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Some rambling thoughts

Anyway, as you guys would have known, I've finished Healer just yesterday and am dying from drama blues. I was just thinking about my little nice cozy thoughtsramble where I meet great readers (shoutout to @usisblog for recommending Healer) and have long conversations with some of them. Sometimes, I stumble upon my old comments and I suddenly remember the constant presence of a certain reader at that certain period of time. If you guys are still reading, know that you will always have a special place in my heart, even though all I know is your username/letter of your name.

I have no idea why, but I suddenly felt like writing a really long and heartfelt post, which I've not done in ages. For the past few days, I'm in this reminiscing mood and I cannot convey to you guys how much this website means to me. I'm always careful not to reveal too much of my personal information, which is why I don't have a self-introduction of my name and where I come from. I started this when I was really young, inspired by Dramabeans and a few other recapping sites. I wanted to share my thoughts about the dramas I was watching (and trust me, I've been watching dramas since I was 5 or something – my mother has a very unique idea of what childhood means HAHA) and I've always loved writing. This place is like a hideout, it's like my baby (forgive me for a lack of a better word) which I've watched over for the past 5 to 6 years. I never want to let it go, but I do wonder sometimes if there will come a point in the future where I will make the painful decision.

You guys might not know this, but only my two best friends know about me having this dramasite. As I've mentioned, I started this when I was young and it felt exciting to have a little secret for myself. I was a little famous online (just a teeny weeny 0.1% bit I know) and it was recognition for the work I've done. Most importantly, I always look forward to comments. Of course, if you are a long-time reader (and to be honest, I don't think there's many of you but I love you guys all the same), you would have remembered the struggle which I've faced — to stop recapping or to give up on bits of my life in reality. I had to strike a balance between the two, and in the end, I stopped recapping so frequently.

Sometimes when I think about what I want to do in life, I really wish I could devote all my time to thoughtsramble and make some living out of it. Unfortunately, the very basis of starting this on Livejournal makes that hard, because it's almost impossible to monetise your Livejournal (or impossible). I'm too sentimental to move this to any other platforms such as Blogspot since I'm scared my readers won't follow over. Also, I suck at formatting and still like the given templates on Livejournal more. So there, I've been stuck in that dilemma for ages. Still, it is my dream, and what a wonderful dream it is, if I can nurture this into something even bigger and fulfil its potential. Right now, it is not something which I can legitimately tell others (for example, it's not something you can say in the interviews when they ask you what's your hobby or how have you pursued your dream) and I think that's my regret.

Apologies for the long post which revealed a few things about me, but I think that's also why thoughtsramble is special to me, because I can always leave my thoughts here. I hope it didn't come across as being 'emo'. In the words of the young ones, TL;DR (too long, don't read) I love you guys and thoughtsramble very much, muacks muacks for everybardy!



  1. Stumbled onto your blog whilst looking for recaps on “falling for innocence”:)) Like your style of rambling so please dont stop! FIGHTING!


    • Hello!!

      I’m really happy that you like my recaps. After I posted this entry, I suddenly became super productive. I started looking into WordPress, and researching on how to move my entries from Livejournal to here (this entry you are seeing here was originally posted on my Livejournal website). I’m glad I made the move!

      Thank you for your comment, it makes my day!:D


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