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Yumi’s Cells Episode 1 to 6 Review, Thoughtsramble updates

Back here with a review on Yumi’s Cells!

Sorry, I’ve been gone for a while there haven’t I. I hope you guys are doing well and being safe & healthy! This pandemic has turned my time into a long, meandering period with no clear milestones and without knowing it, one and a half years have gone by. I’ve also grown two strands of white hair in this time haha!

With too many priorities in life, thoughtsramble had to take a backseat once again but I told myself not to be too fussed about it. Am thinking of just dropping in to talk about my thoughts of dramas from time to time, after all something is better than nothing! (That’s what I tell myself).

I’ve been quite pleased with Yumi’s Cells – for those who haven’t caught on the hype yet, it’s about Yumi, an average office lady and her cells (lol). Yes literally, we get to see how Yumi’s cells react and guide Yumi in her daily life. Think Inside Out, but with many many more cells with their own personalities and quirks. The ‘standard’ ones are Reason / Logic, Emotion, Love, but we also have Lust cell (that’s one hilarious horny cell), Dignity, Sullen, Intuition, Detective cells etc etc. That’s exactly what I loved about this show – each cell is so cute and I always look forward to the entrance of a new cell whom we will never expect to meet. They also explain our reactions in a very realistic and relatable manner. Why do we feel like we just can’t react sometimes? That’s because the lever to our emotions broke. Why do we feel overwhelmed with doubt sometimes? Because someone has planted flowers of doubt in us and they just keep growing and spreading pollens of doubt. The imagery is on point and the way Yumi reacts to what her cells are going through helps us relate even more.

Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun have also been doing a good job in their respective roles. The chemistry is quite on fire and though I admit that I’ve never quite seen Ahn Bo Hyun as leading man material, he has been pretty charismatic here as a nerdy, straightforward, honest man.

*Spoiler section* – do not go pass this point if you don’t want to get spoiled about what happens past EP6! (Though I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t been spoiled about this yet)

What is sad and also interesting though is that Woong is unlikely at this point to be the ultimate guy for Yumi. In the webtoon, Yumi eventually dates 2 more guys after Woong and ends up with the 3rd guy (or so I read). As K-dramas go, this is pretty unusual since we are typically given a male lead / second male lead as an alternative choice to fall in love with, which builds into this whole idea of a one true pairing. But we all know that reality is usually / unlikely to follow the same path and most people have dated a few before settling down. It’s thus realistic if Yumi does end up breaking up with Woong and the next guy (who is acted by Jinyoung??:D).

*end spoiler*

What I’ve enjoyed about the show thus far is how easy it is to watch and what a happy watch it is. Though I can’t vouch that it will continue to be a happy watch, the cells, and how the characters react to their cells, have been the highlight of the drama. I had initially thought that the animation was too much for me (like, am I five years old watching a cartoon?) but boy, I am so wrong about on this. Also might have to mention that I do watch cartoons sometimes, just didn’t think I would like that element in a Kdrama.

Let me know what your thoughts on this drama!


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