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oh no

Oh no I've disappeared again hahaha, it seems like complete free time doesn't exist since two years ago.

Anyway, I've been catching up on a few things recently

  • Aaron's new drama — what a pity Puff isn't acting in it! I guess we do have to give Tia a chance though. Those fans who kept putting Tia down and saying how good Puff was, remember she wasn't the best when she first started out on Just You…in fact I could positively say she was quite horrid in the first few episodes. So since she improved greatly, we should give Tia an opportunity to prove herself too! I just wish I could see the sparks between Aaron and Puff again, they are REALLY cute.
  • 3 Days — not a great drama for my heart because I just can't take thriller (no idea how I survived the City Hunter days) hence I've stopped at Episode 9 after shouting at the screen because even I know that the Secret Service should be protecting the Major rather than the President.
  • Mean Girls — their 10th year anniversary just passed a few days ago, and can you believe it? It's my first time watching it yesterday.

And thaat's about it.

Any more dramas to recommend?:D


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