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Moon River/Ming Ruo Xiao Xi Episode 27 Recap

You know, although the China’s cut may not sound very different from the Taiwan’s cut in writing (i.e the recaps produced may not differ that much at all, since I will be skimming over stuff too), I highly recommend watching the Taiwan’s cut if you are someone who wants to be emotionally attached to a show. The China’s cut breezes past all the boring AND exciting stuff so it’s good if you don’t really care about the characters and you just really want to know what happens.

Hao Xue places her confession letter in a letter, along with two tickets to a concert held by Ce’s favourite violinist. When Ce arrives, Hao Xue fantasises that he loves her confession and even twirls her around…

x1 x2

but the reality is cruel. Ce turns her offer down because he’s not in a good mood. Hao Xue is more whiny and demanding than usual because this concerns her confession, “Who will go with me if you don’t?”

x3 x4

Rui Xi happens to pass by and dashes up like a busybody, so Ce asks if he would like to go for the concert, to which he gushes, “It’s my honour.” Ce leaves, and Rui Xi opens the letter without a second thought, which causes Hao Xue to let out a bloodcurdling scream.


She chases Rui Xi all the way to his house and threatens to kill him. Lucy happens to suntanning (? on the balcony?) and protests, “If you dare to kill him today, I will kill you first!” Rui Xi whines, “Don’t quarrel over me. It’s not worth it.” HAHA, I don’t really think Hao Xue and Lucy are quarreling OVER you.

Ce visits Xiao Xi at work and gives her a rose, “This is the best that I can give you at the moment, so don’t reject me.”

x6 x7

A flashback reminds us that Xiao Xi once said that she will be happy if she receives a small flower that is given with sincerity, instead of all the flowery stuff Liu Bing did. He leaves, and the cafe claps for him. LOL.

x8 x9

Ce wishes he can do something more for Xiao Xi but sends the couple his blessing in his heart. Lucy reads Hao Xue’s letter out loud and the three of them sob like someone has died.

x10 x11

Rui Xi feels really guilty and wants to make it up to Hao Xue. Lucy chirps in that Rui Xi can write a similar letter to her hahaha. Hao Xue asks him to keep the letter for her, “The letter has lost its magic.”

x12 x13

Xiao Xi is very touched by the rose and she wonders that Ce can always bring her good luck. Liu Bing pops by after work to walk her home and she’s taken aback because of the rose in her hand.

x14 x15

She tries to explain to Liu Bing and is afraid that he’s pissed.


Tie Da Qi plays chess with himself while video-calling someone who reminds him about the plan. He assures the other guy that the plan is unraveling according to his plans, and promptly eats the General but looks at the small pawn of the enemy that is close to him (Liu Bing).

Liu Bing can’t find any loopholes in the document that Tie Da Qi has willingly handed over to him and wonders what it is that convinces his dad to gamble everything. He remembers his Grandpa’s worry that he will lose Xiao Xi in this process of revenge, but he has to gain Tie Da Qi’s trust to stay in the corporation.

x17 x18

He has a sudden bout of gastric pain and clutches to his stomach, but tells himself that he cannot fall before he finds a solution. The way Zi Hong clutches to his stomach makes me wonder if he has gastric before, because when I have a gastric attack, it isn’t so much like a grabbing of an entire stomach area, but a located, piercing pain. Small gripe but genuine question.

Tie Da Qi asks Liu Bing what’s the inherent problem in the Ocean’s development plan, and Liu Bing answers correctly that Mu Corporation is too far below Tie Corporation. Unless the Ties lend the Mus a helping hand and level the playing field, the plan cannot continue. If not, the Mus is going to be insolvent soon.

x19 x20

Tie Da Qi appreciates his brains and proposes the solution; Liu Bing knows that if he doesn’t accept the condition, he will be out of the game immediately. But what Tie Da Qi proposes still shocks Liu Bing, but not me~

“Marry Sha Sha.”

x21 x22

If he does, then Tie Da Qi will willingly “make a loss” to help the Mus and give Liu Bing a chance to shine by leading the development.

Xiao Xi is delighted that Liu Bing has come to find out and she’s unaware of the truth.

x23 x24

Liu Bing wants her to trust him and give him some time. Xiao Xi nods and smiles, “Why did you have time to find me today?” Liu Bing wants to tell her what happened but has another bout of gastric attack.

x25 x26

He’s unable to break the news and makes up an excuse that he’s here to eat with her.

Sha Sha confides in Hao Nan about her feelings towards Xiao Xi. She’s not angry with her anymore, because Xiao Xi’s intrusion makes her life feel more realistic. Because of her, she understands that one needs to sacrifice and contribute for relationships. Without her, she wouldn’t have known that being charitable is so easy.

x27 x29

“Because of her, I realise that you really treat me well and care so much for me. You are my best friend.” What’s with all this ‘best friend’ friendzoning hahaha.  She remembers all the sweet stuff Hao Nan has done for her.

But you know why she’s so happy and gentle today? Because she wants to tell Hao Nan the ‘good news’, “I am going to marry Liu Bing.” Hao Nan’s smile freezes and he drops his coffee.

x30 x31

Sha Sha looks at him in shock. No really, what do you expect??

Hao Nan beats up Liu Bing who retaliates because he has no idea why Hao Nan suddenly punches him. Ce comes along to break up the fight, but upon hearing from Liu Bing’s mouth that he’s marrying Sha Sha, he repeats in disbelief, “Sha Sha?”

x32 x33

“Listen to m-” “Mu Liu Bing are you crazy???” Woah I think this is one of the best scenes I’ve seen from Evan (because honestly this guy cannot really act, but it’s okay I have a soft spot for second leads anyway) so good job!

Then Xiao Xi comes along to break up the fight and Hao Nan spits out, “Ask your Lao Mu Liu Bing what he did.”

x34 x35

Xiao Xi looks at Liu Bing who keeps mum, then turns around to look at Ce. Not sure who was the one who broke the news, but the couple has a private moment on the rooftop. Xiao Xi breaks down and sobs that she never knew what he’s planning and that she cannot hang on any longer. “I don’t have the strength to believe you anymore.”

x36 x37

Liu Bing pleads for her to trust him and give him time, but she cries, “You are already marrying Sha Sha, what time do you want me to give you??”

x38 x40

She runs off and Liu Bing wants to chase after her, but he is taken over by gastric pain. Xiao Xi leaves the rooftop, sees a waiting Ce and sobs into his open arms. Awwww.
x41 x42

It has been a long time since I’ve watched the traditional second lead and ohhh it’s really giving me the Second Lead Syndrome all over again.

Xiao Xi shivers so Ce gives her his jacket. She wants him to stay as friends with Liu Bing and not fall out with him because of her. “Ce senior, can you help me with something?”

x43 x44

She takes out the ring Liu Bing gave her and buries in the soil, “This ring has already lost its significance.”

x45 x46

Oh</3. I love the shot though, so pretty!

She pretends to be alright but breaks down again when Grandpa calls her.

x47 x48

I think Pets Tseng is doing a great job actually! Probably one of the best actors in the cast.

Grandpa moves out of the house angrily and makes lots of sarcastic but endearing jibes at Liu Bing. He doesn’t understand how Liu Bing can abandon Xiao Xi, to which Liu Bing protests, “I’m not abandoning her, this is all temporary.”

x49 x50

Grandpa scoffs, “Marriage can be temporary?” Exactly hahaha, that’s the inherent problem in Liu Bing’s plan and he’s just refusing to see that. Does he even understand how much hurt he has inflicted on to Xiao Xi?

Grandpa is sure that Tie Da Qi will get his retribution one day, so Liu Bing shouldn’t stake himself in the revenge, but Liu Bing sighs, “It has already reached a stage where it cannot stop.” Grandpa warns him not to send the wedding invitation to him.

x51 x52

Hao Xue doesn’t understand why Hao Nan is so calm, but he very quickly breaks out of his calm exterior, after her probing. “THE ONE SHE LOVE IS MU LIU BING, THE ONE WHOM SHE HAS NOT LET GO SINCE YOUNG, THE ONE THAT I CAN NEVER COMPETE WITH, MU LIU BING!”

x53 x54

Hao Xue wants Sha Sha to cancel the wedding, but Sha Sha puts it this way, “If one day, your dream lover promises to be with you forever but he doesn’t love you, will you give up easily? Will you say no?”

x55 x56

Put it this way, Hao Xue is speechless. Because she is in that exact predicament. I really don’t like Hao Xue. Sometimes, she ranks even lower than Sha Sha in my opinion.

x57 x58

Sha Sha resumes her prideful look and reminds Sha Sha that this wedding proposal wasn’t initiated by her, which is why she will never let go.

Ce asks if Liu Bing is really going to marry Sha Sha and if this is good for all three of them. Since Liu Bing has already made up his mind, “I’m telling you, from now on, I will pursue Xiao Xi with all my heart.”

x59 x60

You can tell that Ce is saying that just to provoke Liu Bing, but Liu Bing recalls the rose incident and simply makes snarky remarks.


Tie Da Qi is curious as to how Liu Bing broke things off with Xiao Xi. Liu Bing assures him that he has already done it… Well he didn’t really, things just broke apart by itself. Tie Da Qi insinuates subtly that even if Liu Bing doesn’t break things off, he will do it for him. Liu Bing understands and worries over Xiao Xi’s safety.

Xi Shan later talks privately to Liu Bing and asks him to just be a good son-in-law. If Xi Shan can tell that Liu Bing simply agrees to the marriage for revenge, so can Tie Da Qi. But Tie Da Qi wouldn’t mind it as long as Liu Bing keeps to his boundaries.


Later at night, Liu Bing tags behind Xiao Xi as she walks home but quickly darts away when she turns around. This angers Xiao Xi and saddens her greatly so she confides in Ce. “I don’t want to be like this anymore.”

Ce’s heart is broken and he finally says, “Please date me. I’m serious. Let me protect you.”

x63 x64

Hao Xue overhears this and cries as if she sees someone get murdered. Xiao Xi dashes out of the room without giving Ce an answer and he winces. Hao Xue later crashes into Xiao Xi’s house and demands Xiao Xi to swear that she will not get together with Ce.

x65 x66

“As long as I think of you and Ce together, I feel so angry that I’m going crazy!!!”

x67 x68

Xiao Xi’s very confused and pushes Hao Xue out so that she can have some alone time. Hao Xue whines, knocks on the door and rings the bell repeatedly, “Xiao Xi!!!”. Oh my goodness, shut up. I know I’m being extremely mean to Hao Xue, but I can explain my dislike later.

Tie Da Qi intentionally asks Xi Shan for his opinions on who is a potential mole in the company. Xi Shan is flabbergasted and Tie Da Qi trusts that it wouldn’t be him.

-the end-

I’m back again! Since this drama is going into its final lap, I really want to be able to recap its last few episodes. Not sure if I can achieve that but I will try!

I’m very excited to see what happens when Xi Shan is revealed to be the mole. He has to be the spy, because this is a drama and that’s what dramas do.

Initially when I watched the China’s cut, I thought they were horrible for jumping so quickly from one scene to another…but oh boy, I need to eat my words because the Taiwan’s cut was almost the same this time round, except that they have more transition time/actions so that the leap from one scene to another doesn’t seem as abrupt.

Yes I dislike Hao Xue because she’s so self-entitled and self-centered. I know my words are coming across a little harsh, and it may surprise some of you since Sha Sha is supposed to be the bad guy here, not Hao Xue. But really, she thinks that her crush on Ce takes the center stage of her life and therefore it should be on the center stage of everyone else’s life. No hate on the actress who is doing a good job, but Hao Xue essentially is a very jealous girl who feels inferior to Xiao Xi. This is why she is so easily triggered into being angry with Xiao Xi – from the initial outburst of scolding Xiao Xi many episodes ago, to this one where she begs/demands for Xiao Xi to reject Ce. It isn’t so much of what she’s saying as how she’s saying it actually. I’m sure I would be fine, or even sympathetic, if any other girl comes along and does it in a different manner. You know what irks me the most? That Hao Xue basically just stops being friends with Xiao Xi because of Ce. If you say that Xiao Xi is to be blamed for leading Ce on, then Hao Xue is basically doing the same thing for always thinking that Rui Xi is THE BEST (because Rui Xi is so willing to help her out) without realising his feelings.

And woohoo, finally a second lead who confesses!! It doesn’t matter that Xiao Xi isn’t going to accept him, I just love a second lead that is more active and steps out more, instead of relinquishing in the dark and causing me to shed tears over them.



  1. Thanks for recap It’s well written ^^ I thought I needed to comment about how unpleasant Hao Xue is. She is totally worse than Sha Sha because even if Sha Sha pretends like Xiao Xi’s friend she never turns off her evilness so we all know she is up to something and when it’s revealed she just accepts how she is. Whereas every single time Hao Xue ‘s behavior takes 180 degree turn just because of jealously I am like…oh please does she have multi personality disorder or sth? Because you know she is kinda bratty but not exactly immature when she confronts his bro so I do think she deceives everyone including herself as if she is good girl. Someone like her never really reflects on their wrong doings but rather brushes over acting all sweet.
    One more comparison I think Ah Bing is resistant against emotional blows so he is just used to keeping things in that I can’t blame him since he gets even physically whereas Xiao Xi is resistant against physical damages given that she is trained but nobody warned her about love sickness so I kinda understand as she keeps crying over it. See I don’t get annoyed by some character that easily but that Hao Xue is just…


    • Hello sorry for the late reply!!

      I agree entirely with what you say and I think that’s why I rate her lower than Sha Sha as I’ve mentioned. At least Sha Sha’s blatant about her evilness. Hao Xue pretends to be all goody but she’s really so insecure and jealous inside. I just wish she faces that part of herself instead of pushing it away.

      Also that’s a good point about how Ah Bing keeps things in!


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