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A proper update, and a time for me to breathe. I haven't been properly updating since my last post which was on Pretty Little Liars' Finale Recap, and today, I've finally uploaded my Strawberry Night review, henceforth marking the end of my four-dramas'-recaps period. It has been the greatest number of dramas that I've chosen to take up, and while I've made decisions to drop an episode here or there, I'm glad that I've survived with each drama till the very end.

In case you haven't realised, yes, it has really been hectic. This is the first time I didn't update for more than a week, since I've started writing seriously on thoughtsramble. I had on average five hours of sleep which is kind of sucky, because I still have school. It was tiring and fun, but I'm ever so happy for a timely break. 

I'm not very sure about my upcoming recap projects yet. There simply wasn't any time to watch anything, but I figured that Rooftop Prince seems like a good choice. The first two episodes were quite hilarious, but I haven't watched the latest ones yet. Still waiting for Love Rain (or is it out already? Yikes I AM indeed very lost in the dramaland) and a couple of kdramas and twdramas. If you are watching any that you are loving, please do leave a comment!(:

Lastly, I will just like to say a huge thank you to readers who keep coming back to check if I have updated thoughtsramble. I thought that numbers will drop greatly after Moon That Embraces The Sun, and lack of updates, but you guys are so surprising *touched*. Hehe. 

I really can't wait for the next recapping project! For obvious reasons, I'm only going to take up one this time round, so I will choose a favourite one after I check out all the shows that are showing now. 


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