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Some rambling thoughts

Anyway, as you guys would have known, I've finished Healer just yesterday and am dying from drama blues. I was just thinking about my little nice cozy thoughtsramble where I meet great readers (shoutout to @usisblog for recommending Healer) and have long conversations with some of them. Sometimes, I stumble upon my old comments and I suddenly remember the constant presence of a certain reader at that certain period of time. If you guys are still reading, know that you will always have a special place in my heart, even though all I know is your username/letter of your name. I have no idea why, but I suddenly felt like writing a really long and heartfelt post, which I've not done in ages. For the past few days, I'm in this reminiscing mood and I cannot convey to you guys how much this website means to me. I'm always careful not to reveal too much of my personal information, which is why I don't have a self-introduction of my name and where I come from. …

The last post:(

I thought this scene was hilarious *chuckle to myself* Young Shin defended herself against one of the bad guys, which turned out to be Jung Hoo. He was all like hey watch where you hit. He proceeded to take down all the bad guys, while introducing himself to Young Shin's dad, "I'm Seo Jung Hoo" sorry for not telling you my name earlier etc. Dad and Uncle gaped at his fighting skills. Adorably, Jung Hoo will warn Young Shin everytime he's about to kick someone in the ass –  "Are you watching?" "I'm closing my eyes" "Okay" And bam, the bad guy goes down. Gape gape gape HAHA. Failing to summarise the story in an understandable manner, Young Shin stepped in to provide an elaboration, and all this guy can do is to nod and echo the last word of every sentence HAHAHA. Why are you so adorable?? When the whole thing is over, he hugged Young Shin and said out loud that it would only be for five seconds. Uncle stopped Dad from rushing …


I finished the drama. It. Was. Awesome??? Needless to say I love every single bit of it – the idea is a bit similar to City Hunter, but I love this even more because of the added rom-com (just the scene of Jung Ho introducing himself to Young Sin's father took like 10 screenshots). Just stab me now I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Okay kidding. But those of you who know how drama blues feel like, IM GOING THROUGH IT RIGHT NOW (albeit belatedly, after everyone else has already finished the drama). I will be posting one last post on this tomorrow, after I've edited the screenshots. Drama blues are painful. I miss Seo Jung Ho's smiley eyes already. <3thoughtsramble


Eternal Love in Healer's OST is sung by Michael Learns to Rock. I am MIND. BLOWN. I have no idea why but it's just so surprising hahaha. I'm not a devoted fan of theirs, which is why I didn't recognise their voices at all. But it's just cool to hear a famous English band's song in a Korean drama(: <3thoughtsramble


This is not good – I sense myself getting addicted to Healer, and always wanting to load the next episode. It's awful, considering the fact that I have deadlines to meet just in a few days and I'm not anywhere near done. Healer, why do you do this to me! <3thoughtsramble

Update update!

A reader recently recommended Healer and I think I'm hooked after 4 episodes!:DDD I love Park Min Young ever since she acted in City Hunter. While I haven't watched the guy before, his good looks and the drama plot are enough to draw me in hehe. I wish that my internet connection stops screwing up – it took me a week to get through 4 episodes, which is really, really slow for me. Also, I read theories that the reveal on who A is will be coming in Season 6 Episode 12!! Is anyone excited?? I have been waiting for this for YEARS. HAHA. <3thoughtsramble