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Fall In Love With Me Part ll


someone has abs now:D


This drama is really growing on me. I was initially rather disappointed that we can't see Puff and Aaron again, but to be honest, the pairing of Tia and Aaron is growing on me too! While I don't think they have that great chemistry off-screen, on-screen wise I think Tia has done a good job of being Tao Zi and now I can't really vision Puff bringing a better Tao Zi (we might actually be seeing Liang Liang).

I think the script for Fall In Love With Me might be a bit stronger than Just You, in that the script is really funny when it's supposed to be funny. I love scenes between Tian Xi and Fu Bo, hahahah they are like father and son!

Quite eager to see what else the drama has in store for us:D


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  1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I was disappointed at first but can’t imagine it with Puff now. I get the feeling Aaron Yan works hard with his leading ladies to help them better their acting, too.


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