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Queen In Hyun’s Man — 16 Episodes full of rambles

I love this show guys. I love it. I saw it a few months ago but never took much notice in it, till my mum (yes my dear mother hahahaha) told me with bright eyes that ou have to watch it!! nd so I loaded the first episode, not expecting much but ohh. 

Several screenshots I took:


Boong Do when he came to Hee Jin's rescue~


And then Hee Jin being all ~~~ behind the menu


And when oh my, he turns up at the phone booth.


And that lovely smile when he sends her off in a cab, doesn't that smile just kills us all


LOL I literally laughed out loud and watched this scene again — Hee Jin diving into the sofa, and Boong Do body-diving into the bed upstairs.


Look at him, spying from the top.

Close up!


I love, love this scene. Own up for being the one to throw the pillow.


And oh, all nonchalent about yeah I'm the one who squirted water at you too


And then he totally nailed it. That sticking out of tongue HAHA

Then I stopped taking screenshots because I was just too taken up with the show. I wish I had watched and recapped it then, because there's so much substance in this drama that can be discussed, but I guess I'm glad I marathoned it as well. Sometimes, just watching it for the pure sake of entertainment has a lot of fun too. But now I'm going to try to gather my thoughts about this show, thoughts that I had over the three days. 

Plot wise. I really like it that they didn't use the talisman anyhow, in a whimsical manner they like. In fact, the talisman becomes a central motif of the show, a symbol of Yun Wol's love for Boong Do, a representation of the gap in Boong Do's and Hee Jin's world, and also, the bridge between the worlds. They set up the talisman with grounded rules, that they stuck by throughout the entire show and I respect that. How many shows have we watched simply gave up on following through what they started out with? I really admire how the show addresses all the 'loopholes' as well. Now on hindsight, I see that they aren't loopholes but merely a withdrawal of information. My previous post's question was answered almost immediately in the next episode, though I wasn't entirely satisfied with the explanation (the talisman being cut right below Time, so time slipped through the gap in the world) but at least I see that they recognise the need to explain. And then, I also had an issue with how Boong Do could come up with life-endangering situations so quickly that the talisman could now be use as a regular form of transportation. But even then, they addressed it too. Kudos, scriptwriter. 

This show also explores a lot on the idea of cause and effect. What effect will an action lead to? I've read recaps on Dramabeans and I think it was HeadsNo2 who brought up the idea of Fate and how she likes it that the leads are forced to decide for themselves instead of letting the hands of Fate do the work. I totally agree — it's lovely to watch how Boong Do and Hee Jin constantly try, contribute, fight for themselves, and when they get together, you feel ah yes, they finally got the good ending they deserve. But while writing this, I had another line of thought. Maybe, it's really 'Fate' after all, but I want to try thinking in terms of Love. Fate in the shape of Love. There are certain repercussions that cannot really be explained entirely — why will the burning of the talisman removes Hee Jin's memories but not his? Is it because of his last wish? Maybe. It's kind of a luck, based on love, that in the third reality, Hee Jin wasn't with Dong Min. It wasn't clearly explained whether the one month prior to the second resetting (when Dong Min wanted to get back with Hee Jin) was changed as well, but let's say that it did — then it's fate that Hee Jin didn't yield to Dong Min's request. If it didn't, then what causes them to break up? And isn't it Fate, that she didn't end up engaged, or married to him? (Given his childish nature, I know it's highly unlikely but just saying.) I think the couple's actions, put forth a bigger driving force, which ultimately works for them, because every reset of the things that happened, I see the consequences as a result of Fate, which will trigger a whole lot of cause and effects, which will end up in a happy ending ultimately. 

Talking about the ending, I love the idea of using the handphone as the new talisman. Hee Jin narrated that she's the lifesaver, and I guess it means that her love is the one that summons Boong Do to the future when his life is in danger. But it's a different kind of talisman — time warping is over. When Boong Do tries to kill himself ( I can't help but squirm when Hee Jin pulls his tie haha), Hee Jin's love for him sends a call which he picks up, allowing himself to time warp. But I can't really think of a way that the phone could send him back, and that's the phone probably — a one time talisman. 

There's so many scenes to fangirl over but I can't have it all. So. The sad scenes. Oh my goodness, the scene where Boong Do comes back but disappears right in front of Hee Jin, that was so cruelly sad. Hee Jin has never seen Boong Do disappeared before. It was always a look-away, before really realising that he's gone, but this time round, Boong Do disappears (as he is reaching out for her to close the distance) so she sees it. It's as if the higher force is telling her, look I'm showing you concrete evidence he's gone. And then, gah, all the hanging and crying oh my heart. And I absolutely love the part where she narrates the story of Boong Do, and both Boong Do's era and her era are shown at the same time. And then the cute scenes. They. Are. Countless. Every time the two of them are together and happy, they are cute and sweet. The tie and the kissing, the bike, the cuddling, the curry-cooking, the cotton candy, the pasta which leads to kissing. <3. The chemistry is daebak, probably aided with the real love floating between the two^^ 

So enough of all the spazzing. I shall carry on privately heh in variations of AAAAH~, omooo, and SO SWEET. It's quite sad I didn't catch it in time, so that I could join in the sharing but oh wellz(: at least I discovered it at all.^^



  1. Anonymous says

    QIHM super fanatic ­čÖé

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I also love QIHM, it’s currently airing here in our country and I’m still watching it on TV even though I’ve replayed it countless of times. I am really glad when I see posts or reviews of people who appreciate and totally gets the genius writing of this drama. I’m a fan of Korean dramas and I’ve watched numerous shows to date, and this is the first time I am in total awe of the consistency of the plot and characteristics of the characters all throughout. You just can’t stop wanting for more (especially when you’re watching the love scenes). This one show that I guess will never leave my heart forever. ^_^


    • Re: QIHM super fanatic ­čÖé

      HI THERE((: Thanks for reading my blog! I agree with you, it’s one amazing show that has awesome chemistry between the leads and a well-thought out plot line from the start till the very end. If I have the time I would definitely watch it again!


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