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Time Travel Thoughts

Have been marathoning Queen In Hyun's Man, and am currently hooked on Episode 9…just got me thinking how interesting it is: the destruction of the talisman changes Hee Jin's world and Boong Do's world differently. In Hee-Jin's world, everything else changes but her memories, which means that essentially no one remembers Boong Do, and anything to do with him has to change such that there's not even a trace of him having been in that world. So. Which means that it's to create the idea that Boong Do has never time travelled, since the talisman technically didn't exist. On the other hand, in Boong Do's world, everything else remains the same but his memories. So, the bad guy's still in prison in Jeju, and the servant remembers how he always disappears…but he forgets everything in these two months that have gotten to do with time travel. It's all a bit mind-boggling. If the talisman didn't exist in Hee Jin's world, shouldn't it not exist in Boong Do's world as well? Or is it because the talisman technically came from Boong Do's era, so its existence is held rooted in that era? Of course, I'm not saying that everything should be wiped out in Boong Do's era, but it's just a bit too much for the brain, or maybe just my brain, to really understand why the destruction of the talisman has different effects on the different eras. 

Anyone has watched this before? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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