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I'm in a cloudy, dreamy mood right now and it makes me really happy. Updates as usual — Have jumped onto the Equator Man's ship last week, and wow, you guys are really awesome. I know that it's because I was fast in recapping and Dramabeans hasn't posted its recaps on it, hence the large flow of traffic, which means that I foresee a drop of numbers next week, because I don't think I can be here from Friday till Monday….but it still makes me happy to see comments, and no matter what the stats are, I write because I love it!(:

Next, I thinkkkk I will totally loveee it to be on the King2Hearts ship as well. Finally watched the existing episodes (but cheated with some recaps from Dramabeans), and they are amazing….like taking a ride on the rollar coaster. You never know when some mindless prank is going to turn into a gun war, or if a serious test is going to end up in cute bickering, before some gunshotthatjustcausesyourhearttojumptoyourmouth. But climbing onto both ships at the same time spells four recaps a week, and we all know that's quite impossible. Besides, there's a couple of Taiwan Dramas that I'm going to check out, so when all the checking out is done (hah, I feel like I'm choosing a boyfriend) I will tell you guys what my decision is(:



  1. I just jumped into the king2hearts ship and i’m really loving it. Been following rooftop prince and just can wait to be flooded with both dramas with 2 episodes on the same day. I dont think i’ll have time to start with the equator man, but will definitely watch it when my exams are over. Plus with the new seasons of japanese dramas atarting, i think im gonna have a hard time catching up.


    • I love it too!(: Not sure if I can recap it though, but I will definitely enjoy watching it. Haha so far the Wednesday- Thursday dramas are really good! Oh wow, what japanese dramas are you going to check out?(:


      • Yes! Since I’m an Arashi fan, i’ll definitely be checking out Ohno’s Kagi no Kakatta Heya and Aiba’s Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri. Although i think i’ll be leaning towards Ohno’s drama because of the ‘better’ cast 🙂 seems to be alot of detective/mystery dramas this time round so i’ll just be checking out the first episodes i guess.


      • yep, i understand, real life can really take over as much as we don’t want it to. For me, i’m catching this season’s ATARU and Kagi no Kakatta Heya, both on mystery, and I’m still keeping up with The King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince, hopefully the ending of TK2H won’t disappoint (been lurking around for spoilers, and they’re quite satisfying :D)


      • Wahhh are the jdramas on mystery good? They are usually so fascinating0.0 Haha I’m trying hard to follow with King2Hearts and so far, it seems really good!


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