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Strawberry Night Episode 11 Finale Review

Yes, I'm sorry:/ I didn't want to drag this out for too long, and I practically have no time to sleep, much less for dramas and recaps…so I've decided to do a review/episode summary instead! No screencaps, just plain words. 

(And by summary, I mean summary)

Kusaka believed in Reiko's deduction and got evidence from both Makiyo's wife and the doctor who had operated on him before, that the torso was Makiyo's and not Naito's. Series of flashbacks put the development of Naito's involvement at the same pace as the deduction that Reiko was going, and she managed to infer correctly that Naito did what he did because of his strong paternal love, for both his real son and Mishima. A flashback showed that Naito didn't push Mishima's father down, like what was suspected, but rather, Mishima's father did it willingly. Reiko broke through Nagakawa's wall by opening up about her own experience — it's the first time we hear her say it out loud, that she had been stabbed, then raped. She had died inside, but someone had taught her to fight on. Nagakawa broke down and we see how Makiyo pushed Nagakwa emotionally to a point where she had decided that if taking her clothes off meant she could go to school, she would do it. 

Mishima saw Makiyo harassing Nagakawa one day and bashed him up, causing Makiyo to seek Naito out in anger, and threatening that he would pull out the tubes on Naito's son, and make Mishima's life miserable. Naito killed Makiyo and sawed off his hand so that he could fake that he himself had died. This was both shown as flashbacks and as a confession done by Mishima. Mishima was worried about Naito's life, and Reiko suddenly realised that she had seen Naito before — in that very tent that she had walked into a day after the hand was found. Of course, by the time they reached the tent, Naito was long dead and Mishima wailed his heart out, while Reiko had a face of self-reproach. 

Cute scenes like Reiko hugging her mother and then acting like nothing had happened followed. Kikuta asked her out on a date, and she raised her arm in a punch…which was stopped by a triumphant Kikuta who declared, "I have been working with you for so many years, how could I not know your next move?" AWW, go go go Kikuta. The show ended on Reiko looking at Kikuta asking for a reservation at a Japanese restaurant. 

-the end-

First of all, I have to say a huge GOMENASAI. I'm so sorry that I couldn't end this series on a better note, with good screenshots and a full length recap. Good streaming for this show is hard to find (since I'm not a fan of downloads…which makes life a lot harder actually) and I've decided that a review/episode summary is better than nothing. 

This was quite an interesting episode; I like the idea of having the flashbacks moving in parallels with the present plot so that they finally converge at the ending. It's a tragic ending and a wistful one, which I appreciate, because it adds flavour to the plot and yet cuts any draggy development (meaning saving time on having to track Naito down). I must admit, this drama wasn't addictive to me. It's not really because of its relatively dark contents, but rather, as I've explained before, story developments like this naturally don't appeal to me. On the other hand, I must say that it is a good show, which balances out depressing elements with occasional comic relief, which I like. 

Acting wise, I feel that the actress for Reiko could have expressed her inner struggle better. I'm referring to the parts where she had a clue at the back of  her mind and was struggling to put her finger on what was wrong, and also, the parts where she deduced the workings of a murder. I don't know…I feel that more oomph could be put into the inner conflict, while a deeper role-playing will be better. Her trademark is her great imagination. While it earns the disrespect of her boss, it gives her a lot of advantage when it comes to intuitive investigation, and she could have shown the different roles that she was playing a little better. It's good, but I feel that she could have done it better, just to bring out that particular Reiko-trait. 

Kikuta — Reiko is a win for me. They are an absolutely lovable couple. Apparently a movie for this has been confirmed? Then we will see more development then I suppose! 

Once again, I'm sorry for ending this journey on such a note, but it has been great fun(: See you guys around!



  1. Anonymous says

    I totally agree that takeuchi Yuko could of portrayed her role a little better, maybe it’s just me but her role always made me frustrated with her. The fact that she treats her parents like that and is rude to her superiors, gahhh I didn’t like her role! But the story was very good! This final episode made me cry when they found naito dead. What a tragic ending 😦
    This series is so good!!
    Thanks for the review! 🙂


    • Hey there!(:

      Yeah it did make me feel so sad! The irony that she walked in but she didn’t think that was Naito, it’s sad. I felt like her role has more sides to it, but she hasn’t quite managed to show it to the viewers so that’s quite a pity:/

      You’re welcome!(:


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