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What’s Up: August


[SF9 | See You Tomorrow]


I’m glad I started this series a while back, just so there’s a platform for me to drop by and chit-chat in an informal manner.

So helloooo, how’s everyone? I miss you allllll. I hope you guys have been well. I felt really bad for not replying any comments but please know that I always read them the moment they were posted and I LOVE reading comments! Will definitely get to them in the next few weeks!

The past few months have been really crazy – whilst I no longer feel down or emotionally sad and lost as some of you could tell from the March and April post, May to July had posed their own sort of challenge. I was busy with work (probably working an average of at least 13 hours a day?), drained and exhausted everyday, and there was just no way I could write anything. The only upside to this was that work had wiped out most feelings of being lost and directionless (there was no time and emotional bandwidth to think about such things).

But August has been a good month. Finally went on that long-needed break which allowed me to step away from work for a good period of time and engaged in things I love to do. I played some piano and I wrote, although not as much as I would want to (Her Private Life and He is Psychometric Reviews are out now; I do have a few others languishing in my drafts…just because). I met friends and I travelled! And now, I’m (semi) ready to face the workpile again.

Am I lost still? I think so. But I’ve also to accept somewhat that my dream requires some form of talent which I do not possess and that’s alright. As for thoughtsramble, there’s no way it can be anything else other than a hobby given my work load. Is it regretful? Yeah, but I’m also proud of how far it has come and the fact that it had lasted, even if it did not fulfil the lofty goals I had when I was younger.

So that closes a temporary chapter.

On another note, I’ve been very into drama-land! The drama slump is definitely over!! Hoorah you guys!! I just completed Designated Survivor: 60 days; Everything and Nothing which I loved, am in the process of loving Hotel del Luna; When the Devil Calls Your Name; Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, and keeping an eye on Justice; Watcher. Let me know if I’m missing any gems from the current lot of shows! (I was actually already actively following the previous season of dramas – particularly liked Save Me 2).

I hope August has been kind to you and that you guys have been happy and healthy! August is always a special month to me because…it’s my birthday month and yes, I love celebrating birthdays no matter how old I am. I never grow out of it. Hur hur.

Till the next post!


(I tried hard thinking of a drama ost to go with this post, but nothing strikes me at the moment and so, I’ve decided that for now at least, all such posts shall be accompanied with SF9’s. Heh. But they will be of different styles I promise!)


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