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uhm no. Hahaha sorry that was me going high~ I've been so out of the dramaland I'm completely lost on where I should get back in! There's School 2013 to finish, but other than that, zero plans.

Anyone can clue me in please?



    • REALLY?:D I wanted to watch it because Kim Bum ^^ is acting in it, but I figured that him being second lead means that I will be sad for him most of the time:P Is it really that good!:D


      • Kim Bum is not the second lead. There isn’t really a second lead in the series at all. Kim Bum is a supporting character, main lead’s huyng and he is really adorable and cute throughout.


      • Ohh I see! Yay okay I will check that out soon!! I read a bit of your livejournal though and I spotted your disappointment with the finaleXD Didn’t want to read the details because I didn’t want to spoil myself hehe.


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  2. Anonymous says

    It depends on what kind of dramas you’re in the mood for…

    I have been in a dramas slump for a while myself, so I don’t have a lot of suggestions. But still, here is my take :

    I personally didn’t like Flower Boy Next Door, but I can admit that it can be a cute and fun watch if you’re looking for a light drama- and it has a good start with plenty of laughs.

    Right now, I’m addicted to Incarnation of Money. If you can patiently go through the first six episodes, then you will find an hilarious (the sense of humor of this scenarist might not work on everyone though, as far as I’m concerned, I love it), well-written and addictive drama. I really don’t regret persevering and keeping faith in the Giant and History of a Salaryman team! 🙂

    And I don’t watch That Winter because I’m not that into melo (and Nice Guy was more than enough), but my co-blogger loves it so far. So if you’re in the mood for tortured love story…

    And welcome back in kdramalandia!

    – And I’m not an Anon, I’m Kaa (from In Between Dreams)! 🙂


    • HIII KAA! Your English is really good! Did you really have to learn it or you speak it regularly?:D

      Yeah I’ve started a bit on Flower Boy Next Door but it doesn’t pull me in in a I’MOBSESSEDWITHTHIS manner…but I’m going to keep on at it till I find a better drama!

      Ohhh okay thanks for all the recommendations, I will check them out! I can’t wait for a few upcoming dramas too — Jang Ok Jung and Gu Family Book. I’m not sure if I would want to check out Cruel Place War of Flowers..seems like there’s another bout of a period drama fever:O


      • Anonymous says

        Heyyy ~

        Well, thank you for your compliment! I definitely don’t speak english regularly (too shy) but I did have to learn it at school. But nowadays, english is an essential – if not inevitable – tool when you’re a graduate student, no matter what your studies are about. I don’t really have to speak fluently (for now), but I have to read english (very) well. As for writing, you learn by reading 😉 As crazy as it may sound, watching dramas with english subs and reading blogs in english really improved my understanding and writing.
        However, it took me quite a long time to be able to post a comment in english, because I was so afraid of looking ridiculous and making mistakes everywhere. Now, it’s better (but I check, recheck, and re-recheck my message before posting it haha), the most difficult thing was to post the first time 🙂

        Sorry to digress…back to dramas! 😛

        Cruel Palace looks awesome actually but 50 episodes is quite a commitment (and I’m already watching Jejungwon – which is absolutely wonderful – at this moment).
        As I’m not really into Suzy or Lee Seung Ki, so I’m slightly more interested in Jang Ok Jung and Mandate of Heaven.
        I really hope the quality gets better soon because 2013 didn’t begin very interestingly in my opinion…


      • Ohhhh I see hahaha it’s really good, your English! It sounds natural(: For French, we always felt like the way the teachers taught us made us sound too formal but we didn’t know how to do it otherwise.

        Hahaha you didn’t like 2013?:P Ohhh I’m quite interested in Suzy+Lee Seung Ki pair, I guess young actors always spark off an interest quite easily^^


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