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Dream High 2 Part 2

I really liked Yoo Jin from the start and I didn't like JB at all. However, my heart has warmed greatly towards him and I shall explain why in another entry. So here's some screenshots of him:

When the principal turned around and said "I like you"


Hurhur I was truly amused at his expression.

This couple is quite cute actually!!


Love their performance here. Then adorable JB appeared when he tried to cheer Hae Sung up.


And when he just suddenly turned up with black hair, that was strange.


I really enjoy watching this series but I can understand why the ratings were bad. I think it's of no fault of the cast because they all acted pretty well. JB's crying scenes probably need some brushing up but hey it's his first time. Besides, I never expect much from a idol cast, regardless of what show it is. I think the fault pretty much lies in the scriptwriting. There's so many loopholes and changes in dynamics I can't keep up with the counting anymore, so I'm just gonna go with the flow (which is why I'm enjoying the show). Thus far, I am perplexed with a few things: How did JB come to like Hae Sung so much/ Why did he break up with Rian only to go with Hae Sung, when he said he wanted to focus on his career/ The change in dynamics when Rian was so determined to get her 'revenge' and then she became all sweet and motherly the next day after JB was eliminated.

I guess one of the nice points is that Rian and Yoo Jin aren't typical bad characters or good characters. But that's where the confusion comes in as well. I like a three dimensional character but I don't like one that has character swings, for example when the current persona doesn't gel with the one in the previous episode.

Regardless, this show is still making me very happy. I can't express how much fangirling I have done over JB haha especially when he smiles.


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