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The Legend of the Blue Seas Episode 8 Review

My eyes are incredibly happy.

Okay that might be a weird thing to say, but truly, there’s so many close-ups on the leads that I don’t know if they are trying to force to realise just how good looking they are. Jokes aside, I’ve been really enjoying this drama. I wouldn’t say obsessed, because the first two episodes were a bit rough for me, what with Jeon Ji Hyun’s very strange spastic movements and kicks.

I’m glad they tried to tone it down in the later episodes and honestly till now I have no idea whether (1) she’s a bad actress at this kind of spastic, over the top movements (2) Shim Cheong is supposed to be really bad at it, like acting it or (3) Shim Cheong is just crazy like that.

Lee Min Ho has been a super fun watch and I aint complaining about all those close-ups on his face. Like what I’ve told a friend, my eyes are incredibly pleased hahaha. I think I will still miss his character from City Hunter all those years ago, but I definitely don’t want to revisit the drama blues and crazy emotional ride it gave me. This drama is great in the sense that there is some melodrama going on in the back, while we also get to see super funny scenes like how the two mermaids worked so hard to cry into a black plastic bag. Oh yes, talking about mermaids, loved the cameo from Jo Jung Suk!

What I do still have a grievance about though, is the love story. I get it that they love each other to death (literally) in their past lives and possibly in the present. What I really want to see is more back story – what do they like about each other? Is it just some inexplicable attraction? I guess I can always accept that they are “meant for each other” but especially for the personas in present life, I want to see more how Shim Cheong is like when she’s not crazy or in tears.

I’m also not exactly sure where this connectivity between Dam Ryeong and Jeon Jae is going but I find interesting and I will go with the flow on that! Maybe Dam Ryeong will avert his own death? Who knows?

Oh I do have a question though and would appreciate it if anyone can help me out on that – is Shim Cheong a new mermaid reincarnated from Se Hwa? Or is she the same mermaid? Because for some reason, I’ve always assumed that they were the same mermaid, but after I realise that there’s actually a young version of her, it means that they aren’t actually immortals…right? So I guess it’s a new mermaid?



  1. Anonymous says

    I have the same question as yours. I expected that the 1st 10 episodes where all hidden and prepare for to answer the next 20!! be patient!


  2. Anonymous says

    I think Shim Chung is different from Se Hwa. Shim Chung’s tail is silver unlike Se Hwa which is a golden one 😉


    • Very good observation! I wish they properly address this though. Or maybe I was the only who didn’t realise it (I just felt like there wasn’t a big enough difference between Shim Cheong and Se Hwa to differentiate between two personas)


      • ez_buzz says

        to me there’s’ a huge difference between the two mermaids. Se Hwa is not dumb whereas Cheong is.
        The different colors in their tails were explained by the production team as identifying the mermaids – ie. they are not the same (that’s how I interpret what they said.

        With regards to the spastic movements, I personally think that Cheong did a great job considering the fact that she’s a mermaid and trying to learn human ways from the laptop.

        LMH is good in the role of JJH but I always find him a bit exaggerating in the role. And I am still puzzled why his personality (JJH) is changed eversince he returned from Spain. It’s like another character altogether. Also, he seemed to switch from one personality to another between episodes. Whilst many people say it is to show his complex character and there are many layers to it, but I think that the switch to a completely different personality doesn’t make him seem normal either.


      • I felt like Se Hwa wasn’t speaking enough for me to see her character and for someone who didn’t read on what the producers said/background history, I felt like the difference wasn’t obvious enough in the sense that it wasn’t spelt out like how Dam Ryeong/Joon Jae’s one was. Nonetheless, you are definitely right! Just watched Episode 9 and 10 and the difference is stark. Oh I had a problem with how it was portrayed in the first two episodes, and more to do with the exaggerated kicks. Yeah it kind of reminds me of W, where the male lead changed after losing his memory as well.


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