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Finale: Moon River/Ming Ruo Xiao Xi Review

Forgive me hahaha, I really had all the intentions to recap every single episode after the last one, but real life takes over and I’ve decided to focus on the matters at hand. However, I have some free time now, and I must write this review!

I really liked this drama – although it was slightly slow at the start, boring and a little unimpressive (for a drama remake of a famous author’s novel, I was expecting a star cast or at least one akin to Summer’s Desire), it grew on me and I was addicted. It doesn’t help that there were two versions available, and they show different things at times. This just means I watch the drama twice HAHA.

But I think the last episode was a bit of a downfall for me – for the China’s cut, the scene between the couple was extremely long while it seems like it was shorter in the Taiwan’s cut. China’s finale ended abruptly with the above scene with no mention of other characters such as Lucy. Initially, I thought if the Taiwan’s cut was better, I would recap the finale, but it ended in the same way…so here’s a review instead hahaha.

Acting wise, I think the main couple + Sha Sha did a good job. Although Zi Hong (Liu Bing) is a bit raw still, I feel that he has great potential. Pets Tseng really melts into the role and oh yes, what I love about this drama is the fact that Ming Xiao Xi remains true to herself till the very end. Unlike other dramas where the ‘ugly’ female lead always undergoes a makeover and becomes trendy & hip, Ming Xiao Xi keeps everything till the end – her haircut, her fashion sense, her attitude and possibly her socks.

I think Hao Xue grew up a little in the last few episodes where she remains calm and unpsychotic even when Xiao Xi spends so much time with Ce. However, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like the fact that she ditched Xiao Xi for Rui Xi as her ‘best friend’ over a guy, and the way she treats Xiao Xi really betrays her insecure and jealous side.

As for Ce, WOW guys, I cried in that post-concert scene. Literally. I was dabbing my eyes with tissue and feeling so sad for him. HAHAHA it was totally unexpected which is why I’m so amused. Evan needs to brush up on his acting skills though…Is it just me who thinks that he feels a bit like Wu Zhun?

I really liked all the small acts and dialogues as usual, and this drama triggered all sorts of Second Lead feels, but I think the finale could have been much better. Overall verdict? It’s a good watch, try the Taiwan cut if you have no time to watch both, but don’t expect too much out of the ending.

At this point in time, I must confess that I’m already hooked onto another drama, Sassy Go Go (which is ending in 2 episodes!!!!), so no Ming Ruo Xiao Xi drama blues for me hehehe. This is what I do – watch another drama to kill drama blues, then watch another drama after that. Yep very smart. Drop me a comment!!



  1. It always sucks when the ending is a let-down. But if the drama was good enough, those feelings carry you through. (That’s how I felt for Marry me, Mary)


    • Yep but I find that if an ending is bad, my drama blues dissipates real fast, so sometimes I’m oddly thankful if the ending is bad. Okay I’m strange HAHA. Anyway it was great to have you with me on this journey and I always loved reading your comments!^^

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  2. Anonymous says

    Lol.! I finish watching the drama month ago but still have a pet tseng! I learn to love her since i watch that drama. And now im watching her previous drama and download her songs.. hahaha..! Talking about fangirling 😉


    • Sorry for the late reply! I think she’s quite a decent singer; her acting was not bad too! Too bad the finale was kinda slipshod and the editing was off


  3. Waterboy4578 says

    I love this drama. This drama has suspense, humor, and dramatic scene. But, I am upset that there isn’t any scene between Lucy and Rui Xi because I love that couple and they make me laugh a lot when they chatted to each other. To me, the finale looks and feels too fast for this drama. Toward the end of this drama, I was thinking about the other characters like the girl roommate, Sha Sha’s both ‘friends’ or ‘followers’. I think Lucy (Quinlivan Hannah, Age 23) might be absent toward the end of this drama because of her wedding and her pregnancy later that year. Overall, this drama is intense and good.


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