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School 2013 Episode 8 Recap

I love this show~ I'm glad I found a show that I can get addicted to before the year officially ends(:

The episode opens with a summary of the past 7 episodes, before ending with a slight recap of Nam Soon's "But you, you bastard."

Oomph, this guy, I love. 

Nam Soon returned home and sat on his bed. We see a flashback of a shopkeeper accusing Nam Soon of stealing something. Heung Soo arrived to the rescue, by acting as Nam Soon's hyung. He paid for the glass that Nam Soon broke in his anger, and the two of them left. Heung Soo had the ooh-hyung aura, but when the shopkeeper continued nagging, Nam Soon turned around and gave a death glare. 

When they were outside, Heung Soo said that Nam Soon should say, "Thank you, Hyung." Nam Soon pretended to follow suit much to Heung Soo's delight ("That's right, little bro!), but he laughed, "Do you think I would say that," and punched Heung Soo's stomach. He escaped before Heung Soo could retaliate, but returned to his side in concern when Heung Soo doubled up in pain….and then suddenly grabbed Nam Soon when he got near. 

Nam Soon sat on his bed and thought about this in sadness. So am I, bro, I'm sad. Your bromance is so cute. 

Heung Soo walked home, obviously affected by what Nam Soon said. In Jae ran into Heung Soo the next day and told him that Nam Soon left the school.

She promised that she would do whatever she could, so Heung Soo mustn't waver. I love it that Nam Soon and Heung Soo both show their soft sides to this sweet teacher haha. 

Se Chan took the attendance and asked about Nam Soon's absence. He was about to mark the three bad kids as absent, when they walked in. He made some jokes at their expense, which was received well by the class, and noted out loud that Ji Hoon's grades went up, "Did you study without telling them?" Ooh what is this, a bully gone good?

After taking over the President's duty of saying, "Attention, salute," Se Kyung turned around to look at Nam Soon's empty seat. 

She walked out of the classroom to give him a text. 

This is kind of unrelated but — you mean you can wear such heels to school?:O Sometimes I wish Se Kyung had a longer skirt, and less 'pretty' accessories. It adds on to her cool girl look, but it means she doesn't care about her appearances. But I guess this attention to her clothing also shows that she actually cares more about what people think of her than she let on. 

Kang Joo saw her text and noticed that she's showing care to Nam Soon now, when she's not even that nice to her. Se Kyung defended her action by saying it's because she had to collect all the homework in lieu of Nam Soon. 

Se Chan noticed In Jae texting Nam Soon and asked what trouble he got himself into this time. In Jae showed him Nam Soon's request to drop out of school and asked what they should do. Se Chan immediately replied, "We didn't see this," which pleased In Jae very much, till he continued, "There's no legit parent permission."

Hahaha. Sometimes you gotta love Se Chan for his twists. You never really know what's going to come out of his mouth. 

Of course, that is his own way of dealing with things. To him, that's the extent of what a homeroom teacher could do — treat the request as nullified till the parent approved it. 

Principal ran into Se Chan and reminded him that he should show his ability to raise the kids' grades. She asked if he's concerned because she's speaking to him seriously like that, and he replied cool-ly of course not. You're a bully, you know that, Principal?

Se Chan and In Jae had another disagreement when they couldn't reach a consensus on what the late kids' punishment should be — memorise a poem or demerit points. 

Hoho, I love that private talk, it makes them look so chummy hahahaha. 

The kids got really confused about their punishment and one asked, "So do we memorise a poem, or get points?" 

Se Chan emphasized, "Demerit!" at the same time as In Jae, "Poem!" and then they stared at each other. 

Hehe. I think one reason why I even ship Nam Soon and uh, In Jae at first is because the characters fit so well. And Se Chan's an older, more cynical version of Nam Soon, so this works well:D

Even though they couldn't agree on this matter, Se Chan still asked about Nam Soon. In Jae told him that she couldn't reach his father, and he asked if Nam Soon ran away from home. She retorted, "Is there a kid who will run away when he lives alone?" Haha. Se Chan knew that the kids would probably have an idea where Nam Soon was, and casually asked if anyone saw him at the end of his class. 

One of the students (I can't name him:/ let's just call him Sleepy) told Se Chan where he saw Nam Soon, and turns out Nam Soon was pumping gas at a gas station. He handled a customer, and lo and behold, his next customer was none other than Se Chan. 

Who looked quite smug haha. 

The station owner came running out, saying that it's Nam Soon's fault for not noticing that he gave extra change to the previous customer. Nam Soon was frustrated, "You are the one who miscalculated."

But noo, the owner still wanted to dock it out of his meagre 3,500 won pay. Se Chan stepped into the picture, telling the owner that a young lad like Nam Soon should be paid at least 4,500. Yay, meanie put in his place. Se Chan revealed that he's Nam Soon's homeroom teacher, and requested for a moment to talk to Nam Soon. 

Jung Ho got increasingly bothered by Heung Soo. He walked into the class and told Yi Kyung to turn on the fans, even though it's cold. The class fell into a silence, as they knew Jung Ho was obviously irritated. Se Kyung, the badass, walked up to them and told them to switch the fans off. 

When they pushed her to a side, Heung Soo took out his earphones, stood up, and turned off the fans. He turned to Jung Ho, "Why, is it still hot?" Jung Ho replied, "Yeah, why don't I make you sweat a bit."

But Heung Soo just stared at him, and Yi Kyung and Ji Hoon half coaxed, half pushed Jung Ho out of the classroom. Everyone cheered at how cool Heung Soo was. Mmhmm, I give it to you too(:

Se Chan blocked up the entire station as he refused to move his car if Nam Soon didn't go with him.

In the end, the station owner pushed Nam Soon towards Se Chan, proclaiming loudly about his bad luck.

Haha, look at that look of what-the-heck-are-you-doing. 

Smug Se Chan told Nam Soon to put on his seatbelt, and carted him to school. When Nam Soon got out of the car and turned to leave, Se Chan told him that without a high school diploma, he could be pumping gas for the rest of his life. 

Nam Soon asked if a high school diploma would make his life any different, and Se Chan replied, "This isn't the reason why you leave school isn't it?" He held out the request form and told Nam Soon that he would process it if he could get his father to sign on it. 

Nam Soon took the form with a bit of angst, and left. He stood outside the school gates, before turning to leave. Because of this, Se Chan was late for the meeting and was nagged by the Vice Principal (who went on and on about how they were busy teachers who weren't sitting there just because they got nothing to do. Notice the looks on the other teachers' faces haha.) Se Chan and In Jae replied in sync, "Must we do that?" when told about the Open Evaluation Class and after a 'discussion', Se Chan managed to push the task of preparing for the class to In Jae. 

In Jae followed after him, and asked about his meeting with Nam Soon. When Se Chan told her that he returned the request form back to Nam Soon, In Jae nodded in relief, "You did well." But Se Chan continued, "I told him to get his father's signature, and only then he can really resign from the school."


At this moment, Se Kyung's mother, who turned up to be some big shot somewhere in some university, and the Principal ran into the two teachers. Se Chan smartly excused himself, and In Jae had to tag along. Se Kyung's mother clearly adopted the opposite of Min Ki's mother — the grades of a student depend solely on the student itself. In Jae tried to bring the mother's attention to the fact that this gives Se Kyung a lot of stress, but to no avail. Instead the conversation turned to Se Kyung's mother's concern over the fact that there were two different teaching styles here — a more SAT-oriented one (Se Chan), and a domestic, in-school one (In Jae).

The Principal talked to In Jae and since she wouldn't budge from her teaching style, she came up with another method to deal with the issue — both Se Chan and In Jae would do the Open Evaluation Class, and both the students and teachers would agree on which style suit them and their future better. 

In Jae talked to Se Chan and said that her rationale for a school-based teaching style was so that the weaker students wouldn't be left behind. She felt that the second semester of 11th grade would be the last chance for the students to learn anything, and Se Chan agreed, before adding on, "It's the last chance for them to get into a good college." 

Look at how her face falls:(

Most of the people slept in In Jae's class, and Se Chan made a guy move to the back so that Min Ki, who was awake, could move to the front. Very different teaching styles indeed. In Jae met up with her students who told her her lessons were sleep-inducing. She decided to try a different method of teaching the class — group activities, but the mean girls didn't like it since it took time away from their preparation for Korean SAT. 

Uhm Force told In Jae that Nam Soon was having too many unexcused absences, and In Jae asked Se Chan where Nam Soon was. He's back at the gas station:(

He saw In Jae standing in a corner, and walked over to her, before bowing respectfully.

I just had to point that out, for some reason. 

In Jae emphasized that she's asking for the last time, if Nam Soon really wanted to drop out of school, and he said yes. She gave him a form, and told him to come to school the next day. They would call his father together, and if she got his approval, then yes, the request would be approved. 

During one of the breaks, Se Kyung walked around picking up litter. Woo Young asked the group if they knew where Nam Soon was, and Ki Duk wondered if Nam Soon went to join a gang. This was heard by Heung Soo. 

Jung Ho walked in and told Sleepy (I found his name! Jong Hyun) to get him three English books. Jong Hyun took strength in Heung Soo's defiance the earlier time, and stood up to Jung Ho. Ki Duk, likewise, told Jung Ho that he would get the books if Heung Soo hyung-nim allowed him. 

Look at his face~! You are quite a pathetic bully. And he sat there fuming, "I will definitely kick away Park Heung Soo and Go Nam Soon together soon."

Heung Soo left the class to smoke and Se Kyung happened to pass by when throwing the class litter. Se Kyung pointed out that it's obvious to her Nam Soon wasn't coming to school because of Heung Soo. She threw Heung Soo's cigarette away, and he asked, "Aren't you scared of me?" "What's there to be scared of you, you are just a little kid acting tough and stubborn." She told Heung Soo to care more about others, "Can't you see that Go Nam Soon is having a difficult time?"

Awww~ her cold heart is melting~. Heung Soo threw his empty pack on the flow, and was told cool-ly by Se Kyung that the pack should go into thrash bin. Mmmm, they aren't going to have the nonsense thing of Heung Soo and Nam Soon falling in love with Se Kyung right? Because if that's going to happen, that's going to break my hearttt. 

In Jae was caught outside the room by Se Chan, not daring to go in. She worried that she might have pushed Nam Soon too hard, "Do boys misbehave when they are pushed too hard?"

Se Chan was like, "Are you asking me for help now?"

In Jae finally went into the room, and tried to call Nam Soon's dad. She was deliberately trying to lengthen the time, in hope that Nam Soon would regret and take back his decision to drop out. Se Chan came into the room and Nam Soon bowed his head. 

He was borrowed by Se Chan, and was taken aback when he saw Heung Soo outside the room.

Se Chan told the two to follow him and when Nam Soon walked away, he stopped him, "Do I have to hit you for you to follow me?" 

They ended up in the gym, where Se Chan handed two mops over to them and told them to clean up the entire floor. Nam Soon muttered that he's copying someone and was shushed. When it looked like it wouldn't work… Se Chan ran out of the gym and pretended that he locked the doors. 

If Nam Soon took back his request to drop out, then they could leave. Finally, Nam Soon conceded and they were let out by Se Chan, "That was too easy. You must start attending school tomorrow, no running away like a child okay?" "Locking people in and threatening them is more childish, you know that?" and Nam Soon stalked out of the gym. Hahaha. 

Heung Soo followed Nam Soon, and told him to just come to school. The homeroom teachers weren't going to give up so easily, and he didn't want to be associated with Nam Soon's absence. 

Just face it, you want him to come to school:(

He told Nam Soon, "You're abandoning me? Stop kidding yourself. You seem to have forgotten, that you have already abandoned a long time ago. It ended when you run away 3 years ago. So stop your little nonsense and just attend school. You were dead to me since that day, so stop trying to act like you care and just attend."

Nam Soon turned around and left without an answer.

Look at In Jae's face of surprise when Se Chan told him that Nam Soon would attend school tomorrow. 

He told her that he locked the kids in the gym, and was told off by Teacher Jo, "What if they climbed out of the windows and got hurt real bad?" Se Chan defended himself, "The thing is, they were let out real quickly, not through the windows but by the doors." Teacher Jo nodded, smiled and walked away. Se Chan is starting to care about his students and I like that. 

(Also, oh my I didn't realise it before, but is that foreshadowing??)

Se Chan couldn't help but be curious at what In Jae was doing.

Turns out she was preparing her lesson materials.

The Class 2-2 kids saw Nam Soon walking out of school and Jung Ho left the room in anger. The trio passed by Heung Soo, and Jung Ho wanted to start a fight again but was carted off by his friends. 

This got Heung Soo's attention though. 

The trio went to find the bigshot, probably a gang leader, and Jung Ho learnt that his motorcycle was sold, and the leader had bought a newer one. This got him really mad, and he told Yi Kyung to steal the keys of the motorcycle. 

It's time for In Jae's lesson — — the plan was to have each student choose their favourite poem. Those who chose the same poem would cluster together. 

But mean girl told In Jae that her lessons were only good for those who didn't do work, and let's face it, she's only doing all this for the open class. Mean girl, just close your mouth tsk. In Jae clarified that she did start on all these activities because of the open class, but she realised it was indeed a good way to teach. She took heart from the mere fact that no one was sleeping in her class that day. When questioned about how she would get her lesson on par with the normal pace, she said that there was no way she could teach all the meanings of all the poems in the world, so what she wanted to do was to have them really understand one poem and interpret it. With the skills learnt, they could handle the unseen poetry. 

Jung Ho stole the motorcycle and told Ji Hoon to drop some hints for Heung Soo. 

A screenshot for you, I can see that you are turning good. 

Ji Hoon walked into the class, which fell silent, and told Heung Soo to come out. He told Heung Soo out right that if Nam Soon was caught with the motorcycle, he wouldn't be able to get his bones together. 

Heung Soo walked off. Nam Soon was told that he had a delivery to make — deliver a motorcycle.

The Principal told class 2-2, that the plans for the open class had changed. In Jae's class would be held in 2-2, while Se Chan's class would be held at the same time at the neighbouring class. This means that the class would have to choose for themselves — school-based learning, or SAT-oriented. 

Nam Soon delivered the motorcycle and was about to climb the stairs, when Heung Soo came running down and told him to get rid of the keys.

Oh Jung Ho previously stole it and made it look like Nam Soon was the one who stole it. Throw the keys away and run!

When the gang moved in on them, Heung Soo told Nam Soon to move, and they ran upstairs together, throwing obstacles in the gang's way. 

In Jae and Se Chan were notified of the change in the plans very last minute too, and they head off to their classrooms. Se Chan opened the door and looked alarm, as if a realisation hit him. 

In Jae opened the door, and was alarmed too, looking around her class as if for confirmation.

My guess is, there's no one in In Jae's class, while everyone else was in Se Chan's class..:(

Nam Soon and Heung Soo ran up to the billiard room, and Heung Soo opened the windows, ready to flee from that way.

But they were many floors up, and he's scared to jump — because of his leg. 

Nam Soon didn't realise and shouted at him, "What are you doing, go quickly!"

The gang reached them, and the leader taunted, "Are you afraid to jump?" And there Heung Soo looked back at Nam Soon, while Nam Soon looked at Heung Soo with worry.

-the end-

Oh my I can't wait to see how this plays out — Heung Soo drops out of the window and suffers another crush to the legs? Or Nam Soon and Heung Soo fighting the gang together? Or Nam Soon facing the gang alone, his Tsunami strengths carrying him to be the winner? I just hope Heung Soo doesn't get hurt again, especially not to his legs, because that will just be really sad:(

I really like this show because there's many twists and turns. And I like how it's a little feel-good drama, mixed in with reality. The students and teachers alike face so many troubles and obstacles, but there's always someone there for them and that's what makes it really touching for me. 

I'm afraid this recap is peppered everywhere with my comments hahaha.


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