with Jeon Jae living a normal life and the viewers will be kept in the dark as to whether he remembers or not. And I’m quite sure she will return – after all, all the villains have been rounded up, and the legend says that the mermaid and the man lived happily together. At that point when he sees her again, that will be when we know for sure.

I really enjoyed the last two episodes because I felt like the stakes were upped due to Jeon Jae’s father’s death. His death made it more serious, so that we can’t assume as usual that nah, no one would die. I also like the little bits of trivia here and there and how Nam Doo actually plays such an important role both in the past and now. Everything in this show is tied together in a destiny of fate and it’s fun to watch how it all unravels. Now that we have settled the drama of the family, it’s time to focus back on the relationship between the mermaid and the man.

What am I going to do when this ends?



  1. Faith says

    I have a question to ask.. remember the merman? (i forgot his name) He died because his love does not love him back right? But Joon Jae does love Cheong a lot so why is she dying still?


    • That’s a good question and I wondered the same myself too. At the moment, I’m just going to rest with the notion that it’s because of her accident, that’s why she’s especially weak and needs to recuperate in the sea. Maybe the last episode will make it clear for us!((: This is also why I believe she will return healthy and will be able to stay with Joon Jae for a much longer time in the future.


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