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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 25 Finale

I will be coming up with a recap in a day, but here's my thoughts….and I presume anyone clicking on the cut below should be smart enough to know that there will be tons of spoilers!

So what do I think of the finale?

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK. I'm disappointed that A turns out to be Mona! I mean after all the hype, and the casts themselves being really excited to see us getting mindblown by the identity of A, I was really expecting something big. Something that we didn't manage to see, and yet makes sense. Putting Mona as A is the most logical I admit but it's not the obvious answers that I think I'm looking for. Since Mona is A in the book, despite the producers' insistence that the tv series will be nothing like the books, it always leaves a seed of doubt in me, and I guess that's why when Spencer got into the car with Mona, I was wishing SO hard that it wouldn't be Mona. The thing is, I was hoping more of a smokescreen-then-wham-the-answers-in-your-face kind of finale, but in this case, what we have were two episodes full of lead ups. To me, Mona seems really suspicious as we get closer to the finale. So it wasn't all the "you are going to look back and wonder how you've missed it," because I didn't miss it.

That being said, there's still some burning questions that the finale has left. Why killed Maya? Is it because she knew who A was? Who is in the A-team? Who is the black swan? What happened to Lucas? Who is the ultimate A, or are they all As together?


More thoughts to come after I write the recap. Share with me if you have watched the finale already!



  1. A few things I’ve thought after the episode!

    1. As much as I don’t like Maya, I hope she’s not dead, just to see the reactions of everyone crying over their ship dying, only not really. Her mom did say they think they found her body, after all.
    2. We know Mona is in the A team. Other members, if they go the “LOL WE’RE LYING TO YOU EVERYTHING IS OBVIOUS!” route, would be Jenna and Lucas. People have mentioned Melissa and I can see that, too. Leader of A team is the real Alison, of course.
    3. Black Swan is probably a red herring. Idk I feel like she doesn’t have that much significance. XD

    All in all, I am still so very disappointed. DX


    • Heyy((: Sorry for the late reply, got caught up in reality!

      I’m fine with Maya, but other than the Haleb and Spoby pairing, I don’t feel much towards the other pairings…I don’t mind her being dead, as long as there is a good reason why she’s a corpse now. Well, they better not take the same route again, because then I will be so disappointed. I think black swan might be a red herring too, still hoping that she will turn out to be someone cool and pivotal.


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