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Descendants of the Sun Episode 12 Recap

With this, the Urk arc comes to an end.

I’m so sorry for this hiatus from thoughtsramble!! It has been a month since I posted anything as I’m really really busy with real life. However, I’ve been up to date with Descendants (and bringing everyone down with me in reality) and I MUST write this recap!!

Dae Young very quickly picks up on what Si Jin is up to and he visits Myeong Ju.


Knowing that it will be a risky operation, he kisses her on the forehead, “Can I open the present now?”


He passes her his tag and jokes gently that she has to keep it safe, or he will have to buy another one.

She smiles and reminds him to come back safely. I love how this couple operates and how they are contrasted with the main couple. For me, Myeong Ju’s reactions are so special, especially when we see how Mo Yeon is so worried (as we all will be) with a soldier as a boyfriend. I guess I just really appreciate the quiet trust and faith she has in Dae Young, never once stopping him from following his duties.

Dae Young, now next in command, orders the return of Team Alpha.

Can’t say I didn’t get excited at that!

Si Jin infiltrates into Argus’ camp silently (and alone). The deal is done so Argus gets ready to leave. He brings his diamonds along, while instructing his sidekick to kill the unneeded (children).


Si Jin has already knocked down an entire corridor of people when someone catches him off guard from behind. He turns around with his arms raised, but someone shoots at the enemy. WOOHOO.

Si Jin is so taken aback at the sight of his team there but when questioned by Dae Young why he was raising his hands, he says that he’s welcoming his friend with open arms hahaha. Team Alpha has returned, and Captain Yoo gives his orders.


Meanwhile, the Minister gets himself into knots after knowing that Commander has allowed for Alpha to carry out Unauthorised Black Operation. Although the name is kinda duh, I still like it. Heh.

Commander shoots Minister down for only caring about diplomacy and politics. “For my subordinates, national security means devoting their lives to perform their duties. The reason they answer the call of duty for a country who doesn’t appreciate their sacrifice whether they’re killed is because they believe that the lives of citizens is national security itself.”


He will take responsibility for everything – and you can see the practical Minister scoff at him.

The doctors bring the medicine which Ye Hwa brewed for Myeong Ju and they ask if Mo Yeon really was kidnapped. Myeong Ju assures them that the team will rescue her by all means – but that they don’t want to know at what means.

Time’s up! Argus meets Si Jin to make sure that Si Jin provided his escape route. Si Jin wants to know if Mo Yeon is safe – and his eyes suddenly change when Mo Yeon is brought in.

He brings his gun up and orders all marksmen to be ready. I thought it’s because he noticed a bomb or something on Mo Yeon, but it’s kinda really sweet that what he said was, “Did you hit her?”

Argus smiles and turns, revealing a bomb suit on Mo Yeon and Si Jin hastily demands the Snoopy and Wolf (Dae Young) to halt. Snoopy, the bomb expert, informs Si Jin that it’s a normal bomb suit but that Argus is holding onto the detonator – the moment he lets go, the suit will blow up, so they can’t exactly shoot his hand off either (Si Jin’s idea).


The helicopter, which Si Jin has requested for earlier, has arrived but it is not landing. Argus demands for it to land before he will let Mo Yeon go but Si Jin shoots the gun out of his hand. Smooth! “Deal with me.”

This little interlude is enough to get Snoopy what he wants to know – where the wireless transmitter connecting the detonator to the bomb is.

Si Jin tells Mo Yeon to stand still and trust him, and proceeds to shoot the transmitter cleanly off her shoulder. In a sudden bout of bullets and sniping, all sidekicks get killed and Argus injured on the floor. Snoopy reminds Mo Yeon to keep still while he works on the bomb and Si Jin assures her that he has never seen Snoopy fail at his job.


Snoopy manages to get the vest off Mo Yeon and quickly throws it out of the building, where it degenerates into huge flames. However, not-dead Argus ominously struggles towards his gun….and shoots. AHHH.

Si Jin blocks the bullet and the couple falls to the ground from the impact. He covers Mo Yeon’s eyes and starts shooting at his once-comrade, now-enemy.


And I am so darn impressed with this scene – how can Song Joong Ki convey such a complicated mix of anger, determination and sorrow??

He keeps firing at Argus, until he falls dead. I find it significant that they show his bloodied hand on the money, because that’s where his loyalties lie and what he ultimately died for.

Si Jin brings Alpha and Mo Yeon back using the helicopter. The Commander informs him that there will be no reward for his successful rescue mission, but there will be no punishment as well. Omg I respect this Commander so much!!

President arrives and Minister, like the uhm coward he is, suggests firing the Commander to appease the CIA. But the President is thankfully one of those responsible, kind, logical and everything you can imagine for in a leader. He tells the Commander that the military has done its job, and as for the repercussions, leave it up to the politicians to handle.


Myeong Ju hears something and stumbles out quickly from her ward…into Dae Young’s arms. She has been holding tight to the tag all this while and it makes me so touched to see their teary reunion. I just cannot imagine how strong Myeong Ju is, seeing the one she loves going into dangerous battles each time he disappears.

As for our other couple, Mo Yeon watches as Si Jin holds the photograph (of presumably him and Argus). He burns the photograph. Later, the medical team treats Mo Yeon’s gunshot wound. It’s quite funny how they are reacting to the first gunshot wound they have ever seen, with Sang Hyun telling her to bite down on something and don’t scream.


Mo Yeon finally breaks down in tears at her ordeal. The next morning however, she’s back to her normal self, ogling at the hot bods with the other two ladies. Sang Hyun is indignant and asks Dae Young if they have to do such a lewd thing every morning hahaha.

Mo Yeon goes off on a walk and runs into Si Jin. Just when I thought she will be full of gratitude for what he did or at least worry about him, she asks about all the lies he has told to keep her safe. She cries because she wants to talk about mundane things, but she can’t say those things to a man who shields others from bullets.


His eyes flicker and you can tell that a thousand emotions are flitting through his head before he steels his gaze and asks, “Do you want to break up with me?” She replies, “I’m just not sure you are someone I can deal with.”

Now, I have been quite biased towards Mo Yeon all this while. Even as I read comments which said that she was super fickle, I always thought hmm I can understand where she is coming from. But I thought this scene was rather badly scripted, or strategically, it isn’t a wise move because it will turn even more viewers away from her. For someone who has just saved your life, I don’t think talking about lies and break ups is appropriate. I guess you can always rationalise her feelings by saying that this is the first time she actually understands Si Jin’s work – she is the very object of his team’s operation. Come to think of it, I think it’s really cool that she was held hostage. Where before, all she has is a blank void when it comes to Si Jin’s work, now she has actually been through it physically. Ookay, I can kinda understand her better now. But still, where’s the thank you??


Argus’ body gets ready to be sent back (to somewhere) but unlike the funeral many episodes ago, there’s no one here other than the US captain and Si Jin, who comments on how lonely Argus seemed – he died without honour and without a country to serve. He turns to leave and the US capt tells him to stay alive and stay well. Awww.

There will be another flight in a few days to send everyone home. However, the medical team actually feels slightly saddened at the thought of returning. They make their last round at Medicube.

First stop: Meyong Ju is declared healthy. The snarky lady even gives Mo Yeon a diagnosis on HER wound. Hahahaha I love the banter between these two.

Second stop: Mr Jin is declared healthy too. Did he get the virus because he ate diamonds tainted with his shit?? Anyway, Mo Yeon intentionally punishes him by telling him that his diamonds were taken away by the Americans.

Third stop: the guy whom Chi Hyun saved. The lab report on Chi Hyun’s blood results gets faxed back and he requests to be the one to pass it to Chi Hyun. Thankfully, he tested negative…and the guy tells him that he’s glad he didn’t die.


Chi Hyun tears up at this in gratitude but the guy tells him not to thank him, because he won’t apologise for what he has done either.

Aaahh nice resolution to this. Chi Hyun gives his typical-Onew wide smile and runs into the little kid who thought he was sick the other time.

They carry a conversation where all the kid wants is a goat and all Chi Hyun (thinks he) hears is that the kid will miss him. HAHA.

Mo Yeon recalls the scene where she saw Si Jin looking at the photograph.


They were comrades and it was a happy ocassion. As the flames lick away at the photograph, Si Jin’s tears start falling. Mo Yeon stands behind a wall, unable to bring herself to do anything.

We see another flashback where Si Jin fired at Argus with tears and watched as Argus stumbled backwards, finally falling to his death. A hand reached over and covered the sight from his eyes. It was Mo Yeon, but dressed in present-day clothes, “You have to erase this from your memory too.”

And my heart broke along with Si Jin as he sobbed at the death of his comrade.


Mo Yeon wakes herself out of her thoughts and asks Si Jin to bring the both of them coffee. Instead of reaching out for the cup, she walks close to him and gives him a tight hug.

I find it SO adorable that Si Jin’s arms just hang there hahahahah. Mo Yeon tells him about her rounds and how she couldn’t find an elastic band to tie her hair. “I’m going to tell you even the smallest things like this. I’m saying that I’ll cope with you.”

YES. But he has to promise her one thing – allow her the right to be worried. If he says that he’s going to the departmental store, she will understand that he’s off to a tough operation. Don’t leave her in the dark when he’s fighting a life-death situation. Si Jin nods.

Somehow, I can totally understand where she’s coming from! And I think that’s why Myeong Ju has an easier time coping with Dae Young as well, because Myeong Ju knows almost exactly where he’s going and what he’s doing.

Mo Yeon asks whether it’s her or the country, so Si Jin picks her “for now”. HAHA. She gets indignant at the thought of having the country as her in-laws. Aah, I like this metaphor.

Si Jin pulls her in, “I won’t let what you worry about happen. I promise.”


Dae Young and Myeong Ju share a sweet couple moment in the hospital where she realises that everything she likes start with ‘S’ (Dae Young’s last name is ‘Seo’). The two guys decide to cook a meal for their ladies and it’s so hilarious how Si Jin accidentally placed a bottle cap IN A CHICKEN, much to Kim’s shock and horror. He’s just like, “Can the both of you please leave?”


The two smugly present the well-cooked chicken to the ladies, but they very quickly see through it and praise Kim’s cooking instead. HAHA, look at the guys’ faces.

Because of the chicken, the two start talking about the very guy that caused a strife between the two of them. Mo Yeon is annoyed because she had a thing with Yun Gi but Myeong Ju came in between them. Myeong Ju’s defence was that Yun Gi said there was nothing between the both of them, and that it was him who pursued her.

The guys lean back in their seats and after 30 seconds, the ladies suddenly stop and turn to look at them.




The two of them start talking about what they would want to do to this Yun Gi, for playing around with beautiful women. How about forcible entry operations? They slam their aprons on the table and leave. HAHAHA. This is what happens when you date a Special Force. Myeong Ju however, isn’t worried. She swishes her hair, “I nearly died. I’m sure he can forgive my past.”


To which Mo Yeon replies, “I envy you.” HAHA.

Inspired by Myeong Ju, Mo Yeon pretends to be very sick but drops the act when Si Jin continues to be ‘angry’. She threatens to call Yun Gi and as a throwback to first episode, Si Jin flips her phone. BUT she’s the one who catches it this time, causing Si Jin to be very taken aback.


I can literally see him think – who is this woman??  Mo Yeon tells him that she likes Si Jin the most out of all the males on this Earth.

They have totaled three cars, fell in water together, fought through a disease together and she even had an injury because of him. But “I like him so much, because he was never cowardly, he was honorable at all times and he was handsome at all times.”


Look at how pleased he is hahaha. Mo Yeon finally gets down to business and asks Si Jin about Fatima’s possible guardian. He recommends Valentine, the sassy cool bartender, who brings him luck.

Mo Yeon reminds Fatima to be good, listen to Valentine and write her letters/call her. Fatima acts hard to get but shyly rambles, “ThankyouforeverythingI’llalwaysbethankfulstaysafe.” AWW.


The couple talks about what they want to do when they return to Korea – how about simple couple things like catching a movie (ahhh has it been 10 episodes already since then?), eating together and walking home together? Si Jin suggests cheekily, “And draw a bath at home.”

He takes a few steps back and throws the stone for her to catch. “It’s your time to see if it works.” If she will return to this place. ANDDD nope. Is this supposed to be a romantic stone?? Because I see it as a cursed stone hahaha. That you only go back when something bad happens, like how Si Jin only returned because there was an earthquake.


They hold each other’s hands, “You did well.”


And as a last tying up of loose ends, the ladies watch the half-naked men run past again as per usual mornings, but this time, Sang Hyun is part of the troop.

On their final morning, the siren rings and everyone mourns for a minute.


I just LOVE all these mini throwbacks that give me goosebumps. Mo Yeon bows her head, thinks of the devastating scene which greeted them just a few weeks ago and how they overcame it.


Did somebody forget Onew? With this, the Urk arc comes to an end and we are back in Korea.


-the end-

Okay, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m kinda an oddball in the sense that things which get super hyped up tend to put me off. Thankfully for me, Descendants has remained just as addictive, despite it blowing SUPER DUPER up in terms of popularity. People ask me why I like the show so much and I have to say, from a Thoughtsramble analytical point of view, this show is a smart show. It has every bit of fanservice you can imagine. The plot: two very kind and good looking men who save the world because they are so good at what they do and can fight so well (think City Hunter and Healer) with the whole star-cross lovers thing and omg is someone going to die thrill. Cast: good looking male and female cast of DIFFERENT types – note how Song Joong Ki probably attracts a different group of fans compared to Jin Goo and how Song Hye Kyo is a different kind of beauty from Kim Ji Won. You have the saving the damsels and dudes in distress thing going on and how everyone is just so good at what they are doing factor.

One of my favourite scenes here is Si Jin firing at Argus in tears. It’s such a complex scene but I think Song Joong Ki carried it off really well. It makes me sad for him, thinking of how it must have felt to kill someone whom you were a comrade with, and for whom the man you respect died for. In the same way, I also like how we see Argus falling backwards from Si Jin’s point of view. I think Mo Yeon covering Si Jin’s eyes is a little confusing but this is my take on it – that while during the actual event itself, she only stood behind a wall, she wished that she could comfort him and to guide him out of his sorrow. And that’s why after visualising herself in that role, she realises that what she really wants is not to break away from the guy she loves, but to be WITH him and to support him. HE has protected her during the fight by covering her eyes. Now, it’s HER turn to protect him. This explains why her attitude changes after the scene. And I like it! I think seeing how the hand comes down and blackens the scene of Argus’ death was really poignant and oddly comforting as well.

I think the double-couple thing is an amazing idea because these two couples are so alike in some ways, and it’s really cute to see how Si Jin and Dae Young reacted to their girlfriends’ talking about a common guy.

There’s just so many feels with this episode. I think that the drama does well conveying a complex mix of emotions. Rom-com aside, small symbolic events like the siren bring back memories, perhaps regret, sorrow, heartache and acceptance. This episode truly feels more like a finale than an Episode 12, but in any case, I’m excited to see what escapades the four would be up to in Korea!

My only main gripe (?) is that this drama doesn’t set out a very clear overarching theme. Is this supposed to be a romance, guided by intervening events in their lives? Or is this supposed to be about a war, soldiers and melodrama? I initially thought that Argus would be the villain till the very end. Apparently, the finale has already been leaked but I’ve managed to stay quite clear away from any spoilers. So I thought that there would be a war or some high-level operation of some sorts, and perhaps that’s the final conflict when we aren’t sure if Si Jin dies. ESPECIALLY since Si Jin and Mo Yeon seem to be drunk in Episode 13, it makes me wonder if my far-fetched joke made after Episode 2 that Si Jin will die, leaving Mo Yeon with his kid, is that far-fetched. Please just let it be a joke. 

Now that we are all back in Korea, I’m wondering what will exactly bring us back to Urk, and if we will be back there. But given that the cursed stone is in Mo Yeon’s hands right now, I’m kinda scared that Si Jin will die in Urk and she will return for his funeral. Or something. Pleaseee let this be overthinking. One thing I’m really glad about this drama is that the fatality rate has been pretty low so far. I know it’s unrealistic, but hey as I’ve said before, give me my happy endings any day man.

This recap ended up WAY longer than I imagined, but I really enjoyed this episode and the ending to the Urk arc. Each character has changed in both drastic and subtle ways post-Urk and I think there’s really good character development there. Drop me a comment if you like the recap!(:



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