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Seven First Kisses Episode 3 Review

No it’s not his turn yet, but I’M ALREADY DYING.

I think this is what everyone is going crazy over and I honestly don’t know if it is living up to other people’s hype, but for me, I’m pretty satisfied so far! I love it that each episode is only 10 minutes long with one AMAZING MAN in one episode, so that there’s equal air time but not over kill. It would have been nice if it was one hour long for sure, but I think that as the characterisation is pretty thin, 10 minutes is just fine. After all, this is obviously fan service and promotional material, not a drama with actual plot. Come on, I can’t get over the fact that they actually cast Ji Chang Wook as a Healer/K2 character. It’s like what I’ve said before – every fangirl’s dream! Can I pretty please meet a Healer in my life and yes specifically with Ji Chang Wook’s face? Or I wish one day I can walk out and just run into Lee Min Ho.

The number of close-ups, slow-mos and salivation is also pretty funny and mirrors what our faces are on other side of the screen I suppose.

If you haven’t watched the episodes, please do! They are really short and good for a quick slack-off. In Episode 2 we have Lee Joon Gi as an IT genius – rich and caring, and Soo Jin’s childhood friend. In Episode 3, we have Park Hae Jin in the role of a stoic boss who actually cares a lot for Soo Jin’s welfare.

Next episode, it’s Ji Chang Wook’s turn to dazzle!


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