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I'm officially free nowww(: Still gonna be busy enjoying the new found freedom with friends, but I hope I will be able to spend more time here!

I've finished catching up with The Heirs in the past few days, with the help of recaps, but I've decided to stop reading them around episode 12 because I figured this drama isn't thattt bad as the recap made it sound to be. I just have a small complaint — why make Ye Sol the target of school gossip? Why make her all repentant and apologetic towards Eun Sang, only to have her scoffing later on when Eun Sang reveals herself to be from the Social Care group? In that sense, I feel like this character hasn't grown at all and that's such a waste of our time and drama time which could be better spent developing other characters. She was STILL gossiping about Hyun Shin and Rachel and still had the same old scaredy-oh-no-did-she-hear-me face. I don't like that:<

On the other hand, I really like Lee Min Ho here:P I don't always agree with Kim Tan's actions, but his love for Eun Sang is touching, and oh man, have you guys watched that last scene of Episode 16? Lee Min Ho got my heart right there, with his tears and his heart ache.

I'm a little bored now though, having nothing much to watch…anyone with good recommendations?


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