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When I See You Again Episode 5 Recap

Still liking this drama so far. Now that the second female lead has appeared, maybe it will add chaos, conflict and drive into the plot!

The ending scene from last week’s episode is a bit more elaborated in this one.


You Qian sits down and notices that as long as he treats An Xi as the focal point, he doesn’t feel so dizzy anymore.


He stares at her and slowly leans in, as if for a kiss, but simply tumbles into her lap. An Xi massages his head and assures him that it’s effective, thus causing him to talk about ‘trust’ and ‘angels’ as we saw last week.


However, An Xi simply thinks that he’s talking about some other girl and consoles him that there are other angels around. He murmurs that there are no angels. There are only devils, and devils pretending to be angels.

w43 w44

An Xi later carries him back to his house, hilariously lamenting at the sight of stairs. Mei Wen asks if she needs to switch, but An Xi manages to dump him onto the bed. You Qian mumbles, “Angel” again, thus giving An Xi an idea.


As they leave the room, he says softly, “I shouldn’t have taken the Angel’s Tears. I have eyes…I know how to read people…” If An Xi was here, she would have definitely suspected something, but of course as luck would have it, she’s gone out of the room.


The next morning, An Xi feeds You Qian porridge which is made from the freshest eggs (guys, I accidentally typed “freshest eyes” oh dear). After 2 mouthfuls, You Qian tells her to leave it. He nurses his hangover, and later wears his suit. It seems like whenever You Qian wears his suit, he’s up to something mean. He’s determined to cut ties off with An Xi.


An Xi and Mei Wen are busy doing something but quickly hide the white piece of thing under the chair when You Qian turns up. When questioned, You Qian replies that he’s off to donate an activity centre to the village head. After he leaves, An Xi remembers that the village leader has some props she can use, so she might as well surprise You Qian at the office straight.

Turns out You Qian wants to donate the hostel to the village to be used as an activity centre (no surprise there!) The village leader leaves to settle some stuff and then An Xi turns up in an angel costume. She inches seductively? comically? towards You Qian, who stumbles backwards and accidentally presses on the broadcast button. An Xi’s words “I’m not going to eat you” gets broadcasted to the entire village haha.

W50 w51

Even though An Xi is just trying to make You Qian happy, he isn’t very amused. Mei Wen tries to call An Xi but she’s too engrossed in her act, so poor Zhi Lin has to run her heart out towards the office. You Qian tells her to take her “dumb clothes off” and An Xi replies, “How did you know? I was just going to take my clothes off.”

w53 w54

All these words raise eyebrows and tsk-tsks, but what An Xi actually does is to take off her cape to reveal angel wings.

Zhi Lin quickly barrels into the office and turns the button off. But even then, An Xi is more concerned about why You Qian isn’t laughing at her attempts. You Qian replies that the village leader must have told her the news, that’s why she’s trying to get into his good books. An Xi is super bewildered, until You Qian retorts, “Why don’t you just tell me straight that you are trying to get into my good books because I’m planning to donate the hostel to be used as an activity centre?”


An Xi tells him to stop moving, and starts shouting at him, “You are going to donate my hostel??”

w57She throws her headband, her wand, her clothes, and even things in the office at You Qian, “You are not just evil. You are a liar!”

Zhi Lin forcefully brings An Xi out but she cannot resist quarrelling with You Qian again, this time in front of the eyebrows-raised villagers.


She is in disbelief that someone like You Qian exists in the world, someone who has nothing better to do but to hurt others. “You live so tiredly in life, that’s what you deserve.” She flicks his tie back at his head.


One of the villagers says loudly, “She’s so indecent.” An Xi immediately turns to him and asks him what he said. Zhi Lin tells her to apologise and she lashes out that no one is apologising to her. She’s the one who has to apologise to people everyday, “Did my mum apologise to me? Did my dad apologise to me?”


As she leaves, yet another villager adds fuel to fire, “I didn’t know her relationships with men are so messy.” One of the grandpas warns his grand daughters not to talk to An Xi.

You Qian realises that this has spiralled out of control and tells An Xi to be more rational, but An Xi is pissed that people think that girls need to depend on guys to make a living. You Qian shouts, “An Xi!” and An Xi looks at him, “Look carefully. This is what I do to guys that I want to fawn over.”

w62 w63

She pulls him in by the tie, and then slaps him.

w64She then flees, after giving him this guilty, slightly weird-eyed look. (Reminds me of Goo Hye Sun in Blood haha.)

You Qian later broods in his room. Mei Wen brings his food in and scolds him when he tells her to leave. He looks at the food and recalls how An Xi took care of him that morning. As he brings the tray down, he overhears Mei Wen’s conversation with Zhi Lin, thus realising that An Xi simply overheard his dream-talking and wanted to be an angel to make him laugh – not because of the hostel.

w66 w67

The two of them lament over how An Xi only thinks of others but never for herself, “Why can’t Mr Xia see how good An Xi is?” Mei Wen just learns that You Qian wants to donate the hostel and remarks that she should have placed laxatives in the food. Haha.

w69 w70

You Qian gets noticed by the duo, so he brings his tray into the kitchen and lingers around. Mei Wen looks at him, “Mr Xia, I didn’t know that you like to read magazines for mothers.” HAHA.

Zhi Lin knows that he just wants news of An Xi, and tells him that she’s out. Turns out, the considerate An Xi has taken a bag to clear up the mess she created in the office earlier. The village leader enters the office and pats An Xi’s back. An Xi bows apologetically to her and quickly leaves.

w71 w72

Zhi Lin asks if Mei Wen has ever seen An Xi like this, and Mei Wen remembers that there was a similar episode when she was in high school, “When she went crazy like this.” You Qian inches closer (and tries to be surreptitious). At that time, An Xi threw a tantrum towards everyone who was irrelevant to the problem. What about those who mattered? “She treated them like air.”


An Xi ends up talking to a bull dog hahaha, and scolds him like how she would scold You Qian. I guess this is what Mei Wen means hahahaha. “Do you treat me like air??” The bulldog (Ah Boo) nods.


The next morning, You Qian sees An Xi’s stuff in her room and eagerly finds her in the main building.

w75 w76

Zhi Lin asks An Xi if they should organise an activity for the hostel, but An Xi simply death-glares at You Qian and leaves in a huff. He follows her to the edge of a hill and we’re shown a flashback of him in the past.

w77 w78

Then, An Xi brought him to the same location and told him that this was where she came every time she wanted to vent her frustrations. She wanted him to try shouting into the distance.

w80Now, he watches as she shouts, “Sly fool! My life will not be dark like yours. My life is full of colours!” (Sly fool – pun on You Qian’s name, also can be Blind villain etc along those lines).

You Qian comes up with the idea of asking Zhi Lin to reenact the scene in the office to the eyebrows-raised-villagers, who now understand that whatever they heard was a misunderstanding. What An Xi really wanted to do was to make You Qian laugh.

W81 w82

An Xi peeps out of her window and everyone cheers for her to come down. Everyone apologises to An Xi and vice versa, and they enter the hostel for a dinner – the treat’s on You Qian. If it’s me…I don’t think I would have apologised so easily?? The things that the villagers said were really mean, given that they saw her grow up.

You Qian volunteers to carry the alcohol for An Xi, who ignores him and passes the bottles to Mei Wen. Mei Wen signals to You Qian where An Xi is, and he finds her in front of the hostel. The moment she sees him, she stands to leave, but his apology causes her to stop in her tracks.


She turns around and walks towards him, “The next time you do this again, I WILL….puncture all your tyres where there’s no CCTV.” “You aren’t going to throw a flower pot?” She laughs.

w85 w86

They talk and he reveals that he doesn’t trust anyone because only his grandpa brought him up selflessly. When his parents died from a car crash, all his relatives cheated him out of his insurance and money from the will. Actually, he did try believing someone, “She didn’t ask me to trust her, but I just do. She doesn’t even know my name, but I just trust her.”w39

(at this point in time, I cannot help but screenshot this because An Xi tried to blink sympathetically but somehow only one of her eyes closed? Haha.)

He warns An Xi not to trust everyone so easily. An Xi also reveals that she’s so trusting not because she’s kind, but because there was one time she didn’t trust her father to the very end and it didn’t end well. “I harmed someone.” Her father? You Qian?

She doesn’t just trust anyone. She only trusts those that are worth trusting, just like how she trusts that he would not donate the hostel. He looks away and tells her not to trust him, but she holds his face and turns it towards her, “I trust you.”

w87 w89

Although she does it in a platonic, friendly way initially, his gaze turns intense and she also gets caught up in the moment. She quickly leaves with the excuse of not having drunk beer yet. He exhales and places a hand over his heart. Hehe.

w90 w91

Both of them cannot sleep. You Qian wonders if he really misunderstood An Xi, while An Xi keeps thinking of the moment. The two of them open their doors at the same time, and decide to go for a walk.


They do things like (probably) having a bet on whether An Xi can keep quiet for a while (because she cannot resist and ends up calling his name). An Xi sees Ah Boo and picks him up eagerly, claiming that because Ah Boo is a French Bulldog and comes from Paris, he really helped his owner pick up girls. You Qian points out that the bulldog probably came from England hahaha.


An Xi tells You Qian to close his eyes and tries to scare him with a frog but he’s unfazed. Instead, he pretends that the frog tells him that it’s going to poison An Xi. An Xi hastily puts the frog and down and goes ahead to play with a rock.

While she balances herself on the not-so-huge rock, You Qian picks something up from the ground. Probably the frog! She’s curious about whether he has a girlfriend and how he interacts with the girlfriend when he’s so cold like this. Do they communicate with their eyes??


He tells her that he’s going to demonstrate his charismatic smother (okay that’s what I said) but brings the frog up last minute to scare An Xi.

w97An Xi tumbles off the rock and he catches her. In that moment, they have a slight connection, but An Xi quickly breaks it and runs off. “You are too good at this, your eyes can really talk!”

On the way back to the hostel, An Xi tells You Qian to smile more. You Qian finally asks about the wrapped presents, and An Xi reveals that those are presents she gave to her mother. A mother whom she has never seen. That’s why she clings on to the hostel because it’s the only connection between her and her mother. She’s scared that if she leaves, her mother will never come find her.

w100 w102

She sees the hostel and competes with You Qian – whoever reaches the hostel second will have to think of a conversation topic that can last for the entire day. Haha, what a punishment for You Qian. They race towards the hostel, and You Qian playfully pulls on her hand to stop her from going ahead.

w103 This nice scene gets disrupted at the arrival of Yong Qing, You Qian’s girlfriend. Yong Qing places her arms around his neck and a man comes to break them apart in anger. Turns out Yong Qing has been stringing this guy along, pretending to be dating him by inviting him to a fashion show in Paris + more, when all she wanted was someone to keep her entertained. Now that he has driven her to the village and where her boyfriend is, he can leave. Ouch??

Sometimes I cannot decipher You Qian’s expression – is it a slight smile? An unsurprised look? A slight disgust?

w104 w105

Angry man drives off angrily and You Qian asks if Yong Qing is alright. She smiles at him but notices the three girls staring. She remarks, “Where’s your room? I don’t like unrelated people staring at me.” Okay rude.

Zhi Lin observes that this girl looks familiar, but her observations get dismissed once again because she always says that to any good looking male or female she meets. Hmm it’ll be interesting to find out where Zhi Lin really saw Yong Qing!


An Xi is in her own world and passes sugar, instead of salt, to Mei Wen. When Mei Wen requests for a plate, An Xi ignores her. Haha.

Yong Qing tours You Qian’s room and this is where I get a bit confused. She says that she wasn’t playing around with the previous guy- work gives women confidence, and love gives women good complexion. It’s just like makeup; you might not like it but you cannot survive without it.


“You just don’t understand…why don’t you start dating too? Maybe you won’t be so cold after you date.” While he stares back at her, her smile suddenly drops, “Also, don’t smile. When you smile, you lose all your cool.”



The two of them head out to a restaurant for breakfast. You Qian takes Yong Qing’s sunny side up and gives her his tomatoes. After hearing that he plans to stay in the village for three more days, Yong Qing declares that she will be staying too. He tells her that she will not be able to bear it but she shrugs. It’s just three days. As they leave, You Qian and this guy keep walking into each other. When the other guy shouts, “Do you have eyes??” You Qian simply replies, “Move.” Yong Qing smiles because those were the first words he said to her. She was shocked that someone dared to say this to her. You Qian replies, “That’s because you were rude.” “Then you should be grateful for my moment of rudeness then.” Soooo are they together? They are right?

An Xi rushes down eagerly to greet the duo when she sees the car, but is slightly taken aback when Yong Qing says that she will just move into You Qian’s room. (The two of them have to stop having names that sound the same. I keep typing Yong Qian and You Qing hahaha.) Yong Qing’s chauffeur arrives promptly with her luggage and she instructs An Xi to bring the drivers to her room. However, You Qian quickly steps in and brings them to the room instead.

Zhi Lin laments out loud that if only she had nicer clothes (Mei Wen “yeah but you don’t have those clothes”), didn’t need to work outside (Mei Wen “yeah but you do need”), had her make-up, she would be as pretty as Yong Qing. While she points out all these flaws, funnily An Xi starts picking at her clothes and observing her own skin. Mei Wen points out, “Actually, there’s only one thing that you lose out to her.” An Xi listens. “Her parents.”

Hahaha and good point.

Later, You Qian worries that her moving into his room will cause misunderstanding. She asks, “Is there anyone here that you don’t want her to misunderstand?”

-the end-

I like it that Yong Qing is a stuck-up brat and that she brings out the worst in You Qian, rather than the best. Although certainly over-done with all the bad-boys-turn-good-for-female-leads dramas, I think the idea of love bringing out the best in you is not something commonly explicitly explored. Not a complaint, just an observation that this is what I like about the drama. Yong Qing wants You Qian to put on his stoic face (whut even) while An Xi wants him to smile. From there, we can already see that one girl wants You Qian for his exterior allure, calm and cool, while the other just wants him to be happy.

I also like it that An Xi is starting to fall in love with You Qian, as she eagerly awaits for his arrival for breakfast or for his return. I think the pace is pretty good – even as You Qian’s misunderstanding towards An Xi is starting to melt, the arrival of his (dubious) girlfriend spices things up a little. We are shown more of the back story – what happened to An Xi’s mum? What happened a decade ago that caused An Xi to go crazy and lash out at You Qian?

One interesting to note – no wonder An Xi didn’t recognise You Qian from his name, because I think everyone called him Unibrow back then (‘unibrow’ was also a pun on Iljimae because they sound the same.)



  1. ROYLOVE says

    YAY I’m so glad you are watching this!! The last drama recap I’ve followed of yours was Fall In Love With Me again!!! It’s been a while since I’ve been hooked onto a drama like this one. The only little problem I have with this is that Mandy looks slightly older than Jasper but he is such a cutie I’m willing to overlook this


    • Hello! SO GLAD to hear that you’re back again! The last TW drama I’ve watched was also Fall In Love With Me. It seems like there weren’t any enticing dramas after that:S Heh indeed Jasper Liu has been quite pleasant to watch so far, but I’m still not too sure about Mandy!


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