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Goblin Episode 3 Review

Loving it!

Honestly I was a little bored at the start of Episode 1 – it wasn’t the drama’s fault but mine. I love the trips back into the Joseon Era to know more about the Goblin and I know it’s necessary but my interest just lies more in the modern days.

In this episode, we see a budding friendship between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper. Like what Grandpa says – one cannot remember his past life, and one cannot forget. Both depend on each other and yes I love this friendship. The comic relief is just hilarious! The Goblin gets ready to leave but lingers because of his feelings for Eun Tak. Oh yes, by the way, both the Goblin and Grim Reaper came to save the girl and the Goblin actually cut the car in half. HAHA.

The coolest part of this episode however, is the old lady’s reappearance. It was pretty obvious that the hot lady was her reincarnation and they look the same – was it the same actress? Does anyone know? Anyway, she managed to get the Grim Reaper interested in a ring, which Sunny was interested in too. The old lady eerily laughed to herself, “Who’s paying for it? It doesn’t matter, because both of you will be paying a heavy price for it.”

And spoiler of the day: Turns out Eun Tak CAN see the sword. Why, when, how, what – we will find out next episode.

Which leads me to wonder – is the Grim Reaper a reincarnation of someone involved in Kim Shin’s death? Was he the king? The King was 17 when Shin died, so it would make some sense that Shin doesn’t recognise an older version of him. I’m almost quite sure that the ring was the one Shin’s wife was wearing before she was killed. Also, Sunny’s real name is Kim Sun…is there a relation to Shin? I really liked Yoo An In since Queen In Hyun’s Man and I hope she will get a big role in this drama! I find it rather sad that she doesn’t have a good lead role in the recent years (other than maybe My Secret Hotel but that wasn’t great).

I can’t wait to find out! As for the drama so far, I think the cinematography’s great, acting’s good and the plot is luring me in. However, I think the “budding” romance between the two leads is quite solid and I don’t really want to watch any more pining! This whole – just go, no actually I miss you, don’t go thing – is going to get old pretty quickly.




  1. Anonymous says

    The girl who died at the beginning (played by Kim So Hyun) was not Shin’s wife, but Shin’s sister. She was also the queen because Shin called her “your highness”. That pretty much gives it away, Yoo In Na is the reincarnation of the queen, and the Grim Reaper is the king. He was the one that killed Shin and the many soldiers who fought for his country, thus he has committed great sin and became a Grim Reaper.


    • Oh I always thought it was his wife, thank you for the correction! Yeah that was exactly what I thought, but I cannot figure out why there would be a connection between the king and the queen in the present life, especially since the sister died for Shin (so it would make more sense if the queen hated the king). Also, not that I’m complaining, but the reincarnation of the queen was so unlike the queen in episode 1 that it’s funny hahaha. But yes, loving the idea that the Grim Reaper is the King. I think the hints are done very well – not super obvious but there.


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