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Emergency Couple Last Episode

Hooray for a misleading preview HAHA, and it's a happy ending for all as I've wanted!! *throw confetti* I love it that the main couple isn't rushing into marriage this time and that they are just taking it slow, learning from the mistakes they have made in the past. It's nice that Chief finally learns how to open his heart and to accept his past. The mothers have put down their grudges, and Yong Gyu and Ha Reum have a happy ending.

What I like about this show is the exploration of the theme second chances and also relationships. Using couples of different forms (I mean different types of relationships), we see how each couple deals with the past and present circumstances. It's kind of a feel-good and sad show for me at the same time, because while I love how Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee finally found their happy ending, it feels kind of wistful that these kind of second chances may never come by in reality. Their relationship worked because they exist in a drama, but I do hope for sure for us real beings out there, that if we really do fall, we have the chance to learn and improve, and to save what has been lost.

I also like how the both of them have found true meaning in the Emergency Department, kuddos to you Chief(: With this power couple in ER, I think the department will do really well!

It's the end of yet another drama journey. I started off on this show because of Choi Jin Hyuk. He put on such a great performance in Gu Family Book that I loved the first two episodes so much and was so happy to see him again, albeit in a evil monster form. Evil but still handsome. I recalled myself thinking — if this guy looks really great with long hair, I wonder how he will be like with short hair! Will he look even better! (I feared it might turn out like Ji Jin Hee, whose saguek form I much preferred.) He didn't disappoint in The Heirs, even though I didn't see much of him:( and now, this show with him as a lead muahah. It's perfect. Even though I only started watching when Episode 11 was airing, I think I had a lot of fun marathoning!

Thus it has been a short but good journey with this show. And I hope I will get to see the two of them in drama projects again:D


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