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When I See You Again Episode 4 Recap

It has been some time since I’ve done recaps on a Taiwanese drama, and I really hope this drama won’t be a disappointment! (I felt like TW dramas were in a slump for such a long time – where were all the good old idol dramas of the past??)

oh no

Oh no I've disappeared again hahaha, it seems like complete free time doesn't exist since two years ago. Anyway, I've been catching up on a few things recently Aaron's new drama — what a pity Puff isn't acting in it! I guess we do have to give Tia a chance though. Those fans who kept putting Tia down and saying how good Puff was, remember she wasn't the best when she first started out on Just You…in fact I could positively say she was quite horrid in the first few episodes. So since she improved greatly, we should give Tia an opportunity to prove herself too! I just wish I could see the sparks between Aaron and Puff again, they are REALLY cute. 3 Days — not a great drama for my heart because I just can't take thriller (no idea how I survived the City Hunter days) hence I've stopped at Episode 9 after shouting at the screen because even I know that the Secret Service should be protecting the Major rather than the …

Just a bit moree

Hahaha I've been gone for way too longgg but it's just a bit more to go. In less than two months, I am gonna be freeeee and I can watch all the dramas I want to!:D Not sure if anyone still comes here, but when that time of freedom comes, I will work hard at making this place alive again^^ Just finished watching episode 18 of Just You, and I'm gonna be sad when this drama ends. It has been my only staple of drama food ever since Pretty Little Liars went on a break and I've gone from hating it (like why is she shouting again?!!) to really really liking it. Behind the scenes are just as exciting as the show itself, and watching Aaron and Puff is always a treat. Aaron and Puff are such good friends that I really hope they will keep in touch, even if they don't get together!(: Oh man, the drama blues are gonna be badddd:P <3thoughtsramble

Double Yay

The two of them are so cuteeee. I was hoping to find/screenshot high resolution photos of this particular scene but I couldn't — it's a really cute scene of Qi Yi and Liang Liang knocking their heads while squatting to pick up stuff, and Aaron/Qi Yi was like "you are an idiot". A few seconds later, Liang Liang and Qi Yi reached out for the same piece of paper and Qi Yi said "give it to me lah" which was really funny because I could almost hear the tremor of laughter underneath, which somewhat gave the feeling that Aaron was amused himself…if that makes senseXD Anyway, I read somewhere that episode 15 has achieved super good ratings. I'm so happy for Aaron!(: <3thoughtsramble


It's finally going to be here:') I always work myself into some fangirl frenzy when these scenes happen to my favourite couples (mmhmm I've grown to quite adore these two! Both Qi Yi/Liang Liang and Aaron/Puff — their behind the scenes are super cuteee) it was nice seeing Qi Yi run across the street and then give Liang Liang a passionate kiss on the lips:P I think I replayed the preview a few times hoho. At times like this I wish so much I could be writing recaps! <3thoughtsramble


This whole month has been crazy guys(: Hope the readers who still come here are well and happy! As usual I'm still keeping up with a few favourite dramas, namely Pretty Little Liars and Just You(: Just You has improved quite considerably and I think Puff has really learnt how to tone down on the shouting. The behind the scenes are reallyyyy cute as well so you guys should totally check that out!! School is crazy:( <3thoughtsramble