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I’m back!

Yes you read that right!

I missss you guys! I’m not sure if anyone still comes here to check regularly anymore or if you are receiving notifications for this – but here’s an update of what happened behind the radio silence:

I was in a drama slump for about 7 months since September last year (think the last drama I finished was Hotel Del Luna). Work got a lot tougher and I think I was constantly feeling stressed out. Just not in a good place and suddenly dramas didn’t feel like an escape anymore. I focused mostly on work and building relationships with those around me, and mostly just surviving. Somewhere around end November, I decided to watch Friends (for the first time, yes you read that right!) and it was the best decision ever – each episode is light-hearted, and basically there isn’t really a significant plot to follow. I get why it’s such a classic now.

Friends helped me ease back into the dramaland a little and in January, I happened to check Twitter just when SF9 was having their comeback. Needless to say, I was very happy to hear that the boys got their First (and second…and third!) Win so I was back in the fandom for a while, which led me to the first K-drama of 2020 i.e Extraordinary You. I doubt I would ever write a review on it but long story short, yes I liked it very much! The premise of the story was something that truthfully, I’ve entertained myself and the cast was also a joy to watch. Rowoon definitely rocked the role of Haru hoho, and Dan Oh / Hye Yoon is an absolute cutie.

I stopped watching Friends though and travelled for a little before coming back to work. Ironically, guess what helped me over the slump? The pandemic. I started working from home and that helped me to gain time to focus on my hobbies. And suddenly in April, I was gaining momentum, fast and furious. I went back onto Twitter and I finished / am watching about 15 Kdramas since then (check my tags for the list I can remember offhand!). I am still going on strong and I’m not sure if I would ever write reviews on those that I’ve devoured but I am hoping that soon, I will also overcome my inertia for writing a full length post on dramas. This post is to update you guys, and also to ease me back into writing.

I hope you guys have been well and staying healthy. I am very privileged to be able to enjoy my time being cooped up at home; I know some of you are feeling scared / insecure / angry at the situation, depending on where you are in the world right now. But in any case, I hope dramas continue to bring you joy like it did for me.

Till the next time I write – which hopefully wouldn’t be long!



  1. Welcome back!! I’ve been in a drama slump too but I’ve seen a handful here and there, mostly older dramas and mostly Taiwanese. I watched Before We Get Married – which I loved loved. The first couple episodes were a little rough but once the backgrounds of the characters were explained and I understood them a bit better, I was sold. So then I watched Triad Princess. Which was okay if you are in the mood for extremely dumb fluff. Really not a good drama but nice when you don’t want anything serious to watch. I’ve started watching a lot of webdramas on my phone in bed, one or two episodes before going to sleep. The Playlist ones are cute.
    I’ve mostly been trying to focus on my writing the past many months. Friends is the best. It’s a show I like to rewatch for fun every now and then, and have many episodes practically memorized!


    • Hello!! How’s your drama slump? I didn’t feel like starting on Before We Get Married because of the material. I suppose it’s a bit like me watching One Spring Night – whilst I finished it and liked it while watching it, I don’t think I would want to watch it again. How do you feel about Friends last season? I stopped around season 9 because the vibe felt a bit different. Thought the middle seasons were the best. If you haven’t watched B99 before I also highly recommend that!


      • I agree the middle seasons are the best. I love rewatching those seasons. The last ones I only rewatch occasionally. Friends is something I like to have on while I’m doing housework, I don’t have to watch the screen, just listen and look up every now and then. I also just recently watched The Middle for the first time and loved it, but I don’t think it’s a show I will want to rewatch. And Frasier is another show I love to rewatch every now and then.


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