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It's so easy to slip off from writing in thoughtsramble after not having done so for months (apologiess). I'm enjoying the rare breather before launching into another crazy madness in another month also…and I've not done much dramalandie stuff in this time — I did watch a few Barbie movies here and there to sate the urge for childish, innocent entertainment and kept up with Orange Marmalade, a wonderful webtoon/manga of sorts that I encourage all of you to check out:D Even the Barbie movies for that matter — I absolutely love them hehe. No one else does?

With dramas, it's sort of an inertia matter. It's so hard to get started on one, once you have almost completely (never entirely completely:P) got out of dramaland for a month. But I'm gonna get started again for dramas are lovely^^ Just waiting to discover that one drama that will hook me on entirely!

Will be back soon hopefully with more news! Take care everybardy


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