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Goblin Episode 4 Review

A good watch!

Following last episode’s revelation that Eun Tak can actually see the sword, Shin goes into a panic mode because he thinks he’s going to die. Eun Tak gets a new suite, becomes sad because she doesn’t see Shin and in the mean time, Deok Hwa takes care of her. Grim Reaper continues to think of Sunny, but doesn’t go to see her. Eun Tak’s evil aunt and counsins land themselves in a police station with stolen gold bars but have no memories of Eun Tak’s name or their old address. This is their punishment! And is this the last time we will see of them?

I loved the interlude of Shin sending an old man off to his afterlife, instead of Yeo doing his usual job. This is because the old man was the boy Shin saved so many years ago (of which the scene we watched right at the start of Episode 1) and Shin was touched because this boy really changed his life by himself. While others who received the bread from Shin just stay in that moment of miracle and hope for more bread, this boy worked hard to become a lawyer and helped many others. At the end, the old man moves off to a beautiful afterlife. Nice story!

Anyway, Shin gets summoned by a very angry and bitter Eun Tak, brings her out and gets drunk on two cans of beer. He incidentally tells her that she has the ability to remove his sword and causes trouble because he makes flowers bloom when he’s happy. And who hears of flowers blooming in autumn? Ghosts play a prank on the girl bullying Eun Tak and later Goblin brings Eun Tak to Quebec for a treat. At the end, he watches her and feels his heart thumping between the skies and the ground. “This is my first love.”

I don’t particularly have a problem with the age gap between Eun Tak and Shin. After all, if you really want to be technical about it, isn’t he like 920 years older than her? What I do have a problem with however, is how Eun Tak is portrayed sometimes. Although she’s a chirpy, lively girl, I feel like sometimes the portrayal veers off into a childish, immature, whining girl – and then that becomes worrying because you wonder what Shin sees in her. The character of Eun Tak hasn’t really grown on me and I have a feeling it wouldn’t, unless the drama does something different with the characterisation. She’s always asking for things – for example, in this episode, she wants to know why she doesn’t have powers since she’s the Goblin’s Bride. She’s always unhappy and talking about how hard her life is. While it was certainly hard, I’m sure it could be done in a more relatable, less self-pitying manner. Maybe it’s only because we are only 4 episodes in, so this is supposed to be a set-up for future development. I really hope so! Otherwise, Eun Tak will ironically be my least favourite character out of the four.

Speaking of which, I am very eager to watch Grim and Sunny build their relationship. It is my guess that Grim is the reincarnation of the king and I loved how the hints are so tastefully done. From how Shin casually, sarcastically asked if he was a king before, to how Sunny prefers a king on a horse rather than a prince on a horse. I just wonder why his reincarnation’s character is so different from the ancient self, but I aint complaining!

Also, every time the couple veers into Quebec City, I just feel so excited because I can recognise every single street they have been to. But I also feel so agitated because the fall colours make me think that they must have filmed this just a few months ago (when I was there). Why did I not run into them?? *Every fangirl’s dream* Are there any Canadians watching this right now? How do you feel hahaha?

In the next episode, Eun Tak will be/will attempt to draw the sword out from Shin. Can’t wait to see what happens!



  1. Gegem says

    Nice review dear!
    I always search for the recap after watch goblin newest episode. Cause I really want to know if there is someone who feel the same as I do.
    I really entertained by this drama, unique and quirky story, but I couldn’t agree more about Eun Tak character! I do feel she is slightly annoying for my taste tough…defenetely not my favourite character out of all. I liked Kim Go Eun in Cheese in the trap tough, but I really can’t stand he character here…
    I like the convo between Grim Reaper, Dok Hwa, and Goblin in the restaurant, that was hilarious, I always looking forward every scene with three of them on the same frame..kekeke maybe that’s just me…
    By the way keep recapping dear!!


    • Thank you Gegem! This is why I started writing recaps and reviews in the first place; I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts! I agree with you – that conversation is golden and extremely hilarious. I haven’t watched Cheese in the Trap, although I know she’s well-liked there. The characterisation really needs to buck-up or else she’s a gone case for me! Thank you and please keep popping by!


  2. MINH SMITH says

    thanks for the great review of this amazing drama. I’m sure Eun Tak will mature over time, and Goblin will be eternally in pain because he would be so in love and their love will be a sorrowful love where she has to end his life, he knows this will cause her pain and he would feel the guilt of mking her feel guilty to be the one responsible for removing the swordes, thats her special ability, along with seeing ghost, reapers, and able to summon the goblin who by the way loves being summoned but acts as if its such an inconveinence,


    • Thank you for your lovely comment!! Hehe yeah he’s the cutest, acting like he doesn’t want to be summoned but always preparing for such a scenario. I think there will probably be a twist coming – since in Episode 5 we already see Eun Tak attempting to pull the sword out of the Goblin. Can’t wait to see what it is!


  3. I find the Eun Tak character to be really annoying too. It also irks me that she behaves like a young primary school child but is supposed to be 19. Most 19 year olds are mature, in university/work and moved out from home in my culture, so I cant understand her behaviour. It was particularly creepy when she was jumping around in her school uniform and the goblin realised he loved her. Why would a grown man be attracted to those kinds of characteristics? This is not romantic its creepy. It kind of makes the goblins character a sick pervert.

    Its almost like the writer wanted to do a lolita themed show but had to label her as 19 to prevent backlash, because from my observations of the Eun Tak character, her personality, facial expressions and her prancing around in her school uniform all tell me this 19 year old actually has the mentality of a young child. Because of this it looks like the show is pandering to the fantasies of middle aged men who wish they could be with highschool aged girls. Overall its not the age gap that bothers me its the overtly child like behaviour and stage of life the girl is in; why couldnt she be in university when the couple meet? I cant think of any other reason than that the writer/creators condone relationships between highschool girls and older men.

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    • So sorry for the late reply! I agree entirely with what you say, but would just like to point out that in the Asian context, generally 19 year olds would still be staying with their parents and are deemed too young to move out! I’m also not particular about the age gap per se, which is why even if she is in university I wouldn’t have liked her because it’s her behaviour that annoys me sometimes. That being said, with the hindsight of 14 episodes in, I do say that she has wisened up after 6 episodes and I’m so glad she did. Let me know what you think!


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