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I believe…I'm back into a Kdrama slump. I'm not sure if you guys remembered, but basically, I had been in a slump after I finished with City Hunter and even though I tried watching other kdramas, nothing seemed good at all. Until I got bored and decided to watch Moon That Embraces The Sun (yep, so I was on the boat since it first started, and not like after it got famous…so it's quite amazing to see how its popularity went from okay-ish to boom!) which then brought me out of my slump. 

But I think I'm going back in. I don't know. Nothing that has been showing during the span of Moon That Embraces The Sun appeals to me, and while I remain open-minded to upcoming shows like Love Rain, King2Hearts and Fashion King, I feel a lack of excitement. I got Shut Up Flower Boy Band loaded already, so hopefully it's going to at least sate my drama urge for now. 


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