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The last post:(

I thought this scene was hilarious *chuckle to myself*

Young Shin defended herself against one of the bad guys, which turned out to be Jung Hoo. He was all like hey watch where you hit.


He proceeded to take down all the bad guys, while introducing himself to Young Shin's dad, "I'm Seo Jung Hoo" sorry for not telling you my name earlier etc.


Dad and Uncle gaped at his fighting skills.


Adorably, Jung Hoo will warn Young Shin everytime he's about to kick someone in the ass –  "Are you watching?" "I'm closing my eyes" "Okay"


And bam, the bad guy goes down.


Gape gape gape HAHA.


Failing to summarise the story in an understandable manner, Young Shin stepped in to provide an elaboration, and all this guy can do is to nod and echo the last word of every sentence HAHAHA. Why are you so adorable??


When the whole thing is over, he hugged Young Shin and said out loud that it would only be for five seconds. Uncle stopped Dad from rushing over, but counted down anyway.


Okay 5 seconds up. Jung Hoo walked out of the cafe, only to stride in again like the previous time and tilt Young Shin's face up towards his own —


Before realising oh oops Dad manners, so he pretended like he came back just to tell Young Shin to take care of herself and have her meals on time.

ADORABLE. I can't seem to find another word for him right here, but I watched this scene say 4 times.

And I think the scene where Moon Ho had to cover Jung Hoo's eyes and continue to wail is hilarious.


Bye Healer:( I will miss you.


I think I'm inevitably drawn even more towards the drama if the couple has great chemistry, and I feel so much chemistry here. I have never watched Ji Chang Wook in his other dramas (other than snippets from Smile, Dong Hae but he seemed really fresh then) so I wouldn't know if he's a chemistry bomb like Lee Jung Suk, but it doesn't matter – he does enjoy chemistry with Park Min Young. Plotwise, I love it that it's like a City Hunter, but added with rom com – so much more jokes and fun moods. If you notice, in every 'emo-ish' episode, the writers will be sure to include some sort of comic relief, and I think they do it really well.

I was just thinking – if it's possible for Taiwan/HongKong/China dramas to produce sequels to stories, or to produce different story plots with the same cast,why can't Korean dramas do it for once? Maybe they have done it before, and it simply wasn't my luck that it happened to my favourite dramas (okay Youtube videos of Playful Kiss maybe?) but I really wish they would do it here — even if it's a completely different story but with the same cast, I promise I would give my fullest support.

Drama blues aint going away.



  1. Healer had too bad ratings for a sequel. I don’t understand Korean watchers. Some jewel like Healer even doesn’t get two digit rates but crap like Princess Aurora got house high ones. I think even the worst fanfic I read had a better storyline.

    Did you ever watched Bride of the Century? Lee Hong Ki still need a lot of practise but all other actors were good. Cliche storyline but adorable nonetheless and the bratty ghost was nice.


    • Hmm but Playful Kiss had really bad ratings as well and they did Youtube episodes! Oh wow what is Princess Aurora, I’ve not even heard of it. But I guess Healer is recognised online, so thank goodness for streaming and all that, I think lots of good dramas get recognised that way. I always try to rationalise bad ratings with the fact that probably the Ahjummas of Korea are the ones holding onto the remote control.

      I’ve heard of it! Didn’t get started on it though.


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