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Updates and request for help!

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed it, but I recently ‘upgraded’ Thoughtsramble – it’s now ! Update your links if you have, but otherwise, typing will automatically direct you to the new url anyway:D I’m going to implement small changes here and there as we go along, so I’m quite excited for that!

Also, I need your help because of that. I think changing my url makes it harder for Google to track my entries. Maybe it’s because it’s treated as an entirely new blog? I’m not too sure about the technicalities. But my posts from a week ago: and still do not turn up on Google Search (which is really weird. Back in my old Livejournal days when I don’t get many viewers, I don’t think it took one week for them to list my posts on Google search. Also, my entries days are tracked rather fast.) If you know what’s wrong, or you have any advice to give, please comment below! Alternatively, you could help me by sharing the links – I think this helps the posts to be noticed by the trackers. This matters to me because I think there aren’t many blogs recapping When I See You Again and I thought it would be helpful if anyone needs the recaps! So the posts would be rendered rather useless if the viewers who need the recaps cannot find them.

Thank you guys!<3



  1. Likely it is just taking a while for Google to index your site links. Also even if your old links show up in google search, it will redirect over to your current URL anyways.


    • Yep but it’s just that it’s quite a mood dampener for google to take more than a week to index the links to my new posts:( By the time they do get indexed, probably 2 episodes have passed.


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