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thoughtsramble #0

As you guys know, I was really busy for the past two years that I pretty much stopped a lot of recapping projects. It was all about surviving life for me (of course watching dramas still continues as that is part of me surviving life:P) However, this idea popped into my head a few days ago and I decided that I would just go along with it.

I really miss writing. As life takes a toll, there was really no time for to express myself anywhere. Writing in a diary takes so much time I only limit the writing to really emo entries. A few days ago, I was in a lousy mood again and I thought — hey I really want to share my feelings here. It offers me the anonymity which is such a beauty because then I can be myself and maybe more people can relate.

So, if once in a while, you see these entries titled (as of now) Raining #(a number), it's probably one of my more reflective entries, usually to do with life. If it's annoying for you, I mean this is supposed to be a drama blog after all, just scroll right past. I will be happy even if one person can relate to what I'm writing, silent reader or not.

So yep! The first entry will come along quite quickly and you guys will hear from me soon! Also, I'm watching Dream High 2 now, currently rooting for Yoo Jin and Hae Sung actually, but I have to admit JB's quite cute:P especially with his floppy hair.


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