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The Heirs

I've finally catched up on the last 2 episiodes of the Heirs…and I think I'm quite pleased with them. There was not much climax between the two episodes, but I love watching a good fairytale happy ending anyday, with characters that I'm pleased to watch. The finale was cute, with every pair being on marshmallows and clouds. I especially love the times when Won and Tan appear together, because I really like the casting done for these two characters — one stoic and stern, but soft at times, and the other warm and kind. They look really similar too to be honest!

I wish that Hyun Joo and Won didn't have such a sad ending. Even though it makes sense, and ultimately it is Won who wears the crown and has to bear the weight of it, it still sucks because it doesn't feel like a poetic justice kind of ending. My favourite kind of ending, no matter how cliche, is that the bad guys get their bad endings (the bitch slap, or jail, or something!) and the good guys are happy. To me, Won is a character that having suffered most of his entire life, should deserve some love, and yet he lost it ultimately anyway. The line about how he cries at night really drives the sadness home.

I wish Eun Sang was stronger. For the most part of the drama, she was the kind of female lead that I dislike — one that cries all the time. It would be hard to fit in a Kim Na Na here I know, but I just wish she had more fire in her, especially since we were shown just how kickass she could be at the start. I really like Kim Tan hahaha and even Young Do gets my sympathies towards the later episodes.

All right, here's to the end of another drama! I can't wait for another Lee Min Ho's project. If the plot sucks, at least I can look forward to good looks and good acting?(:



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