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Pretty Boy

I'm still not getting into the groove of doing recaps sooo just gonna talk about my thoughts:

Pretty Boy Bel Ami! I've watched up to halfway of Episode 5 and I quite like the show so far, but I'm concerned with how they are taking this further. It's okay to come up with the idea of Ma Te conquering each woman and learning new things each time, but I have a problem when I don't see any growth in Ma Te's character. In Episode 5, he feels for the first time how it's like to earn money with "his own strength" –but technically he didn't. It was Bo Tong's hard work and Electric Fairy's manipulation. All he did was to rub noses with Electric Fairy. Also, I think it will get rather boring if the way he is going to conquer each woman is to dazzle them, there's got to be some limit to this? Also, he's pretty infuriating the way he treats Bo Tong, like a puppy that he owns or something. If anything, right now it seems like Bo Tong should just go with David! If not, all it seems like is that this romance is built on skewed balance in the first place — one serves to please and one expects to be pleased.

On the other hand, I guess the acting's not bad so far and the story plot, while dubious sometimes, is rather entertaining most of the time, so I guess I will keep on with it!


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