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Just a bit moree

Hahaha I've been gone for way too longgg but it's just a bit more to go. In less than two months, I am gonna be freeeee and I can watch all the dramas I want to!:D Not sure if anyone still comes here, but when that time of freedom comes, I will work hard at making this place alive again^^

Just finished watching episode 18 of Just You, and I'm gonna be sad when this drama ends. It has been my only staple of drama food ever since Pretty Little Liars went on a break and I've gone from hating it (like why is she shouting again?!!) to really really liking it. Behind the scenes are just as exciting as the show itself, and watching Aaron and Puff is always a treat. Aaron and Puff are such good friends that I really hope they will keep in touch, even if they don't get together!(:

Oh man, the drama blues are gonna be badddd:P


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