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Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 10 Review

Everything is speeding up towards a main conflict and I love that!

Just finished this because I’m travelling around so it makes catching up a little difficult, but I’m glad I did! Honestly, the plot and conflict is much more simplistic here I would say, as compared to something like Goblin for example. However, I do think the execution is important and for this drama, it has been carrying that off really well.

I liked the ending towards the end of Episode 10 where everything kind of culminates. We knew that Cha Si Ah being the sister-in-law was going to spell some danger for the conmen, but I didn’t expect that the tension would drive Shim Cheong into cornering Joon Jae on what his job was, and the eventual revelation that she’s a mermaid. That was one awesome turn there! I also love how they foreshadowed the fact that Joon Jae suddenly can hear Shim Cheong’s voice, because that aided in the “confrontation” between the two leads – silent, but deadly. And that part where Joon Jae ran out and suddenly everything just came back to him? Daebak! I’m glad the show didn’t disappoint me in that aspect.

I do appreciate the fact that the villain in the modern world is slightly more dangerous in the sense that he kills and he has a taste for murder. This ups the stakes slightly and draws focus away from the fact that despite the melodrama and huge-set up, this is a story that revolves around a very small number of parties. The modern story also involves Joon Jae’s mother as an interested party, so it will change things slightly as well.

I’m looking forward to more details next episode – why can Joon Jae hear Shim Cheong now? How about the mum? How is Dam Ryeong going to die? And most importantly, what is the relevance of it being a parallel universe rather than a pure past life/present life relationship?

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